Brittany Murphy Likely Poisoned, Lab Report Says (Update)

Brittany Murphy Likely Poisoned, Lab Report Says (Update)

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Lab testing for “Clueless” actress’ father says she may have died from exposure to heavy metals

A new laboratory report lends credence to what actress Brittany Murphy‘s father has long suspected: that she and her husband died not of natural causes, but of poisoning by someone out to kill them.

“It's a bona fide report,” the testing company's general manager, Denny Seilheimer, told TheWrap. “It was our client's prerogative to release the report. That's all I can tell you.”

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Murphy's father, Angelo Bertolotti, didn't accept the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office conclusion that the “Clueless” star and husband Simon Monjack died of natural causes — pneumonia and anemia — five months apart. He sued to gain access to her hair samples, and hired Seilheimer's private company, the Carlson Company, to look for signs of poisoning.

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 6.42.04 PMA lab hired by the company found evidence she was poisoned — probably by “a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent,” according to the report, which was authorized by Seilheimer. The report (left) found that Murphy's body had dramatically elevated levels of aluminum, manganese, barium and other metals.

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Coroner's spokesman Ed Winter said his office has not been in touch with Murphy's father and had no updates Monday.

“We have no comment on that and our report stands as of now,” he told TheWrap.

Bertolotti told TheWrap he was not immediately available to comment Monday. Murphy died in 2009, and Monjack in 2010.

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LAPD spokesman Officer Cleon Joseph said it would be up to the coroner's office whether to take further action.

“Whatever the findings, if there was something to report, they would report it to us,” he said.

  • Bradgina

    Unless she were ingesting them as a result of drug use. Either what the drugs were made in, or smoked off of. Aluminum cans, copper kettles iron plates, etc.

    • XweAponX

      That's utter rubbish, total faux-non-news nonsense.

      • Bradgina

        Agreed. Go ahead and keep smoking weed on that aluminum can.

    • Merano

      They should check the couple's cookware. Glazed pots from Central America? Aluminum pans? Pre-1980s Fiesta ware? All are potential sources of toxic metals

  • Robert Guilfoyle

    Conspiracy nuts will have a field day.

    • Mogwai Bangaloo-Smythe

      Aren't they always in the field?

  • Sarcastic Brit

    If it was as a result of drug use then it still means the Coroner’s Office was wrong when they said natural causes. I am however very worried for my health now, having a nicotine addiction I always worried about all those nasty chemicals in my cigarettes, now I have the added worry that Cardboard and silver paper might be seeping into my bloodstream because that's what they came in. As for Conspiracy…. put yourself in her father's shoes his daughter dies of ‘so called’ natural causes and then her husband dies 5 MONTHS later of the same ‘natural causes'??? As a father I would ask questions wouldn't you?

    • Ivan

      Asking questions is always the best thing to do. Try and find a documentary called “Top Priority” or listen to this radio interview which both contain discussions about the suspicious death of Brittany & her husband. I'm sharing these because people need to begin questioning and seeking the truth.

    • Jessica Rice

      They have all sorts of options for quitting too now… my friend's husband tried the patch though, he's freee of smoke, and so is her house, uhh, and there are other benefits to it as well! ;)

  • Jim

    Wasn't she hired by Turner/WB for narration of the special feature in the most recent anniversary release of “The Wizard of OZ?”

    • Rob Ford

      Perhaps we have a ritual killing here. Isn't that the Monarch programming with the “Over the Rainbow” song they made the Sandy Hook children sing? Sadly, most average citizens have already forgot all about the formerly mysterious circumstances surrounding Brittany Murphy's death.

  • risen

    The illuminati killed Murphy and her husband. Her fathers suspicions were spot on. Same with Whitney Houston. Murdered by the illuminati. Whitney's sister in law called it. Illuminati is real watch on You tube.

  • karen

    Someone needs to test the TAP WATER of the condo they were living in. Hello.

  • Rob Ford

    It's funny, all of those highly toxic heavy metals have been found in test results from chemtrail samples. Hmmm, I wonder who was responsible for her death. Probably not the Illuminati or the government, because neither of those entities would ever consider doing such a thing…

  • shan22044

    I wonder if the lab was completely objective. Clearly the father had something he wanted to hear…and I'm sure the lab was motivated from a financial and publicity perspective. I'm not saying this is the case, but there's always a possibility…

  • Allison

    First of all, the food we ate & drinking water we all consume has chemicals & metals in them. Plus so called chemicals, pesticides, all have god knows of chemicals in them & yes even ORGANIC.

    As for the “conspiracy theorists”, this is just something to add fuel to the fire.

    Read the labels on everything & you'll be surprised what is in them.

    Their deaths are tragic. Hope they find the person or persons responsible. Sadly, most likely nothing will ever come of this so leave them alone. Gone too soon!!!!!!!

    • colleen

      I agree check the water,Fluoride is rat poision

  • Jessica Rice

    Not commenting on validity because we don't really know how poisons usually accumulated from rat poison were really found in their bodies… however, I'm like wondering what the general IQ of a few commenters, you must not be able to think outside of the box very well, or have any understanding or patience to put effort into thinking or commenting. Celebrities are targets for crimes, from stalkers, service people, or former assistants. Happens all the time, and I'm sure these two could have easily afforded someone to make their dinners for them! Anyone who felt slighted in the least or was disturbed or was responsible for their health, (btw, did they get yearly physicals, I'd be surprised they'd be given full bill of health, in case someone had been deliberate).

  • catd1

    All the physical symptoms, anemia, pneumonia, disorientation, coughing, feelings of flu like symptoms, which Brittany Murphy reported prior to her untimely death, etc.. in tandem with heavy meta buildup in the hair etc. .indicate arsenic poisoning. Reportedly, the home they occupied had a mold infestation. The water source or medium(pipes?) , may have leached arsenic into their water supply, slowly building up toxins in the bloodstream. However, Murphy's mother also lived at the house and hasn't reported any ill effects, so far. It sounds as if this was done over some period of time and the effects cumulative. The father was right to press for more information. Now at least , he can move forward from this point on and truly find out what happened to her and her husband. They were both suffering from similar physical symptoms . Its tragic and senseless, she was so young and talented and always engaging in the roles she played. I hope the truth comes out.

    • bob

      Barium poisoning = chemtrails

      • BoydoIseeyou

        Agreed…elevated levels of aluminum, manganese, barium and other metals? Text Book Chem-trails contents!

  • BridgeMan

    Drugs. Plain and simple.

    • smartshopmom

      There were no drugs fond in her system . they would have shown on the first tox screen. She really did lead a clean life. She was a light hearted good person. Not all in hollywood are hooked or living on the edge
      . Some are even very good parets who kids are good smart and clean ….may they remai that way and be heros in a world relying on something else to make them happy.

  • heywood jablowme

    She poisoned herself with all the narcotics she was taking.

  • bob

    Barium poisoning = chemtrails

    please look up people.

    • cliffton

      chemicals dispersed from airplanes thousands of feet in the air managed to target and kill a husband and wife and not hundreds of others? That's miraculous. Or you are a tard with no understanding of water vapor

      • Richard Williams

        A miracle would be anyone taking seriously the kind of person who uses words like tard.

  • LoveTheBillOfRights

    Good for her father. There is no way those two died of the same thing several months apart and it was “natural”. Maybe it was murder, maybe it was a toxic situation. Whatever happened, it wasn't natural and he has a right to know what really happened and get the coroner to actually do his job.

    • alumette

      Maybe the first one was murder and the second suicide….both, the same way. Makes sense ?

  • The Rick

    I remember in the '80s a bunch of kids died from exposure to Heavy Metals, mostly Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest.

  • Robert Spurgeon Sr.

    The Coroners Office is a bunch of IDIOTS. !!

  • Truther222

    The Illuminati probably poisoned her like they do to many stars like John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Anna Nicole Smith..etc. They are Satanists and they murder for fun. Look at the videos on youtube about this.

    • smartshopmom

      John Lennon was SHOT …not poisoned, unless you call a lead bullet poisoning then I guess your right. Bob was killed by his own son and Michael Jackson overdosded himself on surgical meds from his family doc.And just why the heck would anyone bother to murder the blonde with no brain …she OD herself after her son OD himself. I am all for the right to die and how you do it is your choice as long as you harm no others but deppresion seems like something to try and fix first ( as in getting help which they all had money to do)Life and death are tragic and it happens to everyone one day. But the illumanati has nothing to do with it. Unless they were around before creation of all things. They are just a group of rich people who think they have some magical venue and spend too much time in the dark. They really have no more power than anyone else other than money and are dilussional with wierd games.Please do not be afraid to life life to the fulleset …without drugs or other crutches. Learn new things get outside…live life not just think about it.

    • Satanist

      You are right. they dont murder for fun. they murder due to fear.
      Fear of losing their economic outlets and to supress free thoughts or free thinking individuals because they only want sheepish followers.

  • taken3

    It was her mom. If it was the house, or the water wouldn't she have had poisoning side effects herself? AND, if your daughter is severely ill for days and saying to you, “Mommy, I think I'm dying” wouldn't you immediately take them to the hospital?? She didn't. Slowly poisoned them both.

  • Sean Filkins

    I've been exposed to Heavy Metals frequently. Maybe I'm immune to Mastodon and Tool's toxic properties? ;)

  • Benjamin Roussey

    Too bad what happened.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • irini

    at the time of both deaths, brittany's mother was living with them…….