‘The View’ Hosts Say CNN’s Chris Cuomo Should Face Consequences for ‘Massive Ethical Breach’

But they stopped short of calling for his termination

Sara Haines
The View

After the New York attorney general released new documents this week revealing that Chris Cuomo used his contacts as a journalist to attempt to gain information about brother Andrew Cuomo’s accusers, the hosts of “The View” think there should definitely be penalties for him at CNN. But they stopped short of calling for his termination.

While discussing the matter on Tuesday’s episode, the hosts unanimously agreed that Chris Cuomo using his resources to help his brother — the former New York governor — as he faces sexual harassment allegations was, as Joy Behar put it, not “kosher.” That said, they each noted that what he did wasn’t technically illegal, just unethical.

So, when it comes to the punishment Cuomo should face at CNN, the women were hesitant to say outright that he should be fired.

“I’m not gonna be judge and jury of the guy, all I’m saying is that I understand the inclination to help your brother,” Behar said. “Even though I’m an only child, I get it anyway. But you don’t use your position in the media to help him.”

To be clear though, the hosts think some kind of action should be taken. Sara Haines agreed with Behar that it’s not up to them to be “judge and jury” but argued that the network needs to make an example out of Cuomo, in terms of ethical standards.

“They need to hold him accountable because you need to be the example of ‘We won’t stand for unethical behavior on our watch,’” Haines said.

Guest host Jane Coaston, a contributor for ABC News, was a bit more passionate in her thoughts on the matter, calling it a “massive ethical breach” on Cuomo’s part.

“If you work at a news agency, as I do, and we do, you understand that there’s basic things. Like if you found out that an intern did this, they’d be gone a second after these text messages came out,” Coaston said. “And I think that this is an abuse of power.”

Coaston added that the documents cast more than just Cuomo in a terrible light. In the end though, moderator Whoopi Goldberg agreed that “it is now up to CNN to take whatever steps they feel necessary.”