CNN's Jeff Zucker: Ann Curry Still Under Contract With NBC

CNN's Jeff Zucker: Ann Curry Still Under Contract With NBC

TCA 2014: Zucker says he doesn't think Curry would be free to join CNN

CNN chief Jeff Zucker said Ann Curry might be a solid hire for CNN — if reports are to be believed that her contract is up with NBC.

The emphasis is on that last part, because Zucker doesn't think her contract is up. He said as much at a Television Critics Association panel Friday, days after Radar Online reported that Curry is on her way out at NBC. NBC shot down the report in a statement to TheWrap.

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Zucker joked that he's often asked about “anybody I've ever known maybe coming to CNN,” but said he didn't believe Curry, a friend, was even available.

“Ann is a terrific talent,” he said. “I do have a long relationship with her. She is under contract at NBC and she is not available at this despite what I know has been postulated and out there. … If she were ever available that's something I would certainly look at, but she's not available.”

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Zucker worked with Curry on NBC's “Today.” Her future with NBC has been a question mark since June 2012, when she was removed as the show's co-anchor.

Besides denying the report that Curry's exit is imminent, NBC has let her work speak for itself: It has highlighted her intense, boots-on-the-ground reporting this week from the Central African Republic, where many fear genocide is imminent.

  • J

    I am a fan of CNN because I don't feel like that network tries to throw their agenda in your face. When you watch FOX News, you know that they are trying to push a relublican viewpoint. However when I watch some stuff on CNN sometimes I don't feel like I know what political party they support.

    I would love for Ann Curry to go somewhere where she is on the TV screen everyday again! I miss her and her talent so much. She's good at what she does.

  • denise

    Ratings don't lie or so I was told my entire career. Dump Lauer and bring on Ann Curry.Who will Lauer throw under the bus this time for the Today's Shows ratings decline. We wouldn't mind seeing Katie and Ann on the Today Show and of course let's not forget Al too,that would be a ratings boost for NBC. Lauer is just killing the show, he’ too full of his own self. Come on Ann, goodbye Matt.