Stephen Colbert Releases Obamacare Christmas Carol Parodies (Video)

“Feliz Death Panel” is sure to be a hit

The tortured roll-out of Obamacare put Stephen Colbert in a musical parody frame of mind, and he has Mike Huckabee to thank for it.

Last Saturday, the former Arkansas governor turned Fox News host had a group of carolers on his program to take satiric swipes at the president’s healthcare law to the tune of the “12 Days of Christmas.” The results — with lines like “on the first day of Christmas, Obamacare gave to me a doctor I can’t keep” — had the humor-impaired in stitches.

“Folks that is a great song to parody because everyone knows jokes get better the more times you repeat them,” Colbert said. “It’s what comedians call the rule of twelves.”

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Not to be outdone, Colbert announced that he too would get into the musical send-up game, releasing his own album entitled, “Stephen’s Colbert’s Now That’s What I Call Christmas Healthcare Parodies, Vol. 1.”

Among the certain to be hits are gems like “Hark the Herald Kathleen Sebelius,” “Obamacare is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Socialism” and “Feliz Death Panel.”

For fans who pull out their credit cards quickly, Colbert said he would throw in “Jingle Obamacare Dogs,” which he described as “A bunch of lovable fiscally conservative pups barking your favorite Christmas anti-Obamacare songs.”

Hours of musical entertainment await.

Watch the video: