‘Daily Show’: How Congress’ Budget Deal is Like the ‘Free Willy’ Ending

John Oliver says a possible agreement is as big an achievement as a 90 percent incumbency rate

It’s a congressional miracle!

News that Congress may have reached a budget deal that will help it avert another government shutdown was greeted with a series of hosannas by John Oliver on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.”

The agreement is modest in scale, but after a steady stream of legislative disasters, Oliver was left reaching for the proper cinematic moments of uplift to describe his euphoria.

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“This deal is miraculous,” Oliver said. “It’s the whale jumping over the kid at the end of ‘Free Willy’ and not getting a drop of water on him.”

“This deal is Charlie Bucket inheriting an entire factory full of chocolates and slaves,” he added.

The possible agreement rivals past Beltway high-points, Oliver told an incredulous Jon Stewart.

“On the scale of miraculous congressional achievements this budget bill ranks up there with the Civil Rights Act and a 90 percent incumbency rate,” Oliver said.

But will it stick? After all, congressional leaders have reached tentative deals before only to have them rejected by their rank-and-file members.

In this case, Oliver said that the spouses of congressmen and women may be holding the whip. “The Daily Show” correspondent cut to a CBS News report that members of congress’ wives had threatened to leave them if negotiations break down and ruined their Christmas holidays.

“Our elected representatives all head home for a merry triple X-mas,” Oliver said. “There’s going to be a lot of stockings being stuffed.”

Watch the video: