‘The View’ Co-Hosts Think Donald Trump Has Makings of ‘a Dictator’ (Video)

“Trump is telling us he’s going to be a dictator and people are still voting for him,” Michelle Collins says

The co-hosts of “The View” used the word “dictator” several times to describe Donald Trump’s approach to running for President.

Trump had previously said that he wants to change libel laws in order to sue newspapers and other media outlets, something the co-hosts said was indicative of an oppressive ruler.

“Listen, it’s number one on the Constitution–freedom of speech,” Michelle Collins said Tuesday. “Trump is telling us he’s going to be a dictator and people are still voting for him. He’s not making it a secret. He’s like ‘I’m going to be a dictator,’ and he is winning in the Republican race.”

Whoopi Goldberg then brought up the fact that, during a Trump rally in Georgia on Monday, a Time photographer was slammed to the ground by a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail. At the same rally, #BlackLivesMatter protesters were ejected.

“This is what a beginning dictatorship looks like,” Goldberg said.

Guest co-host and ABC News correspondent Sara Haines said Trump should be embracing media scrutiny rather than railing against it.

“Someone that’s so anti-establishment is forgetting the beauty of what democracy was born from,” Haines said. “He’s so quick to throw out reporters. We’ve seen that with [Mexican-American journalist] Jorge Ramos, with the hecklers. Embrace the checks and balances of the media. This should be a system that you say ‘I’ll thrive within it, not bust it down.'”