Steve Bannon Slams Sean Hannity for Asking Trump if He’d Be a Dictator if Reelected: ‘We Don’t Have Time for Idiots, Bro’

If the former president did return to the Oval Office, he said he wouldn’t be a dictator “except for Day One” during a sit-down with the Fox News host

Steve Bannon, Sean Hannity (Photo credit: Getty Images)
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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon dragged Fox News host Sean Hannity for complete filth after he questioned former president Donald Trump about whether he’d be a dictator if he returned to the Oval Office.

“Sean Hannity actually thought he was helping Trump last night,” Bannon said during his latest episode of Real America’s Voice’s “War Room.” “And here’s what I love — the audience gets it. They’re laughing. By the way, Sean, they’re laughing at you. They’re laughing at the stupid, ridiculous question.”

Bannon continued: “Of course Trump’s not a dictator. It’s absurd on the face of it, even to consider — even to ask that question that ‘Morning Joe’ and those guys can cut the clips on shows you’re an idiot. And we don’t have time for idiots, bro.’”

Bannon’s words came after Hannity’s sit-down interview with Trump, which took place during an event in Davenport, Iowa, on Tuesday.

“Under no circumstances — you are promising America tonight — you would never abuse power as retribution against anybody?” Hannity asked Trump during their conversation.

“Except for Day One,” Trump replied. His response garnered a “Yeah!” from an audience member and an attack from Bannon, who also included the Murdoch family in his slew of insults against Hannity an d Fox News.

“Sean Hannity goes back and asks the question a second time. Hey, Sean, at least get a producer and get in your ear. That’s called a heckle. You asked an absurd — this epitomizes the Murdochs,” Bannon said. “Let me just give you the history of this thing. Roger Ailes was a genius, OK? Genius, but he was also deep into the establishment Republicans. I love Roger Ailes, and he and I disagreed fundamentally on many things, but I always admired him, and I admired him as a — just incredible understanding of media and information warfare.”


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