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See Ya, TCA: 9 Things We Learned and 9 Things No One Knows

”Will & Grace“ and a ”Breaking Bad“ villain return … but what’s up with ”Twin Peaks“?

Gus is back. So are Will, Grace, Karen and Jack. Oh, and “This Is Us” fans — your favorite new show is going to stick around for a while.

Those are just some of the takeaways from the just-wrapped Television Critics Association press tour, the biannual junket for TV reporters where networks preview the coming months.

But we didn’t learn everything we want to know about the small screen in 2017: Like, when the hell is “Star Trek” going to actually premiere? And DC Comics, are you hiding something? Here are some of the things we learned at TCA, and things we still just want to know.


Gus Fring Is Back!
Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) will return to the “Breaking Bad” universe on AMC’s excellent “Better Call Saul.” But don’t let us ruin the awesome promo that Vince Gilligan and the gang put together: Watch the video here.

So is “Will & Grace.”
On Wednesday, NBC announced a 10-episode limited run of “Will & Grace” set for the 2017-2018 TV season. All your favorites are back, including the show’s two creators and regular director James Burrows. Insert your own favorite Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) quote here.

Where you’ll see the Louis CK-Albert Brooks show ‘The Cops’
Answer: TBS

Throw in Greg Daniels and the animated show has more than enough comedy purity in its bloodline to be hilarious. “The Cops” follows Al (Brooks) and Lou (C.K.), two LAPD patrolmen trying their best to protect and serve, sometimes failing at both, according to  TBS’ description. Ride with them as they patrol one of the biggest cities in the world, then go home with them and be glad you’re not married to either.

When our favorite shows will premiere
You can find Fox’s premiere dates here — and ABC’s premiere dates here.

No, cable, we didn’t forget about you. Here are some key AMC return dates.

Who will sign Greg Garcia’s ‘Guest Book’
The cast includes Kellie Martin as Officer Kimberly Leahy, who serves on the police force in the small mountain town of Mount Trace. Additionally, Charlie Robinson is Wilfrid, an easygoing, friendly gentleman who manages a group of rental cottages with his wife, Emma, played by recurring guest star Aloma Wright.

Carly Jibson is Vivian, a tough, strong-willed woman who runs a bikini bar called Chubbys with her stepson Frank, played by Lou Wilson. Rounding out the first-season cast in recurring roles will be Garret Dillahunt, Laura Bell Bundy and Eddie Steeples. Check out the impressive group of guest stars here.

What James Franco’s next Lifetime movie is
James Franco will return to Lifetime’s Movie of the Week world with “High School Lover,” which he’ll star in and executive produce. Get more details on the “Mother May I Sleep With Danger” follow-up here.

You’re going to wait for season 2 of your favorite FX show
As FX has previously done with “Louie,” the network is going to make fans of “American Crime Story” and “Atlanta” wait a while for more. Neither show will return for Season 2 until 2018. As chief John Landgraf put it: “Do you want it now or do you want it good?”

Spy robot orangutans are horrifying
PBS’s new nature documentary series “Spy in the Wild” captures an eye-level view of various exotic species using animatronic animals that are remarkably lifelike. Their eerily robotic movements and camera-equipped eyes peer directly into your soul.

“This Is” a big vote of confidence
NBC renewed its smash hit “This Is Us” for two additional seasons on Wednesday. The renewal is a no-brainer, though typically nets like to take it one season at a time. Clearly, NBC is making a big point about the top new drama of the 2016-2017 season.


Um, more “X-Files”?
By now, one would think Fox could have locked up some more “X-Files,” but not so fast. When co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman was asked about the future of the franchise, his answer was pretty standard: Fox would love to do more episodes, and they’re looking into it.

What’s new, Netflix and Amazon?
The two top streaming players no-showed to the winter TCA event. So, ah, what’s up, guys? We have fewer answers than we normally would this time of year.

Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos probably needed six months off from getting asked to share TV ratings. We get that. But also: See you in the summer, Ted.

Answers to questions we couldn’t ask execs
ABC, NBC and CBS decided not hold Q&As with top executives this time around. Fox initially bailed out, too, but changed its mind and offered up Newman and David Madden to answer some questions. Here’s what they told us.

What of CW’s ‘No Tomorrow’ and ‘Frequency’?
The CW often likes to renew every show it’s airing, so fans of the new “No Tomorrow” and “Frequency” may be nervous that the two were not renewed along with other shows. But network president Mark Pedowitz insisted they are not canceled.

Much of anything about ‘Twin Peaks’
The show finally got a Showtime premiere date, but series creator David Lynch and stars like Kyle McLaughlin and Laura Dern remained very tight-lipped about anything beyond that.

Will “Girl Meets World” survive?
Fans of the recently canceled “Girl Meets World” have been busy folding and sending paper airplanes to Disney Channel and other potential new homes like Netflix and Hulu. Showrunner Michael Jacobs seems hopeful, and already seems to have big plans to readjust the show for a more grown-up audience.

Where’s the lost ‘Dog’?
ABC waited until Jan. 10 to announce its midseason premiere dates, and then two of the network’s previously announced series didn’t even make the schedule. Viewers will have to wait to see the Allison Tolman-led “Downward Dog” and the untitled Shondaland drama formerly known as “Still Star-Crossed.”

Does ABC think “Downward Dog” is bad? Because over here at TheWrap, we’re wagging our tails over what we’ve seen.

So, ah, what is the mystery DC comic-book show?
DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns teased a new DC comic book show in the works on Twitter, but nobody at TCA, including his frequent collaborators from the “Arrow”-verse, would cop to what exactly it is. What it’s not, we know, is “Constantine,” which is being resurrected as an animated series on The CW’s digital distribution platform, CW Seed.

When ‘Star Trek’ will actually take off
CBS TV Studios really needs to give this series all they’ve got, because “Star Trek: Discovery” has now been delayed for the second time since it was announced in late 2015. Fans seem to agree, though, that they’d rather wait for a great show than rush into a bad one. We’ve also finally seen casting news start trickling out, like the casting of James Frain as Sarek, the Vulcan ambassador and Spock’s father.

Joe Otterson, Reid Nakamura and Linda Ge contributed to this report.