‘Slavery Simulator’ Game Removed From Google Play After Backlash

The MagnusGames app is being investigated by federal prosecutors in Brazil

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The mobile developer MagnusGames released a game on the Google Play Store entitled “Slavery Simulator.” As one might expect, it has caused a stir. Chiefly, the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, is now investigating the app and has asked Google for the developer’s email

Though Google has since removed the game from the store, it was downloaded over one thousand times before being taken down, and its store page was accompanied by “hate speech” in the comments area.

“It is a game in which the user plays the role of slave owner and can choose between the possibility of making a profit and preventing escapes and rebellions or fighting for freedom and achieving abolition, the Brazil prosecutors office said.

For wider context, slavery is not verboten in modern games. It’s present in many titles, including history-focused grand strategy games such as “Europa Universalis IV” and overtly lurid games like “Slaves of Rome,” wherein you buy sex slaves in ancient Rome.

Agência Brasil first reported the news.

“The mentioned apps have been removed from Play,” Google said in a statement to TheWrap. “Google Play has a robust set of policies aimed at keeping users safe and which all developers must follow. We don’t allow apps that promote violence or incite hatred against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, or that depict or promote gratuitous violence or other dangerous activities. Anyone who believes they have found an app that violates our rules can report it to Google Play. When violations are found, we take appropriate action.”

TheWrap has reached out to MagnusGames for comment.