Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show Could Be a Moneymaker – or Just a Noisemaker

Whether it’s for freedom or finance, the former Fox host and Elon Musk stand to benefit

Tucker Carlson announced plans Tuesday to bring a version of his long-running Fox News show to Twitter, following his contentious departure from the network. In doing so, he’s forgoing $25 million reportedly due under his contract if he adhered to a noncompete clause.

But is there a world where Carlson can make a Twitter show profitable enough to match that $25 million? Or is the new show simply an effort to keep the media personality front and center in people’s minds?

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Robert Carnevale

Robert has covered the technology and entertainment sectors for nearly a decade. He's written for Wired and Tom's Guide as well as served as the news editor for Windows Central. He's also the author of Earth: Game of the Year Edition and Cold War 2395, two science fiction novels that have set the bar for what he's willing to constructively contribute to the world. | Contact: robert.carnevale@thewrap.com