‘The View’ Hosts Doubt Lauren Boebert Will Face Consequences for Racist Ilhan Omar Comment: ‘She Was Elected to Do That’

“She doesn’t have ideas, she has that. This is her performance,” Jane Coaston said

Sunny Hostin
The View

After Rep. Lauren Boebert drew backlash on Friday for telling a story implying her colleague Ilhan Omar was a terrorist, many are hoping the Republican sees real consequences for her words. But the women of “The View” seriously doubt that’ll happen.

Last week, video surfaced of Boebert recounting a story where she and Omar shared an elevator ride. According to Boebert, as the doors were shutting a Capitol Police officer ran toward them with “fret all over his face.” In response, Boebert said she joked that Omar “doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine.”

Discussing Boebert’s comments on Monday’s episode, guest host Jane Coaston admitted that she doubts Boebert will face any real fallout.

“I don’t really think there is much they can do,” Coaston said. “Look, when you’ve got someone like her or like Marjorie Taylor Greene, she was elected to do that. She doesn’t have ideas, she has that. This is her performance.”

Coaston then added that both Boebert and Greene are both adhering to an unspoken trend among Trump supporters and allies of “being the biggest possible jerk” at all times.

“I think it’s interesting that what so many people got from Donald Trump was not a purported populism, but like, being the biggest possible jerk you can be. And she’s going to do that,” Coaston added. “That’s what she does. That’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene does. That’s what this is all about.”

Coaston also noted that she thinks politicians right now aren’t being pressed enough about actual legislation, rather than their actions online. Meanwhile, host Sunny Hostin added that she thinks there’s actually plenty that can be done about Boebert specifically, it just won’t be.

“I do think that we can’t just sort of throw our hands up and say ‘Well there’s nothing that we can do.’ I think that she can be censured, I think that she should be stripped of her committees, because she’s on several committees.”

Boebert later did apologize on Twitter, saying “I apologize to anyone in the Muslim community I offended with my comment about Rep. Omar. I have reached out to her office to speak with her directly. There are plenty of policy differences to focus on without this unnecessary distraction.”