‘We Live in Time’ Trailer: Florence Pugh Runs Over Andrew Garfield and They Fall in Love in A24 Drama | Video

The drama directed by “Brooklyn” filmmaker John Crowley premieres later this year at the Toronto International Film Festival

If you were planning not to cry today, well, plans change.

“We Live in Time,” a new romantic drama starring Florence Pugh and Andrew Garfield, doesn’t open until October 11, but a brand-new trailer gives you a sense of just how much you’ll bawl your eyes out while watching it. You can view the trailer above.

Pugh and Garfield play Almut and Tobias, characters who are brought together by circumstance (she accidentally runs him over with her car) and end up forging a deep romantic relationship. The trailer ping-pongs around in time; you see them talking to their young daughter, going through an extremely difficult medical situation and also engaging in the typical meet-cute-adjacent romantic comedy tropes too. By the end of the trailer, you will probably be choking back a few tears. Let them out. It’ll be good for you.

The movie also stars Adam James, Marama Corlett, Aoife Hinds, Heather Craney and Kara Lynch. It was written by Nick Payne, who worked on “The Crown,” and was produced by Leah Clarke, Adam Ackland and Guy Heeley. The music was composed by Bryce Dessner, the National member and frequent Taylor Swift collaborator, who also composed the music for A24’s “Sing Sing” (coming out later this month).

“We Live in Time” was directed by John Crowley, who worked with Garfield on “Boy A” and who last directed “The Goldfinch,” the adaptation of the beloved Donna Tartt bestseller.

The movie will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival This fall, before arriving in theaters on October 11.


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