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‘The View’ Hosts Drag Paul Gosar for Alexander Hamilton Comparison: ‘Compare Yourself to Archie Bunker’ Instead (Video)

”Darling you are embraced by white nationalists and neo-Nazis. That is not Alexander Hamilton,“ Joy Behar said

The hosts of “The View” couldn’t quite believe the audacity of Congressman Paul Gosar after he compared himself to Alexander Hamilton while being censured. On Thursday’s show, Ana Navarro offered up what she thought was a much more suitable comparison: Archie Bunker.

Gosar was on Wednesday censured — the most severe form of punishment in the House of Representatives — after he posted a video made by supporters depicting him killing Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Gosar’s censure, and subsequent stripping of his committee roles, marks the first time a member has been censured in 11 years.

In his defense, Gosar noted that the video had been taken down, and said “I do not espouse violence towards anyone. If I must join Alexander Hamilton, the first person who attempted to be censured by this House, so be it.”

At that, Navarro balked, and very bluntly offered her thoughts on the matter.

“First of all, no, Paul Gosar you are not Alexander Hamilton,” she said. “If you’re gonna compare yourself to anybody, compare yourself to Archie Bunker.”

Navarro prefaced her dig at the congressman by noting how upset she is with the Republican party as a whole these days.

“I’ve been a Republican my whole life. And yesterday, I was really perturbed,” Navarro said. “I was really saddened because I really do believe that we need two functioning parties in this country. And the Republican party showed yesterday in that spectacle that it is broken to the core. I think it is what Trump has unleashed this ugly underbelly that he legitimized and empowered.”

Host Joy Behar also called out Gosar’s comparison to Hamilton, criticizing Gosar’s own following.

“Darling you are embraced by white nationalists and neo-Nazis,” Behar said. “That is not Alexander Hamilton.”

You can watch the women of “The View” discuss Paul Gosar’s actions in the video above.