Stephen Colbert Knocks George Santos at SOTU: Can’t Go Back to Your Old Job Like You Never Left ‘Unless You’re Jon Stewart’ | Video

The CBS host aired a special live episode in honor of the political event

When it came to the State of the Union, Stephen Colbert took no prisoners in a special live episode of “The Late Show.” The person who bore the brunt of Colbert’s mockery was none other than George Santos, who attended the event despite being expelled from Congress last December.

“Steve, were there any thirsty-ass b—hes in the audience?” Colbert asked Thursday night. “The answer is yes. Because of rules giving former members of Congress floor access, George Santos attended the State of the Union.”

“You can’t just go back to your old job like you never left, unless you’re Jon Stewart,” Colbert continued. “Keep it up Jon, you’re crushing it!” The late night host then pumped his fist and saluted the camera.

In February, Stewart returned to “The Daily Show” after being away from it for 16 years. As part of this new arrangement, Stewart will host the Comedy Central show on Mondays throughout this election year and will executive produce through 2025.

Colbert and Stewart have a long history together. The current host of “The Late Show” was a correspondent for “The Daily Show” during the Craig Ferguson era. In fact, the first time Colbert met Stewart was when he crashed Comedy Central’s press conference announcing Stewart as the show’s new host. During that first encounter, Colbert asked, “In what way does this announcement affect my chances of becoming host of ‘The Daily Show?” Stewart then reportedly turned to the president of the network and said, “You told me he wasn’t funny.”

Colbert also dismissed the idea that Biden could use the State of the Union to fight the “old-man vibes” haunting him and his campaign. “Really, in congress? Kinda hard to fight off the old-man vibes when you’re speaking to a room that looks like an open casket convention,” Colbert quipped.

Even political figures who opted not to attend the event weren’t immune from Colbert’s mockery. After noting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ absence from the event, the CBS host said, “It’s nice to know that he’s willing to recuse himself of something.”

Thomas is at the center of a bit from another late night host. In February of this year, John Oliver offered Thomas $1 million a year and a new motor coach to “get the f–k off” the court.


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