‘SNL’: Darrell Hammond Returns as Bill Clinton, Attends a Trump Rally (Video)

Alec Baldwin makes his second appearance as Donald Trump this season, with surprise cameos from Hammond and Fred Armisen

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“SNL” this week featured a cold open sketch that saw a pair of surprise appearances from “SNL” alums, Fred Armisen and Darrell Hammond. Hammond was the big surprise, appearing on stage as Bill Clinton alongside Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impersonation.

Hammond was of course the previous “SNL” go-to Trump impersonator, until the 2016 presidential campaign, when executive producer Lorne Michaels decided to cast Baldwin instead. In a 2017 Washington Post profile, Hammond said he “started crying” when he found out, but apparently he’s gotten over that heartbreak given his appearance on Saturday.

The sketch took the form of a Trump rally in Albuquerque — which Baldwin referred to as “Albacore” — with the bulk of the jokes being aimed squarely at the more unhinged members of Trump’s fanbase, several of whom he brought on stage one by one.

Hammond’s appearance came late in the sketch, when he confused Baldwin’s Trump, who didn’t understand why Bill Clinton would be there. You can watch his appearance below.

“Is that what this is? I just followed the party!” Hammond said. “Man, I wish I would have known that a president could be on the road like this doing rallies. Can you imagine? Oh my lord, I would never come home.”

When Trump told Hammond’s Clinton that he was being impeached like Clinton was two decades ago, Clinton looked proud of him. “Oh you dog,” he said.

Armisen closed out the sketch, playing President Erdogan of Turkey, offering any help he might be able to offer with the impeachment situation. He said Turkey could definitely help dig up dirt on Joe Biden, but he also offered to have him killed if that might be easier.

Among the other folks Baldwin’s Trump brought up on stage were “SNL” regular Alex Moffat as Mark Zuckerberg, Kate McKinnon as Lindsay Graham, Pete Davidson as an American member of ISIS, and Cecily Strong as a Trump fan wearing a shirt that said “KEEM AMARICA GREAB AGRAIN.”