Tim Molloy Joins TheWrap as TV Editor

Outgoing as managing editor at TVGuide.com, Tim will be responsible for covering the TV beat and growing TheWrap’s TV vertical. He’ll be based in New York


That’s probably not sober enough, I’ll start over.

TheWrap is thrilled to announce that we have a new TV editor. Tim Molloy, outgoing as the managing editor of TVGuide.com, will shortly be joining TheWrap as our TV editor, based in New York.

Tim will be responsible for covering the TV beat along with Hunter Walker, as well as growing TheWrap’s TV vertical. Joining our growing New York presence, Tim will be feet on the ground in New York, while Hunter covers the beat in Los Angeles.

Tim brings a wealth of top-notch journalistic experience as well as digital knowledge to TheWrap.

For the past two years, he has been a fast student of the digital age at TVGuide.com, where he was responsible for overseeing every editorial element of the site and supervised a bicoastal staff of nine editors. He has co-created video products there, and helped increase the site’s monthly unique visitors from 12 to 23 million.

Before that Tim worked for The Associated Press for 11 years, including on the national news desk at New York headquarters and as one of AP's lead reporters on Michael Jackson's criminal trial, for which he shared the AP's California/Nevada 2006 story of the year.

He also wrote the comedic novel "How to Break Bad News."

Tim will join other New York-based staff, including media columnist Dylan Stableford and editor-at-large Johnnie Roberts. He is a vegan, a runner and a bit shy – since the only photo we can find of the guy is looking sheepish at his own book party.

We could not be happier to welcome Tim to TheWrap fold. He’ll be starting in early November.