Charlie Sheen Apparently Wants to Play Nice With Chuck Lorre Again

Charlie Sheen Apparently Wants to Play Nice With Chuck Lorre Again

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Former “Two and a Half Men” star says he'll make amends “in person”

Charlie Sheen, ready to make nice again with his former “Two and a Half Men” boss? As unlikely as it may seem, it appears to be so.

Sheen, who was famously ousted from the CBS hit in 2011 after a string of bizarre behavior that included a feud with “Men” executive producer Lorre, seemed to extend an olive branch to Lorre via his Twitter account on Sunday, and even suggested that he might want to work with Lorre again — after proper amends are made.

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“hey Chuck,” Sheen wrote820951579. “I have an idea that u need to hear after I make amends to you and yours.which I will do in person. xox, C.”

Sheen included a photo of the People's Choice Award that “Men” won in 2007 along with the message.

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In the period running up to Sheen's dismissal from the series, the actor had very public unkind words for Lorre, calling the producer a “maggot” and a “clown.”

Though Sheen subsequently apologized during an appearance at the 2011 Emmy Awards, he has blasted the show, which replaced him with former “That '70s Show” star Ashton Kutcher, at one point calling it “dead.”

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Should Sheen want to work on another project with Lorre — and should Lorre be agreeable with the notion — it is unclear if Sheen's schedule would allow for it. The actor's television adaptation of the film “Anger Management,” which airs on FX, was given a 90-episode order after it drew satisfactory ratings with its first 10 episodes, which would seem to keep him pretty busy.

Perhaps Lorre will address the issue in the vanity card that appears at the end of his series this week.

  • Rob Clark

    Chuck, don't do it. Run for the hills. You're better off not having nutjob loser in your life.

  • name

    still say Charlie Harper will return from the Dead as a season (or series) finale stunt. if so, it will have to be a “Live” CBS broadcast so the secret stays secret til sheen gets his close-up…that would be an awesome way to close.

  • Michèle FESTA

    Teenagers sitcoms are not for him, anyway!

  • Tracey

    It would be awesome if he came back…but as a ghost to haunt alan!

  • Lin

    . Two and 12 Men has not been funny since Charlie left the show! Ashton just isn`t funny on that show! Just an older Kelso! And Jon can`t carry it alone! It really went downhill!

  • Nico

    Sheen is an idiot. Freakin Crackhead

  • Nico

    that lesbian chick just kills the show. Shes horrible and the whole woman want to do her is sillier than Alan ever getting laid by courtney thorne smith or April Bowlby lol but at least they wrote it good…

  • Hanno

    Charlie is a genius. I loved Two and a Half Men but it couldn't go on forever. The ‘half’ was really no longer an interesting contributor. I'd love to see the other one of the two and the ‘home help’ brought back together in a whole new situation.