Whoopi Goldberg Derails Seth Meyers Interview to Thank Him for the Height of ‘Late Night’ Toilets | Video

“I wanted to tell somebody, but there was nobody else in there with me,” she tells the NBC host

Whoopi Goldberg was a big fan of the toilets at the “Late Night With Seth Meyers” studios, so during her interview with the NBC host on Wednesday, she carved out some time specifically to thank him for it.

The host of “The View” appeared on the show in support of her debut graphic novel “The Change,” but first recounted her latest trip to the Vatican to meet with the Pope. She fawned over being there again, and noted that it was “interesting,” before veering into another topic she considered interesting.

“This has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here, but I just want to thank you. Because, I used the bathroom,” Whoopi started. “And, I find that most of the toilets in bathrooms around the country are down here. I can’t get down there.”

To illustrate exactly what she meant by “down here,” Whoopi brought her hand to about knee-level, illustrating a very short height. But apparently, that wasn’t the case with “Late Night” toilets.

“The toilet here, I walked in, I just kind of backed up, I did what I needed to do!” she marveled. “And I was so excited! I wanted to tell somebody, but there was nobody else in there with me. But it was wonderful! It was wonderful.”

Whoopi then turned to the audience and explained that, though thanking Meyers for this might seem strange, it’s actually something people over a certain age really do get concerned about. So, thanking him felt important.

“You know who else wants to say thank you to you, the Pope, because you went right from him and transitioned into that story,” Meyers joked back.

You can watch the full exchange in the video above.


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