Check Out Latest ‘SNL’ Melania Moment, with Melania Trump Pondering Switching Places With the Maid (Video)

Oh, how Melania longs to touch sand

“Melania Moments” has been one of the staples of the 42nd season of “Saturday Night Live,” with a new edition of the Jack Handey-style shorts lampooning the decadence of Melania Trump coming with each new “SNL” this year so far. You can watch the clip above.

Saturday’s Melania Moment was titled “The Housemaid,” and saw Cecily Strong‘s Melania  facing a new sort of existential crisis as she noticed the maid (also Cecily Strong) cleaning the Trump Tower penthouse actually looked a lot like herself. The realization gives her an idea for how she may be able to experience life as a normal person.

“Melania Trump couldn’t help but notice that the housemaid looked a lot like her,” the narrator said. “She wondered if the resemblance was convincing enough they could switch places for a day. ‘That way,’ she thought, ‘I could go out into the world, see a bus, see a hill, or even feel the texture of sand. She’d stay here and lay under Donald. Not a fair trade but oh, how I long to touch sand.’”

Previous “Melania Moments” saw the aspiring First Lady ponder being replaced by some random unknown girl in Latvia, and the fate of people who wander away from Fifth Avenue in New York.

“Melania Moments” wasn’t the only Melania-related sketch in the latest “SNL” — earlier in the evening “SNL” did a sendup of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” called “Melanianade.”