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Warren Buffett Will Pay You $1 Billion to Pick a Perfect NCAA Bracket, Swears Economy Is Better (Video)

Also, Seth Meyers roasts Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert on chances LeBron James returns to the team that drafted him

Warren Buffett and Dan Gilbert will pay you a billion dollars to pick a perfect March Madness bracket — good thing they are the second and 408th richest people in the country, respectively.

The odds of picking a perfect NCAA tournament bracket are not good: technically speaking, it is a one-in-9.2 quintillion chance. That’s a real number.

“Are those about the same odds or less odds of LeBron [James] coming back to Cleveland?” Seth Meyers quipped to Cavaliers team owner Gilbert on Thursday’s “Late Night.”

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With Buffett in the house, the conversation naturally steered towards the current state of the economy: “It’s getting better, it’s been getting better for four-and-a-half years … but not at the rate that people would like,” Buffett opined.

The business magnate confidently stated that a banking crisis like the one in 2007-2008 won’t happen again; Meyers was skeptical.

“Because I saw ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and they are bad guys,” the comedian joked. “I should say, to their credit — they know how to party.”

Watch the clip: