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‘SNL': Joe Biden Goes to Sensitivity Training to Try to Learn to Be Normal (Video)

Former ”SNL“ cast member Sudeikis returned in a sketch about Biden’s touchy-feely tendencies

No Alec Baldwin Donald Trump impression in this week’s “SNL” cold open, but the show did trot out former “SNL” regular Jason Sudeikis to play former vice president Joe Biden.

The sketch saw Biden meeting with a “sensitivity consultant,” played by “SNL” cast member Kate McKinnon, who tried to teach Biden to not touch women so much when he greets them — basically, Biden was trying to learn how to be normal when meeting people.

Sudeikis as Biden tried to brush off the idea that he needed sensitivity training, but did express a willingness to try. “I’m a hugger, a kisser, and a little bit of a sniffer. The last thing I ever want to do is offend anyone,” Biden said.

But when McKinnon came on stage as the consultant, Biden immediately greeted her by touching his forehead to hers and staring directly into her eyes.

“Yeah, so this is exactly the kind of thing I’m here to prevent,” McKinnon said.

“Wait, I think nose to nose is going to be okay,” Biden said. “Because look, I did the 23 and Me thing, like Lizzie, what’s her name, Warren, right? It turns out that I’m one percent Eskimo. So I’m allowed to do the kissing. It’s okay.”

“Well, ideally when you meet a female stranger for the first time there would be no kisses or hugs of any kind,” McKinnon came back.

“That’s a human connection,” Biden replied. “That’s my whole thing. That’s like telling Mario Batali to take his Crocs off.”

“I wouldn’t bring him into this,” McKinnon said, referring to how the TV chef was accused of sexual assault.

You can watch the full sketch in the video embedded at the top of this post.