‘Upload’ Creator on That Season 2 Ending: ‘I Don’t Think We’re at the Complete End of the Mystery’

Greg Daniels tells TheWrap that preliminary work on Season 3 is already underway

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Warning: Spoilers for the “Upload” Season 2 Finale Follow Below

The second season of Amazon Prime Video’s sci-fi comedy series “Upload” ended on a massive cliffhanger, setting up a potentially even more exciting Season 3.

Season 2 of the show found Nathan (Robbie Amell) and Nora (Andy Allo) working together to stop a dastardly plan that would see lower-income people in swing states targeted for free uploading via Freeyond, which would subsequently disenfranchise poorer voters and swing those swing states towards the wealthy and powerful.

This plan was seemingly being coordinated by David Choak (William B. Davis), a wealthy man living in Lake View next to Nathan who’s still pulling strings despite being uploaded. In a last-ditch effort to stop the dastardly plan, Nathan and Nora hijack Nathan’s new body being grown in the real world by Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) and download him into this new body.

But back in Lake View, a technician can’t find Nathan on the map (because he’s been downloaded) so she starts uploading a “backup” version of Nathan to hide what she perceives to be a mistake.

Amazon Studios

The season ends with Nathan and Andy having actually consummated their relationship in the real-world, but Nathan’s time potentially running out as his nose starts to bleed.

TheWrap spoke with “Upload” creator and showrunner Greg Daniels about the show and its cliffhanger finale, and while Daniels was mum on details, he did confirm that in a potential Season 3 there could very well be two different Nathans.

Moreover, while Season 2 suggests that Choak was behind Nathan’s murder, Daniels says that mystery may not be complete just yet. “I have to say that the specific details of the mystery plot are something that we worked out over the course of a lot of discussions and planting of clues and different possibilities,” Daniels told TheWrap. “It takes an enormous amount of plotting to pull off a good mystery of this sort, because this is the kind of mystery where they’re on the trail of it. They have to have theories about who did what, and those theories have to be replaced by other theories that are also plausible about who did what. So you have to really keep track of making sure each version that might be incorrect is still supported by enough clues that they can reasonably consider it at the time. And I don’t think we’re at the complete end of the mystery, I will just say. In hopeful optimism of a Season 3, I’m plotting more stuff now with some writers.”

Daniels did offer that he knows what’s next in a potential Season 3 as he’s been working with writers on scripts, despite the fact that a third season has yet to be officially ordered by Amazon. “There is [an endgame] but again it’s still sort of a general cloud of potential,” Daniels explained when asked about how many more seasons the show might continue. “Like Schrödinger’s Cat, when we open the box we’ll see if the cat was alive or dead, but at the moment the cat is both alive and dead you know? I feel like it could be played out in a certain number of episodes and then in a certain different number of episodes, as long as there’s constantly enough pull forward and enough reveals.”

Still, the former “The Office” showrunner and “Parks and Recreation” co-creator did offer that he wished he had more episodes per season of “Upload” – Season 2 is only seven episodes long. “There’s two aspects of the show, there’s like an episodic aspect that we’re mostly enjoying in the middle of the season and then there’s a more arch-y part at the beginning and the ends of the seasons,” Daniels explained. “I definitely feel like I miss the days of longer seasons because just the fun of exploring the episodic aspect of it, I feel like we have so many cards for hilarious subplots that don’t have to do with the arc that you want to hit. So you try and cram the best of them into the episodes, but I would be quite happen to have another four, five or six episodes a season to enjoy the middle part of the season.”

Whether Season 3 gets an expanded order, the same or doesn’t get ordered at all is still up in the air at the moment. But given that cliffhanger Season 2 finale ending, fans are no doubt hoping they’ll get to find out what happens next.