Exclusive Data: Twitter Is Shrinking Under Elon Musk

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Twitter’s lost 13% of its daily users and its rebrand has failed. But those remaining on the app are still engaged, according to new data from Apptopia. Threads, meanwhile, is a nonfactor.

X — formerly Twitter — is shrinking meaningfully under Elon Musk, according to new data from mobile research firm Apptopia.

Since Musk bought the company in October 2022, it’s lost approximately 13% of its daily active users. And its rebrand from Twitter to X accelerated the decline, per data that Big Technology is first publishing here. Meta’s Threads, meanwhile, isn’t taking advantage, with stagnant engagement and little meaningful migration from Twitter. 

The new data — comprehensive and definitive — should put to rest the countervailing narratives over Musk’s management of the app. Under his stewardship, X’s daily user base has declined from an estimated 140 million users to 121 million, with a widening gap between people who check the app daily vs.


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