‘The View': Joy Behar Says Trump is Giving the Republican Party a ‘Nervous Breakdown’ (Video)

“Mitch McConnell, he’ll be institutionalized any minute now.”

“The View’s” Joy Behar said that GOP frontrunner is not a real Republican on Friday’s episode of the ABC daytime talk show.

“I think Trump is giving the Republican party a nervous breakdown,” she said. “Mitch McConnell, he’ll be institutionalized any minute now.”

Behar went on to assert that the party is nervous about Trump’s likely nomination because “he’s really a Democrat.”

“The guy never said anything bad about Planned Parenthood, he was against the war in Iraq, he wants to raise taxes on the rich,” she said. “The guy is a Democrat and they’re worried about that, because they can’t control the guy.”

The panel opened the show by discussing Thursday night’s Fox News debate, mocking Trump’s comments about the size of his penis and his bickering with rival Marco Rubio.

“There was a point where, oh my gosh, it’s going to get real. They’re going to swing at each other,” guest host Sara Haines said. “It’s so bad to watch. I couldn’t believe this was a debate.”

Raven-Symoné voiced support for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, applauding him for not participating in the “mudslinging” of the other candidates. “If I had to vote Republican at all, it’s him,” she said, saying he seemed “presidential” on stage.

Comparing Trump to former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Behar said the tone of this election cycle is embarrassing for the country.

“We must be the laughingstock of the world,” she said.