The Data Behind What Reboot or Sequel Fans Really Want to See | PRO Insight

One billion votes cast by movie fans on were used to find a reboot or sequel audiences will really want to see

Hey, Hollywood: We get it. We see tons of reboots and sequels hit theaters every year because they’re just more likely to make money. We don’t hold it against you: Franchises like “Star Wars” and “The Avengers” capture our attention and get us excited to go to the theater, which in turn allows studios to turn a profit and keeps the film industry afloat. We have just one question: Why do so many of these supposedly safe projects end up bombing at the box office?

In 2019 alone, another installment of the X-Men franchise, a reboot of Hellboy, and an animated children’s movie based on UglyDolls toys have all fallen flat financially. No matter how popular the brands may be, producers need more than just intuition and outdated methods like focus groups to pick the potential IP projects that will actually recoup their huge investments. They need to use large samples of passionate movie fans — rather than small groups of random consumers who are paid to give their opinion — to figure out what exactly their target audience wants.

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Clark Benson

Clark Benson is the Founder and CEO of Ranker, the #1 site for crowdsourced rankings on everything from “The Most Trustworthy Actors” to “The Best New Streaming Shows.” Launched in 2009, Ranker is Benson’s fifth startup. Clark believes the opinion of millions is more relevant (and far more predictive) than the opinion of one critic. Part of Clark’s vision at Ranker is to allow studios to use the correlation data from over a billion votes to find niche audiences and make creative decisions on everything from casting to content recommendations. Benson resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Jenifer, and twins, Austin and Zani.