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Shatner on Twitter — ‘I Know It’s 148 Characters’

The star of ”$#*! My Dad Says“ discusses his relationship with the site that inspired the show

CBS' new show "$#*! My Dad Says" is based on a Twitter feed, but the sitcom's star, Wiliiam Shatner, says he doesn't use the social networking site that inspired the series. 

During a "$#*! My Dad Says" panel at CBS' annual TCA summer press tour presentation Wednesday afternoon, Shatner said he isn't too familiar with Twitter.

"I know it's 148 characters," Shatner said.

Justin Halpern, the man who wrote the tweets that served as the basis for the show leaned over to gently correct him (Twitter messages have a maximum limit of 140 characters, not 148).

The idea germinated when Halpern began tweeting his curmudgeonly utterings of his elderly father, using the handle @shitmydadsays. The feed picked up a strong following, and eventually became a book and TV pilot.

Later in the Wednesday panel, Shatner expanded on his Twitter knowledge. "I know it isn't 'Twat,'" Shatner said.  

Shatner may not be familiar with Twitter, but he's quite popular there. His page on the site is followed by over 300,000 people. Shatner said he has "problems with electronics" and has help maintaining his Twitter presence.

"I've hired a young man out of college whose very fingers are the extension of computer keys and he does the mechanics, but I carefully modulate what I say … I have had a growing and glowing experience with Twitter," Shatner said. 

Shatner is still learning his way around Twitter, but he seems quite pleased with the role the site played in his latest project.

"This show was born in a Twitter … the show is a viral show … it is an electronic miracle, it's a show that stems from the culture of now, not yesterday," Shatner said.

"$#*! My Dad Says" makes its debut Sept. 23 on CBS. 

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