Watch Stephen Colbert Confirm an Exclusive From TheWrap (Video)

White House shut down show’s plans to hold a naturalization ceremony for new citizens

TheWrap reported last week that the White House shot down Stephen Colbert's plans to hold a naturalization ceremony for new citizens on "The Colbert Report."

In case anyone doubted it, Colbert gave the same account on Tuesday's episode while interviewing Alexandra Pelosi, director of the new HBO documentary "Citizen U.S.A.: A 50-State Road Trip," which chronicles people across the country becoming citizens.

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Colbert said, as we reported, that the Department of Homeland Security was fine with the on-air ceremony, but the White House rejected the idea. (The White House was worried that given the satirical nature of the show, it might not take the ceremony seriously enough.)

"Barack Obama said I couldn't do it," Colbert said. "In between pulling our troops out of Afghanistan and working on the debt ceiling evidently somebody came charging into the Oval Office, said the word 'Colbert,' and he hit the big red button that stops me from having fun."

Watch the video below, in which Colbert talks about the ceremony at 3:28: