Terry Crews Streamed a Video Game and the Internet Asked ‘What Timeline Are We Living In?’

The “America’s Got Talent” star turned to Twitch for a charity stream, and things got a little wild

Terry Crews and Son

Terry Crews is just like all of us who are trying to get through 2020 by virtually connecting with those around us. The “America’s Got Talent” host is keeping it real with his son Isiah, streaming a video of them Sunday while playing an online game called “Danganronopa: Trigger Happy Havoc” for charity.

But if we thought we didn’t need Crews getting excited about these kinds of games in our lives, well, we were sorely mistaken. In fact, the “Brooklyn 99” star, basically, acting like one of us when we’re playing video games with our friends is the feel-good moment currently bringing the internet together.

“Danganronopa” is an online game where you investigate murders and search for clues by engaging in clever wordplay. The more clever you are, the more chance you have at sussing out which suspect is lying. Like any popular online game (see: “Among Us“), “Danganronopa” has a ton of intense fans who invest time and energy into playing. They were all delighted and surprised to see Crews join the madness.

Not only was Crews streaming, but he was also interacting with fans on Twitch, which made the three hours even better. “Terry Crews is playing danganronpa, and some dude is donating hundreds of dollars so he can see Terry’s muscles,” tweeted Lulu, a community developer for AggroCrabGames. “This is totally real.”

It was totally real. And totally magical. If this is the way to make 2020 brighter, we’re all for more videos of Crews streaming his game antics. And yes, he can keep bringing his son along for the ride. As well as matching holiday sweaters, no matter what time of year it is.

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