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‘SNL’ Cast Reflects on How Terrible and Weird the COVID Year Was in Cold Open (Video)

Chris Rock also shows up to mock Trump for catching COVID

For the final cold open of the 2020-2021 season, “SNL” departed from the usual kind of sketch mocking either politics or something from current events. Instead, the cast gathered to reflect on what a weird, terrible, and sometimes hilarious the COVID-19 pandemic year has been. You can watch the whole clip above.

The bit was made even more poignant during host Anya Taylor-Joy’s monologue, when she pointed out that the season finale featured the first completely full in-studio audience since the start of the pandemic.

But before that came the often genuinely touching cold open, which looked back on everything from the “SNL” at home episodes last spring, to the trials and self-inflicted tribulations of country singer Morgan Wallen, to all the horribleness with the election, and Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government.

And in the middle of it, Chris Rock, who hosted the season opener, joined in to reflect on the time Trump got COVID-19.

Some highlights:

Pete Davidson: “I can’t believe I made an entire season without testing positive… For COVID.

Chris Redd: One time I was getting a swab stuck up my nose, and I looked to my left and Adele was getting a swab stuck upon her nose, and we locked eyes, and I panicked, and I said ‘it’s a living!’ What the hell does that mean?

Cecily Strong: We went through an election and an insurrection and an objection that there was an insurrection.

Alex Moffat: Hey remember when Morgan Wallen got booked on the show? 

Mikey day: Then unbooked 

Moffat: And then rebooked 

Day: And then cancelled