Stephen Colbert Endorses Marijuana: ‘The Market is Toking’ (Video)

The Comedy Central host honored his commitment as a staunch capitalist to back anything that makes money, including weed

The Colbert Report
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Stephen Colbert is nothing if not a principled capitalist, and he proved so on Thursday night as he gave the thumbs up to the legal-and-lucrative ganja.

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Sure, as a conservative, Colbert knows the great dangers that come with smoking weed, like the munchies and addiction to live Phish concerts. But overriding those grave concerns are reports that Colorado’s newly legalized recreational marijuana market has already netted $2 million in taxes for the state, and could generate up to $600 million in sales a month.

The legalization has opened a whole new world for entrepreneurs — or, ganjapreneurs — who have begun exploring ancillary markets, including weed bakeries and marijuana tourism. And because high institutions of journalism like CNBC are now highlighting these captains of industry, it’s a-okay with Stephen.