Tucker Carlson Is Raising Money to Start a New Media Company (Report)

The ousted Fox host is looking to conservative investors to jumpstart a new venture

"Tucker on Twitter"
Tucker Carlson (Credit: "Tucker on Twitter")

Tucker Carlson is reportedly raising money to start a new media company that could aim to take on former employer Fox News, which is working to regain its footing with a new primetime lineup.

Puck News reported Thursday that Carlson is looking to ultra wealthy conservative media investors to help jumpstart an as-yet-undefined media business, as the prospects for turning a profit from his Twitter videos remains elusive.

Carlson’s 10-minute long “Tucker on Twitter” videos that debuted in early June have been racking up huge numbers of views — Thursday’s entry logged 12.5 million in its first 12 hours online, well over his average 3 million viewers on Fox — but pulling in real cash from clicks is a difficult prospect, especially if he aims to match the $10 million a year he was earning at Fox.

While Fox has seen its ratings fall since Carlson’s departure, it remains in the lead during primetime and overall.

Carlson could follow the path paved by the likes of former Fox host Glenn Beck in trying to create a personal media platform, or he could have something larger planned.

The conspiracy-loving pundit is under contract with Fox until early 2025, and is now embroiled in a legal dispute with the conservative network over his ability to appear on Twitter – or any competing networks. Fox, which has accused Carlson of breaching his contract in a cease-and-desist letter, reportedly aims to keep him out of the public eye until his deal expires.

At the same time, Puck reported, Fox is also purging the remaining members of Carlson’s production team. Two of his top producers exited in recent weeks, including Alexander McCaskill, who departed after putting up a chyron calling President Joe Biden a “Wannabe Dictator.”

Carlson defended McCaskill on a Twitter video. “He’d been at Fox for more than a decade. He was considered one of the most capable people in the building. He offered to stay for the customary two weeks, but Fox told him to clear out his desk and leave immediately.” He also aired details about the response to the provocative chyron from inside the network, making it clear he still has connections there.

In fact, the eight remaining members of Carlson’s team learned Monday that they would be out by mid-July, Puck reported, and were told they would have to reapply for any new positions at the network. Much of the crew appears to hope to reunite with Carlson, Puck reported.