Jimmy Fallon Knocks Taylor Swift’s Sirius XM Channel: ‘It’s Called the Radio’ | Video

The NBC host also spilled on the “terrible” April Fool’s Day prank his daughters pulled on him

Jimmy Fallon has proven over the years to be a major Swiftie. But even he couldn’t resist telling a zinger following the news that Sirius XM is getting its own Taylor Swift channel.

“Sirius XM announced they’re launching an entire channel dedicated to Taylor Swift. That’s right, a channel that just plays Taylor Swift,” Fallon said Tuesday night. “It’s called the radio.”

That was the only Swift joke present in Fallon’s opening monologue, but the late night host did have some more quips about corporate news stories. Fallon summed up the news that United Airlines is asking pilots to take time off because of the Boeing plane shortage as “the pilots are taking off but the planes can’t.” He also mocked the Hot Topic data breach by pretending to be the company. “We’re going through something, you just don’t understand,” Fallon said. “You’re not my real dad, Keith!”

Though Fallon’s monologue was primarily dedicated to one liners on Tuesday night, his behind-the-desk segment was reserved for story time. Fallon told his audience about the April Fool’s Day “prank” his two daughters pulled on him this past Monday.

“Frannie comes up to me and she goes, ‘Dad, put on something you’re not afraid to get messy,’” Fallon said. Initially, he thought his daughters were going to put makeup on him “or something.” That’s not what his daughter had in mind.

“She hits me across the face with a plate of whipped cream,” Fallon said, holding back laughter. “That is not even what you do on April Fools. I go, ‘This is terrible.’”

Fallon then vowed to spend the whole next year trying to her back to which his daughter said, “Do you think I care?” Watch the full segment and Fallon’s silly April Fool’s story above.


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