Yoda Gets Bad Lip Reading Treatment With Catchy New Song (Video)

Turns out Jedi master is not fond of seagulls

The Bad Lip Reading team has done it again, this time taking scenes between Yoda and Luke Skywalker from “Empire Strikes Back” and re-editing them into a funny little tune.

Instead of Yoda teaching Luke the ways of the Force and telling him about his father’s descent into the Dark Side, Yoda instead sings about a trip he took to the beach in which he got attacked by seagulls. Apparently, they have a taste for 900-year old Jedi.

Later, when Yoda wonders aloud what the source of a particularly funky smell is, Luke says, “You put a fish in our basket.” Yoda replies, “Oh yeah, I forgot I did that!” Yoda even manages to work the fact that Luke carries him around like a backpack into the beat.

Watch the video