‘Breaking Bad’ Shocker: How Vince Gilligan Warned Us It Was Coming (Spoiler Warning)

'Breaking Bad' Shocker: How Vince Gilligan Warned Us It Was Coming (Spoiler Warning)

Show creator dropped a big hint during “Breaking Bad Insider” podcast

(Spoiler warning: Don't read this if you haven't watched Sunday's “Breaking Bad.” Seriously. Huge spoilers ahead.)

Rest in peace, Hank and Gomie.

Sunday's “Breaking Bad,” the third-to-last episode, didn't wimp out on last week's cliffhanger. Walter White's DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, who accidentally led him into the meth game in the first episode, was killed by Walt's neo-Nazi conspirators. So was his partner, Steven Gomez.

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It was only the first horror in a heartbreaking episode that found Walt's family understandably turning against him, his brief abduction of his daughter, and Walt making a threatening phone call to Skyler that seemed designed to get her off the hook. (He must have known the police were listening in when he said she knew nothing about how he built his empire.)

Nice touch, Walt. Also, turning over Jesse, and that thing about Jane? Way to tie up loose ends. Wow.

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I did see one thing coming, and I wish I'd been wrong. A few weeks ago, “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan made an offhand remark in the “Breaking Bad Insider” podcast that caught my ear. Noting that Hank's wife, Marie, often wears purple, he suggested, “You might see a little change in her even, by the end of it all.”

I wrote in a post soon after: “The creator of ‘Breaking Bad’ says Marie Schrader might work a new color into her trademark purple color scheme this season. I'm worried it will be black … And that Hank is about to visit Mike Ehrmantraut in Belize.” (A trip to Belize, of course, is the show's equivalent of sleeping with the fishes.)

The next time we saw Marie after Hank's death — even before she knew he was dead — she strolled into the car wash, dressed in black.

We're glad Hank went out like a man, even if it was at the hands of an unworthy bastard like Jack. Hank beat the Cousins single-handedly, for gosh sakes. But I guess this is always how it goes. Batman will die by some mugger's lead pipe, not the Joker's most complicated scheme. You remember how the baddest dude on “The Wire” died, right?

It's worth noting that when it was wits against wits, Hank did beat Walt. Walt only won with help from pure evil. Kind of gracious of Hank to tell Walt he was the smartest guy he's ever met, in his final moments, even as he insulted him. Classic Hank.

This has been the hardest “Breaking Bad” death so far. And things aren't looking very good for Jesse, either.

At this point, death wouldn't be his worst fate. If I had to choose between the hell we see in coloring books — the one with flames and pitchforks — or being beaten, locked to a ceiling and forced to cook meth one last time, I'm not sure which I'd choose.

Also interesting that only half of Jesse's face has been marred, Gus Fring-style.

I guess we know now how Walt ends up in New Hampshire, though not who destroyed his home and wrote “Heisenberg” on the wall. My money's on Flynn.

By the way: Has anyone ever loved Walt Jr. more than when he defended his mother and called 911?

Man, I really hope that he lives.

  • Sean Murdock

    Good catch, Tim. Those podcasts are must-listens if you're a super-fan of the show — I know I spend a lot of time pondering not only what they say, but what they DON'T say. The fact that they hardly discussed the shootout in last week's podcast spoke volumes to me. Not only that, but AMC had “Gomie” as a guest on “Talking Bad” last week, with Dean Norris scheduled for THIS week — my immediate thought was “Goodbye, guys.”

    • methinks

      I read that Gillian had commented that in the beginning of the season, Walt was watching Scarface with Flynn and comments that everybody dies in the end. It was a total ad lib by Bryan Cranston and they left it in. Hint of what's to come? In Scarface even the innocents die.

  • Dani

    I just watched it again. Marie's outfit wasn't really black. It was still purple although it was an incredibly dark purple. Definitely not the bright happy purple that she normally works into her look so that does say something.

  • John

    “for gosh sakes” is where I stopped reading. The Wrap, really? Are we really 10 years old? Screw reading this site.

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/109863372757742722435/posts Deborah Macaoidh Selim

      Must be a Christian of some kind.

  • methinks

    I didn't understand Hanks obsession with taking Walt down. Seems to me that in the real world Hank would have worked something out with Walt or simply looked the other way. Like Walt was willing to pay $80 million to save Hank even though Hank was actively trying to destroy him. Hank should have been more understanding or compassionate or greedy or SOMETHING other than what he turned out to be.

    • mooiemooie

      Hank was betrayed by his own brother-in-law, who turned out to be the insanely evil drug kingpin he'd been destroying his own life trying to catch. It totally makes sense, and saying he should have been more understanding or compassionates implies that a lot of this show is going over your head.

      • methinks

        looks like my comment went over your head. Walt was willing to give all his money to save Hank even though Hank was hell bent to destroy him before he died of cancer. Hank should have given Walt a pass, pocketed some $ and looked the other way.

        • BrBa

          I agree with MooieMooie. I would've been shocked if Hank had worked something out with Walt or felt compassion. Remember, Hank, Marie and Walt's family went through a lot because of Walt's business. Skylar almost went crazy, Hank was in the hospital, Walt made Skylar lie about a gambling obsession etc. Also, remember when Hank went crazy and beat Jesse? No one advised him to do the right thing but he did; he admitted he was stepped out of line as a law enforcement officer. Considering all that Hank has been through with Heisenberg and for how long he's been trying to catch him, there's no compassion in him for Walt.

          • methinks

            uh, skylar made up the thing about the gambling all on her own without input from Walt. Because she wanted to help Hank get the PT he needed. Walt went along.

    • Robbie

      Walt played him, simple! He's not having none of that.

      • methinks

        my suggestion was for a different ending, one where walt shares the wealth with hank and they live happily ever after. I just don't “get” the whole evil drug lord thing. yeah walt did some evil stuff but I don't agree that making drugs was one of them. the whole war on drugs is a crime in itself and the source of all the other crime that comes with it. So I would have hoped for a different ending, one where the “bad guy” get away with it all. And hopefully an ending where Hank realizes it's all futile anyway, not worth his or Walts life and takes a few dollars for his pain and suffering. That would have been my preferred ending.

  • Mack

    Walt Jr. is nothing but annoying. Hopefully he goes to the grave with Hank

  • Felina

    !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! Just finished watching the last episode, where Jesse gets the drop on Walt after Walt goes Rambo on the brotherhood. Jesse surprises and ends Walt once and for all, he even gets in one last “Bitch” (Felina) before driving off with all of the dough… The last scene before fade to black shows Jesse sitting in a car the next thing you see is the White family Sky, Jr, Holly and Marie getting ready to cross a street. The last thing anyone hears are squealing tires

    • methinks

      there is something wrong with you. you should seek help

    • Gillymo

      I like that ending :-)

    • BrBa

      Lol Quite an interesting end. However possible it might be, I don't see Jesse leaving with the money. He doesn't care about that anymore.

  • Robbie

    Why didn't Walt do Skyler one last time? 5mins would of been enough time then called in the details of the lotto ticket.