‘SNL’ Lampoons Melania Trump with ‘Melania Moments’ (Video)

It’s being hailed by fans as a topical version of the classic bit “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey”

saturday night live snl melania moments trump

The premiere of “Saturday Night Live” didn’t simply make fun of Donald Trump — it also went after his wife Melania with a bit called “Melania Moments.”

This particular moment was introduced as moment No. 27, “The Passerby.”

“SNL” regular Cecily Strong was then seen as Melania herself, sitting down on a fancy love seat in Trump Tower and gazing off into the distance, ostensibly deep in thought.

And then a narration began:

“Melania Trump approached a window in Trump Tower and gazed down on Fifth Avenue. She saw a man walk just out of sight and wondered, ‘What happens to them, to the people, once they leave Fifth Avenue? Where do they go? Do they disappear? Is there a Sixth Avenue? Is there a Fourth Avenue? One day I’d really like to know.’”

The bit was reminiscent of an old recurring bit that “SNL” used to do: “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey,” in which the titular Jack would offer inane musings that would be written over stock photos of nature. For example.

This came late in a politics-heavy episode, one that contained both a parody of Monday’s presidential debate — starring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton — and a Family Feud parody that featured Larry David playing Bernie Sanders.

Check it out: