Esquire Network Boss Expects Style Network Transition Will Be ‘Natural and Intuitive’

Esquire Network Boss Expects Style Network Transition Will Be 'Natural and Intuitive'

Esquire Network

The newly-promoted president Adam Stotsky discusses what viewers can expect from the programming shift

In what seemed to the outside world as an eleventh hour decision, NBCUniversal announced two weeks ago that Esquire Network would replace Style instead of previously announced G4.

On Monday, the transition occurs in 75 million American homes and the new male-centric network's boss says that Style's predominately female audience may not be totally put off by the new programming.

“Certainly, we're focused on establishing a decidedly masculine experience but it's absolutely going to be a brand that's very accessible and very welcoming to women along the way,” Esquire Network's president, Adam Stotsky, told TheWrap.

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Stotsky, who took over G4 last year and formerly served as NBC Entertainment's president of marketing, pointed out that Esquire Network, like the magazine, should see some overlap in interests between men and women.

“We can turn to the readership of the magazine, which is on average 30 percent female,” he said.

“And we believe most of the programming we're putting on-air will be a natural and intuitive transition for the Style viewers,” he continued. “Obviously, our programming areas are based on some of the same content areas as Style, just with a more male focus. So, whether it's fashion and style, whether it's architecture, travel and adventure, food and drink, much of the content area has had a place on Style and certainly is the focus of Esquire Network. So, we think it'll be a natural and intuitive transition.”

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Of course, the announcement that the male-centric network will no longer replace G4 has attracted some interest as to NBCUniversal's intentions for the video gamers network. For now, the party line is that it will remain status quo.

“G4 is going to continue unchanged for the foreseeable future. So as of right now, it's going to continue as is,” Stotsky said. “We're focused on Monday's debut of Esquire Network.”

Esquire Network will launch its first night of primetime programming with a two-hour retrospective of its namesake's history, “Esquire's 80th,” at 9/8c.

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Previously, the network announced several original series, including cooking competition “Knife Fight,” celebrity travel show “The Getaway,” and fashion series “How I Rock It,” hosted by NBA player Baron Davis, among others. The rest of its schedule will be filled by a mix of nonfiction, scripted and syndicated programming from its NBCUniversal sister networks and others.

“Our insight is that there's a white space in the television dial,” Stotsky explained. “Outside of sports and news from our point of view, there really is no singular lifestyle destination that explores the wide range of interests that men have today.”

  • armymom57

    Areyou kidding?!! Who's really going to watch these shows? What will happen to all our other shows like Jerseylousious, Big Rich Texas?!! I don't think this is going to be a good move!

    • 1053chrissy

      Well, I only had a few things all week I would wait to see Jerseylousious, and Big Rich Texas, is on this channel. Only others was ancient aliens on history channel, dance moms on lifetime, MTV Jersey Shore “no longer on”, Paula Deen cooking show “no longer on”, Bad Girls Club on oxygen and Dr. OZ. those are the only things I watch on TV other wise my TV is turned off! With all my shows being cut I might not even buy another year of DISH network. Sex in the city really? Who watches that?

  • SLV

    This network will fail. Hopefully the Style network will just move to another channel. What a bummer.

  • SickoflousyTV

    Whoever made this outrageous decision is an idiot to think that women are going to stand for deliberate tossing away of the one network that we can relate to! How many networks geared to men do we have to put up with? Why does the public have no choice as to what we want to watch, as opposed to some corporate big shot unilaterally cutting us off at the knees and showing a bunch of stupid programming that has been on for the last 30 years? How many times do we have to watch movies like “Oceans 13” when the shows that women enjoy, such as Giuliana and Bill, Tia & Tamera and Hot Listings Miami are simply cut with no advanced notice? The very least those corporate tight-butts could have done was show the second part of the Giuliana and Bill finale so that faithful followers can find out what happened!!! Maybe I will just take up knitting to bide my time, instead of turning on the TV and watching nothing but the same garbage over and over!!!

  • Sylvia Kitt

    Woman watch most of tv. So who ever thought this would be a good idea to take style off and put on a male dominated chanel is in for a major let down. And i hope you loose money on this dumb move.

    • Kathryn A Reynolds

      Well said! That is exactly what I'm hoping!

    • Marisa LaTorre

      Exactly what I and millions of women are thinking and hoping.

    • Nat

      Exactly. I totally agree. This is ridiculous

  • D. Rutledge

    Are You Kidding me??!!

    What idiot thought this was a good idea? Spike TV, G4, Speed, all the ESPN channels and NBA/NFL channels aren't enough male centric networks? I'm a fan of several Style Network shows which are now unavailable to me. I checked the upcoming line up for the new Esquire channel and I'm not impressed. Sex and the City reruns? I guess that's supposed to satisfy us “little ladies” huh? (P.S I can see that show on several other channels.) Knife Fight? The Food Network and the Cooking Channel take care of culinary interests. I don't need repeats of old Top Chef episodes, Bravo TV takes care of that. Thanks for absolutely nothing Mr. Stotsky. Not a good first move. You have nothing on Esquire for former viewers like me but apparently that no longer matters. No. I won't be watching this network unless you bring back Tia and Tamera, Giuliana and Bill, Jerseylicious etc. Stupid, Stupid Stupid.

    • The Legal Lady

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH D. RUTLEDGE. WTF “MR. STOTSKY….There are way too many shows for the guys to watch. The best shows on Stylewere Ti and Tamera, Giuliana and Bill, etc. Where did they go to? Which channel? Because I already contacted my cable provider and IF I DO NOT GET THOSE TWO SHOWS BACK ON TV., I'm gonna have to go to DISH or something compariable so I can WATCH MY SHOW. After a hard day's work, coming home and doing laundry, dinner and homework, I like to sit down at night to watch MY shows (which I have to tape). So there…..STUPID, STUPID STUPID.
      Pissed off in Wisconsin.

      • gns

        I agree with legal lady is there a way to get the style shows we loved somewhere else? have NO interest in this new channel line up. IT stinks!!!

      • A.NIKOLE

        both of you are wrong because all cable providers have no STYLE

    • sophronia856

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    • ana

      I so agree with you. I loved Giuliana and Bill and Jerseylicious was supposed to start soon!

      • Debbie Butler

        Where will Jerseylicious go?

        • Sad_Style_Fan

          Is anyone knows please post :-/

        • C porter

          Did u ever find out what channel Jerseylicious is on?

    • Dawna

      I agree! Where's Jeff Lewis, Rachel Zoe, Tabitha, Brad?? Enough sports, fighting, outdoorsy channels. Disgusted!

    • Nunya

      AGREEEEEED!!! I am FURIOUS and will NOT be upgrading to the DirecTV package that includes “The Esquire Channel” What a joke!

    • Micia D.

      Highly pissed i miss the shows that used to come on. I'm annoyed that they were taken away! Especially Tia and Tamera. This channel is trash now.

  • Legal Lady


    • Mercedes Gasca

      A M E N!!!

  • Emily

    Eliminating The Style Network was an idiotic move, we have plenty of male dominate channels and The Style Network was the perfect domain for the ladies. This was a low blow guys, you may want to rethink your marketing goals.

    • Marisa LaTorre

      really, guess they forgot that WOMEN are making the money now.

  • Finksrule

    Not a happy camper. This blows. Way to go “Esquire” for screwing things up.

  • K

    This is as brilliant as putting Leno on at 10pm. We see how well that turned out! Not cool for what we all pay to have cable/satellite.

  • val

    REALLY??????? replace one of the plethora of ESPN choices with this network….please give us our Style back!!!!!

  • T Wilson

    What about our shows????? Really, we get cut off before the season finales!! This is a really stupid idea because my Husband is not going to watch this channel, because we have enough sports channel to last a lifetime!!!! Give me back my Style Channel Now!!!

  • Melissa

    This is one of the most stupidest things. I guess we will just wait and they will see that Adam the new president made a stupid decision because rating are for sure to go down.

  • Betty Burns

    where is style network at. All is see is reruns on the esquire . Bring back style network, My favorite shows are on it.

  • Disappointed viewer

    This is digusting — no need to shutdown a network that has an entirely different demographic . Go to another network esquire . Your clearly not welcome.

  • Canceling Esquire Membership

    homos…how do you take over a women's network and make it about men. Really!!! This vagina envy has got to stop!

    • style fan

      I will never watch this channel again. As far as Im convinced it doesnt exist and honestly the guys arent going to watch it either

  • MJ

    Are you kidding me???? Adam Stotsky you didn't do too well at NBC entertainment so you decided to mess around with Style Network to put on a male dominated channel? So, loyal Style watchers cannot enjoy the finales of all the shows we watch….after a long day at work it was always relaxing to watch the Style network.
    Obviously Adam Stotsky you don't have a wife or a life! Good-bye Comcast hello Dish Network!

    • Marisa LaTorre

      he apparently has a wife. Just not a clue.

  • CRL

    Saw E! advertise “Guiliana & Bill” season finale will air in E! network in October.

  • NH

    Now mr stotsky wants a show like kardashian's or housewives on esquire network? Gimme a break! Just bring back the style network!


    I work all day, I come home make dinner do homework and everything else. The only channel I watch is (was) Style. In which I totally enjoyed MY shows. This is one of the worst decisions I every heard. Tell the men to go watch ESPEN it's football season!!! I hope Mr. Stotsky reads these reviews and makes some serious changes. Thanks for ruining my nights.


    I want Tia & Tamara. Bill & Giuliana. Hot Listings Miami BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Get Real

      Tia and Tamera is on Oxygen, GB is on E and HLM is on possibly Bravo!

  • Pissed off viewer!

    As if there aren't enough male centered channels out there! I get 4 freakin espn channels plus fox sports and I can't even get one channel geared towards women?! I think Adam Stotsky is sexist! Bring back my shows! I hope your stupid sausage fest channel fails. Asshole.

    • James

      There's still Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime, WEtv and E! for you to choose from.

      • StyleFan

        Still…. Four whole channels. Yipee. This is an outrageous, obviously sexist comment. There's still ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN News, ESPNU, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, PAC 12, Comcast Sports Channel, CBS sports Network, Soccer channel, etc. The list goes on and on. Clearly a “Man” made this decision.

        • James

          Many of the men's cable nets you mentioned are sports-oriented. There's still an untapped and untested TV male niche market that has yet to be explored, a market that cannot necessarily be fancied by sports alone, hence the decision to put up an upscale male TV network.

          On broadcast TV, The CW, and ABC skew female viewers. ABC Family and MTV attracts a similar yet younger demo. And then there's also Food Network, HGTV, and other lifestyle-oriented channels geared towards women (including foreign channels like LifeTV and TFC).

          The head of NBC Universal's cable channels is a woman and she was the one who made the eleventh-hour decision to have Esquire TV take over Style Network's place instead of G4 which was supposed to be the plan from the get go.

          She cited that Style's audience overlaps with those of E!, Bravo and Oxygen, and is available to more homes than G4. So it made logistical sense to have the launch happen on Style instead. But they could have avoided the drama of what are now unnecessary lay-offs in G4 if they have thought this through earlier than later.

          Well, such is life.

          • lep

            Well ladies there you have it. The untapped and untested
            male niche market will make Esquire an upscale male TV network.
            I'm sure all of the upscale men will make the network very successful.
            Yeah, right.

          • James

            It doesn't hurt if they try, does it?

          • Sam

            Unfortunately, you've had a very positive result – if that result is alienation of extremely dedicated viewers aka consumers. Viewers with the power over the remote, and the ‘favorite’ channel selection. Esquire has been deleted from my favorites. Your loss, especially as advertisers fall all over each other scrounging through the few female skewed nets that are left.

          • James

            As history has proven, cable networks expand beyond the purpose of why they were put up in the first place.

            Bravo was more into the arts before transitioning into a women's entertainment channel, Lifetime went from doing original movies to original dramas fronted by female leads. MTV used to be centered around music before it grew out from that and focused on generational youth culture from which music is a pivotal part of.

            ABC Family was all reruns of classic family sitcoms from the 80's to 90's before finding its niche as a cable equivalent of The WB, targetting millenials. Even the most recent cable network, OWN, took a good few years before it could stand on its own two feet. Cartoon Network has also started doing live-action programs so it could compete with Nickelodeon and Disney, both kid's channels that have long been doing live-action shows, on equal ground.

            So I'm pretty sure Esquire Network will go on that route in the next few years, once NBC Universal figures what's working for the channel and otherwise, eventually leading to changes.

            Disenfranchised Style Network viewers will go on to migrate to alternative channels that match their viewing habits, channels with similar content as Style.

            Initial reaction against a new cable network replacing an old one is exactly how things are happening always in radio where a new format like Hot Adult Contemporary replaces a long-time format such as Top 40; long-time listeners would soon rebel against Hot AC before moving on to find a suitable station similar to the one they've been listening to before the switch.

          • Carilyn

            It hurts all the viewers of the style network !!!!!!!!!!

          • James

            Life goes on, Carilyn. Television always changes and evolves. No channel can ever be the same.

          • Marisa LaTorre

            and we can cancel cable and ultimately viewers will be watching TV online

          • James

            Or have an ala-carte basic cable plan and even a prepaid plan so you can subscribe to a set number of cable channels you want to watch at a fraction of the cost. You can ask your local cable operator if they offer such special services.

          • Marisa LaTorre

            how about trying in a way that doesn't cancel out an entire network that clearly female viewers depended on for entertainment?

          • James

            Viewers can always migrate to alternative channels.

      • Dawna

        Don't have the same shows!

        • James

          So far, it's been confirmed already that 2 Style Network shows will be moving to E!, the rest of the original shows, viewers will have to stay tuned for new developments. I got a good look of Esquire's schedule and their running old Style-mainstay Clean House reruns.

          • Marisa LaTorre

            oh TWO WHOLE SHOWS James. wow. So worth it to run reruns of Parks and Recreation and Sex and the City. But thanks – two shows. wow.. I'm soooooo grateful. Not.

          • James

            That’ the only news out so far, Marisa. It's not easy to have ongoing shows move to another cable network when there are factors to consider on the business side behind-the-scenes. Project Runway didn't have a smooth transition moving from Bravo to Lifetime so expect the a longer time to wait on when and where the rest of the remaining Style shows will end up going.

          • Marisa LaTorre

            I appreciate your reply, but I really don't care about the network's difficulties when their actions say loud and clear that they don't care about their viewers. On Sept 22 Style was still airing commercials for the Jerseylicious premiere. With 75 million households viewing, perhaps they should have thought of where the shows were going BEFORE they cancelled an entire network, rather than after.

          • James

            That's the ugly side of this industry, unfortunately. At the end of the day, it's all about what they want to achieve at the expense of the jobs who wroked at both Style and G4.

      • Sad_Style_Fan

        So where did our beloved shows go? … If you can tell us we will be on our way …. Really…. this is a total fail on your part..:-/

        • James

          I already mentioned here in the thread where some of the shows will be moving so you can backread some of the past comments, and The Wrap already reported about it which is featured under “You May Like” below the article.

      • Marisa LaTorre

        oh shut up and go watch Monday night football.

        • James

          If it's the DLSU Green Archers against UST Growling Tigers in the Best-of-3 Games live at the SM MoA Arena, perhaps.

      • ann

        @james .SHUT DA HELL UP…N GONSIT UR AZ down ..those channels u mention do not have tia n tamra..nor giullia n bill nor jerseylicious. …u have plenty of manly channels to watch so do us ladies all a favor …..go watch a game n stay off this thread.
        Advise: never mess with a room full of pissed off females will not win … Boo Boo #FOH

        • James

          Girl, chill and relax. If you're going to join the bandwagon on this topic, you should have took part of the discussion while it was still hot off the press 2 months ago.

    • Debbie Butler

      Esquire SUCKS!!!!!

    • Mercedes Gasca


  • fancypants127

    How could a switch from a women's channel to a channel for men be natural and intuitive? These people really are idiots! Style was the channel I was excited to watch when I needed my girly time. Its football season and i really need my girly time! And the shows were positive! Esquire sounds like a nightmare and I hope it fails miserably!

  • Sterl

    I am livid!!! HOW CAN A NETWORK JUST VANISH?!! Where did Gilliana&Bill go?!? This is so frustrating!! What an idiot this Stotsky is what a sabotage move!!!

    • James

      Tia & Tamera as well as Guliana & Bill will move to E!. No word yet to Jerseylicious as well as the slew of other new and returning shows that were supposed to premiere on Style later this year.

      • EV

        Hey “James” are you really Adam Stotsky??? because all of your comments are RIDICULOUS! WTH???
        If anyone were to take a poll or get a clue they would have realized that this was a HUGE mistake. What an idiotic decision!

        • James

          Unfortunately, I'm not. I just like to read news from TV industry websites. Just sharing what I've already read to people here who're asking about Giuliana & Bill, etc especially when The Wrap already posted an article where they will be moved off to.

          • Kathryn A Reynolds

            I don't think your comments sound ridiculous – instead, you sound reasonable and logical. I'm very bummed about Style but I'm hoping that you're right about the programs being picked up elsewhere. (All of them not just the few that have already found new homes.)

          • James

            Thanks. I've been keeping an open-mind about this since I've been following developments on Esquire's launch since last year. Kinda sad really how everything went down for both G4 and Style.

  • Local80

    I have no interest in the programming they offer. I don't like beer and I'm not into cars. I loved the Sex & the City marathons on the weekends and I liked some of the style shows. I think they need more female-centric programming, not less. Guys have plenty of those channels to choose from.

  • upset@you

    VERY ANGRY at you damn Esquire/Mr. Stotsky! You should've replaced a one of the ten ESPN channels or add your own network channel like Oprah did. I barely get to watch tv and when I do, the Style channel is one of them. That was an inconsiderate move you pulled!

    • 1053chrissy

      Damn right! Mr. Stotsky is a man so he knows nothing about what women like!

  • Monica

    This is ridiculous. I hope this esquire network fails. I want my style network back!!!!!

  • Gab fan

    Really bad move-I just tuned in to watch Julianna and Bill and could not find it. Very disappointing – you are going to make a name for yourself, but in a bad way. The timing for this is ridiculous and I will be quite surprised if this new show is successful. Straight men are watching sports and I bet gay men were watching Style!

  • sister

    I want my style network back the only two programs I enjoy watching are jerseylicious and hot listings Miami, please bring style network back or add another channel for style network…sux that I look forward to these two programs and now they are gone!!! Do something about this DIRECT TV because this is BS!!!

  • Cassie Dior

    yeah we want the style network back cause how are we going to see rihanna show

  • Mary M

    Infuriating! I will not watch any show on Esquire just on principal. Why would you even consider dismantling a successful and beloved network like Style? I think you're headed for disaster. Seems like a pretty dumb-ass move for a newly promoted president to make!

  • heathern510

    NBC UNIVERSAL & Mr Stotsky…EPIC FAIL Can you really be this out of touch with your own market & demographics? There is already a channel for the LBGT community and plenty of malecentric sports & entertainment channels. We didn't need the Metrosexual channel. I have On Demand if I want to watch Bravo reruns ad nauseum. The Stylenetwork actually helped shape my daughter's career path. We have a great relationship based on a lot of discussion from watching those shows. I rarely watch TV to begin with and that was MY channel. BREW Dogs? Knife fight? Really? Have YOU watched TV lately cuz I think you are too busy being cool, hipster with your head up your ass to give a damn about your audience! Give me back my Jerseylicious, Rachel Zoe & Resale Royalty!

    • Marisa LaTorre


  • jaycee

    Give us back the style network , your new shows are crap!!!!!! I guess all your executives are single because if you think ANY woman wants this junk that you now have on the air you don,'t have a clue.

    • Debbie Butler

      Damn Right!!!!

  • Danielle

    Looks like i will be canceling Verizion Fios ASAP! What a dumb move. They have so many channels with pointless networks and they decide to take over Style Network and with no warning. Dumb move! i would never suggest Verizion to anybody.

    • Sue

      It's not Verizon's fault. NBCU who owns Style decided to make the switch to Esquire-the cable and other companies had no choice in the decision,

  • Debbie Butler

    Bring back Style Network!!!!

  • E. Jones

    Who were at the round table when this decision was made?

    • Unhappy Camper

      Whe you have a man who who looks like he doesn't like women this is what you get !!!!!! No Style channel

  • therobertg

    I am a guy and I loved a lot of the shows on Style… Jersyliscious, Big Rich Texas, Resale Royalty, not to mention reruns of Tabitha Takes Over. So sad.

  • Judi Ann

    You have lost a ton of watchers of STYLE .. you have destroyed our programming … every show i watched is on Style and now they are all gone … YOU SUCK ESQUIRE….

  • Theresa

    This is ridiculous! I will never watch Esquire! I want to see Tia and Tamera and Guilana and Bill!! That's half the reason I watch TV!

  • jon

    As a guy this is a horrible move. G4 is you mancentric channel. There is nothing on G4 worth anything. Reruns of Lost, Heroes, and a 40 year old show Airwolf must be really kicking ass in the rating to save that over anything on Style network. I have actually heard people talk about and get excited over the shows on Style compared to NO ONE even talking about anything on G4. 30% of women who read Esquire who can relate to this lifestyle is still nothing compared to the 100% of women who compared to everything Style network was. I will not watch either channel because I'm not going to back up a stupid idea.

    • Sue

      Let's not forget COPS and Campus PD-the other stellar shows on G4.

  • melody

    What in the world!!!

    I want the style network back! Wheres GandB…hot listings miami…tia and tamera????!!!! There were too many loveable addicting shows. I havent watched the new network since its been switched over. :/ bring them back ADAM STOTSKY.

  • Unsatisfied Customer.

    This was not a smart decision at all. I want the Style Network back NOW!!!! I will not support the Esquire Network.

  • Debbie D

    Won't be watching this channel. Bring back my Style Network. Yet, another reason to stop watching TV all together and just read a good book.

  • Gene

    What moron came up with this idea? I hate reality tv! Yet I upgraded my dish package to get style after watching it one night at a friend's home. Now it's gone just like that. I hope the new network fails and they fire the asswipe who made that obviously stupid decision. Now I know why I don't watch NBC. Natural Born Cretins!

  • Alexandria

    this is stupid so where can I find the shows that was on style ? like Tia and Tamar or Guliana and bill ect………

  • Julie Alameda

    What a stupid move!! I will not be watching the new programming at all! This reminds me of ABC when they removed All My children and One life to Live. They never recovered from such a dumb uninformed move! You keep what the viewers love, you do not pull the shows that people love only to replace them with stupid nonsense!! If Jerseylicious and Guliana and Bill move to another place, that's where I will be. This is such a bonehead move, just like the one at ABC which was orchestrated by a Man!!!! Good luck esquire network! Your going to need it!!!

  • Shaynanagens

    NOT HAPPY WITH THIS CHANGE!!!! I wanted to catch How Do I Look on Monday, since it's Makeover Mondays on Style and what do I find?? The Esquire Network on my Style network channel!!! I thought that this was a joke since the promotions were for G4 to be turned into Esquire, NOT Style but no, apparently it seems to be true and I couldn't be more outraged and beyond pissed off! The shows for Esquire suck…I don't give a rat's ass about two guys travelling around trying beer or watching two guys travel and compete in races. Who really cares about Knife Fight?? It's just another reality competition show that looks completely boring and even my boyfriend says it looks stupid. I don't need to see celebrities travel around the world, show us how much money they have and we don't have, and visit places that the regular person can't afford. I completely agree with everyone else on here, there are many other channels, shows, networks that are geared mainly for men. So I guess they're saying that women don't need anything but the Lifetime network and that's it? I really hope this Esquire crap fails so Style can come back and I can watch Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas and Atlanta!!!

  • Changa22

    The new transition totally threw me off guard!!! And I agree with everybody else, this Esquire network BLOWS and I'm so freaking FRUSTRATED!!!!!!! I want all the old shows back, I LOVED TIA AND TAMERA, G&B etc etc, hope this move is an EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • R.Carey

    I hate this channel –bring back the Style network! Maybe I will cancel DISH and move to the other satellite channel – that is less expensive anyway! Good bye DISH!!

    • Sue

      The style channel is gone PERIOD, You're not going to find it on any satellite or cable system. Blame NBCUniversal who owns the channel.

  • isabella

    One of my favorite shows is “TIA AND TAMERA” and I just found online that they are moving that show to E! in mid-October, so thank goodness, it's still on!! Just FYI for all the fans of that show!

  • Sue

    Dream on. I have no intention of watching Esquire and hope the network flops.

  • frankie shake

    f shake whos the dunderhead to cancel style network for another show that should be rated “adult”. I'm an adult and I will not watch esquire. Find another channel and return the style channel to our viewing pleasure.

  • Pissed in Chicago

    Ok, I was trying to figure out what was going on with the Style Network suddenly disappearing. I turned to the location where Style used to be and of course found this Esquire channel. At 11 pm CST I saw a man bangin’ a women in public with people egging him on. Who the hell thought I, as a woman – married or single – would like to see that? Reruns of Sex in the City? Really? I've read thru some of the comments and I agree what idiot – Stotsky came up with this idea? I can not believe you did this!!! I want Tia and Tamara back!!

  • Tiffany

    “Outside of sports and news from OUR point of view, there really is no singular lifestyle destination that explores the wide range of interests that MEN have today.” WELL I don't care about men's interests, the “transition” sucks, and if you don't like points of views and want different perspectives and whatnot on your guy shows why don't you take over one of those instead of a women's channel. Or do it on ones people don't even watch not a popular one I enjoy such as style.
    Ps, Fuck you.

  • Tiffany

    What about resale royalty, big rich Texas, glam fairy, jersey licious?

  • Sandi Kathman

    You are wrong on this one Mr. Stotsky. Because of the way the “transition” happened I, for one, will never watch Esquire.

  • Dave

    I don't see why they'd get rid of the Style network! This was the only channel I would follow EVERY show that aired. It targeted my interests perfectly!
    Now we get Sex and the City reruns at 2am? I'll miss the weekend marathons. I won't be watching at 2am.
    And shows like Hot Listings Miami? Jerseylicious? Big Rich Texas? Where are my guilty pleasure shows?!

    Gulliana and Bill & Tia and Tamera will be moving to E!, but they won't be aired as much because E! has their own set of shows to air. I will miss my Tia & Tamera marathons.

    Not happy at all.

  • Ihatetobetheonetotellyouthis

    Bad move! I loved Style…..everything about it. I agree with most of the comments here. There are enough male dominated networks. Esquire is not even in HD. Inferior quality and just as stupid as Apple's recent Iphone update which is giving everyone sea sickness! Dumb move. Lost customer!

  • Pissed off

    REALLY?…Natural and intuitive transition?….from a women's network to a male network suddenly and with no warning??? That's like going from light to dark in an instant…not so pleasant. Why would you promote the season premier of Jerseylicious knowing full well that the network was going off? Why would you leave us hanging in the middle of a series? I feel like we live in a communist state. Your “male” network succccsssss big time. Stotsky, you are an idiot!

  • md503

    Epic fail! There isn't anything “natural and intuitive” about this move. I just tuned into the new Esquire Network & I'm getting Ghost Rider. Seriously? What about Jerseylicious? How do I Look? The way they “man-handle” the customer is disgusting. My provider DirectTV was clueless about the change. They gave me a number to the network & they were helpless & rude & just said to try to find these networks elsewhere. Sick of cable TV & how these networks screw the customers.

  • lfedz

    Aren't there any new channels they can use for Esquire? Why take Style?

  • mickeezy

    Sex and the City reruns? Really? Is that suppose to appeal to us when they already plays those on 4 other channels??? SSSSoooo stupid!!! This was the dumbest decision ever!!! I hope you lose your position Mr Stotsky for your idiotic moves… So irritated!!!

  • Monica

    It's crazy… I just read through ALL 84 comments and EVERY person hates this Esquire crap. Including me. I thought I was going crazy when I turned to Style and it wasn't there. This was a terrible ass move and y'all should do something about it. Quick.

  • belle


  • Tremaine

    sooooo… who's gonna get fired for this… this is the dumbest move ever….most men only watch sports and speed ur idiots lol women are the money makers and we all looooved the style network…get ready for the backlash cuz no one is watch escort or whatever the hell this network is called………wth

  • Women of America

    Apparently newly promoted president Adam Stotsky is a flipping idiot, who is not married and without any real connection to the mind or interests of women. How did this guy get into a position which requires decision-making?? Men have the majority of networks and sports channels on television and you take away one of the most popular networks for women expecting not to get backlash? If style network is not brought back, this newly promoted president will soon be the newly fired disgruntled ex-employee. Now THAT would be a natural and intuitive transition.

    • Marisa LaTorre

      probably by sucking up to his boss Bonnie Hammerhead

  • Cherylethediva

    Hot listing M iami and Guilliana and Billl boo hoo! Shame on you

  • Viclaui

    I find the most infuriating part of this is that women's presence on television is actually diminishing rather than growing. Style Network had dropped a bit in quality as of late, but it could easily have been fixed. Is it not almost insulting that, for women's television, reality programming is the primary marketing focus? TLC should buy Clean House and How Do I Look; they too could do with a quality boost.

  • M Frances

    So let me get this straight….”Obviously, our programming areas are based on some of the same content areas as Style, just with a more male focus.”….So in other words, you are changing the programming to appeal to male viewers instead of the female audience that the previous programming was geared to and think that by this explanation, you will actually keep female viewers….The fact that you actually thought that this explanation would fool viewers is such an insult to my intelligence. Just come out and say that you are changing the channel to be geared to a male audience. The statement that you gave pretty much indicates that you really must think that your previous viewers are dumb. See ya!

    • Marisa LaTorre


  • beecastle

    Bring back the Style Network, ASAP. What an idiotic decision this was. Ugh.

  • bunker

    I wonder if Esquire will follow in the lines of JcPenny? Don't piss off the decision makers of america…women!

  • Sad_Style_Fan

    Where's my Style???? Are you Kidding …. not interest in the new line-up

  • shirlthepearl

    I can't bevlive that I will not be able to see Tia and Tamera and Jerseylicious just when they are starting the new season . I will not be watching your channel

  • shirlthepearl

    yes please post where the shows will go

  • sam malone

    checked out esquire network last night, programming for the modern man my ass. hello two hours of sex and the city. what a disaster – they butchered g4 for this?

  • shirlthepearl

    I to know what is the E channel?

  • shirlthepearl

    what is the E channel please?

  • NotaFan

    I am not happy with this change. Jerseylicious was a guilty pleasure. This station is off my list. What kind of men WATCH Esquire?

  • JanetMiller88

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  • a

    Is any one else upset with the fact that last year esquire really screwed up G4? They stopped producing new episodes of x-play and attack of the show, and essentially turned it in to a rerun channel. So since last year all I saw on that channel are reruns, and commercials saying that on April 20 something it was going to become the new esquire channel along with random commercials of there new shows. So I had a year to have to get over that. I was really upset since I am a female that watched G4 and then kind of felt like it was a slap in the face when they started saying how they were going to make it into G4 men a channel for up scale something men. So I slowly but not 100% got over that for the last 9 months, and then when I changed it to style network today I was extremely confused when I saw that it was now the esquire channel; playing the same commercials as they had on G4. So what is going to happen to G4 now? I noticed that in the article they said it was going to stay the same, when in reality they fucked it up a year a go. Then again I guess playing the same shows and episodes over and over is keeping it the same. Also what is going to happen to the style network now? I don't watch this network that often, but I do sometimes. This just seems like a very confusing mess.

  • Rj


    “And we believe most of the programming we’re putting on-air will be a natural and intuitive transition for the Style viewers,” he continued.

    Uhm who hired this idiot. More like you pissed of a ton of women. And you know nothing about business. I hope that esquire is a failure and that this guy goes back to college. RUDE.

  • CatchingItInNewOrleans

    Men are catching hell all over the country for taking the Style Network off air.
    Please return Style or create a channel of the same or improved female show.
    You have directly impacted the lives of many women and indirectly disrupted their families. Remember Section 23 of the “Male Code of Honor” and the impact this decision is having!

  • Susie

    Esquire SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring back Jerseylicious & Style.
    Boy, talk about being blindsided. Never heard or saw anything about this.
    Checked out the TV menu today & couldn't find Style.
    This channel looks like a bunch of crap to me.
    Won't be watching unless you bring back my shows.
    What a bunch of idiots

  • K Fowler

    I'm pissed!!!! Who thought of this idea? Show's that I love to watch are no longer on , What hell is parks and recreation??? I don't want to see that crap bring back Tia and Tamera,

    • James

      Parks and Recreation is an Emmy-award winning comedy.

  • Jill Bumpurs Reyes

    Will not be watching this channel ever unless you have the starting season of Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas, and all the other great shows that Style brings!!!! Where are they all going to be shown??? That is where I want to be!!!!

  • Kathryn A Reynolds

    This is stupid. There is now “white space” where the fun, quirky, female-centric network known as Style once existed. Thanks for thinking of a supposed 30 percent of us – it's so chivalrous of you that I almost believe you pay your female staff members close to what their male counterparts make. But seriously, I won't be watching unless you bring back some Style favorites – that's the way to prove that you value the women viewers who watched Style.

  • Ladypower

    This is horrifying!! Men and their goddamn egos. Go watch Espn and leave our style channel alone!

  • PurpleMomma

    Ok, now I'm pissed. Bring back the Style Network! Where is my Tia & Tamera and Giuliana & Bill?!!!!!! What the hell? Guys have enough channels.

  • Angry Viewer

    What the fuck…. I get home looking for Tia & Tamera reruns and the whole fucking channel is gone. Can we protest?!!

  • pbc

    There is absolutely NOTHING right about this change

  • Sarah_M547

    The best choice(..)male-centric network will no longer replace G4 has attracted some interest as to NBCUniversal’s intentions for the video gamers network… d­ℜ­o­p­7­0­.­ℂ­o­m

  • R. Vitale

    I have one question for you Mr. Stotsky…how far up your ass was your head when you decided to do this dumb ass move? Just asking.

  • ellie

    The programming looks great on the new Esquire Channel!.. I mean who doesn't want to watch re-runs from every other network? Especially Sex and the City re-runs every single day? JUST KIDDING! I WANT G&B BACK!! I called Xfinity today and they didn't even know that this change was being made. I asked if i could pay extra to have the channel because it's one of the only channels i watch, when i do watch TV and she said that the Style network is no more. This is so frustrating! Good luck Esquire channel… you'll be losing a lot of views and not gaining any playing reruns all day and night. Good Grief.

  • Kristina

    This sucks!!!! I LOVED style and have been watching some of these shows for over 6 years and now they don't even offer them!!! Now its all male content with some old school sex in the city!! NO thank you!! Bad decision on someone's part thanks a lot for nothing this channel sucks major balls now and that is ,e being polite :)

  • kbl

    Really this is crazy! Say it isn't so. Looking forward to jerseylicious and big rich Texas! What were they thinking!

  • Guest

    I am absolutely upset with the changed of the style network. Someone needs to be fired for making that stupid idea and others saying yes. I am going to call Comcast and asked for my style network to be brought back. I was so upset on Sunday evening because I was expecting to watch my show which is Tia tamera show. I will be missing bill and giuliana rancic show and many of the style network show to watch shows on esquire that is played on other channels. I don't even care for the esquire magazine. That would be one of the last magazine that I would pick up. Also it would be one of the last magazine I would pick up to learn about men or how to dress them. BRING BACK My STYLE NETWORK Now.

  • William

    Speaking as a male, you have made my life a living hell! Have you not ever heard of “happy wife, happy life”? At least “Style” got their programming right, they at least know the difference between estrogen and testosterone. I, as a man, will never watch this channel, It really doesn't offer anything good to men, and I want to stay married!

  • Katherine Foster

    Hate this. Is Style gone completely? This sucks big time. Will not watching any programming on this show. For the record my husband was not impressed with anything you had on this station. Macho idiot.


    they dont no what they are doing they think that a a making a huge mistake by taking away style network . IF YOU AGREE WITH ME WE CAN STOP THIS!!!

  • Reene J

    This is totally sexist and a slap in the face to women. I plan to block this station!

  • N


    • James

      Tia and Tamera is moving to E!

  • Jen

    This is the most rediculous thing ever! So many shows that I watched are now gone! I am highly upset an will be writing a letter!!!

  • Spanz

    I just looked over the programming. There was NOTHING I wanted to watch. I am confused…this is supposed to be a Man's channel? How about some manly movies. And NO frigin infomercial crap please. This network will have zero viewers. Sex movies, hunting programs, mountain climbing, scuba diving, guy programs on how to pick up girls, how to get laid…..this is what we want.

    • James

      The channel is only less than 2 weeks old. As with any new cable channel, give Esquire Network sometime to get its daily programming in order.

      • Marisa LaTorre

        no because I don't give a crap. I truly hope and expect it to crash and burn

        • James

          That's what people were saying about OWN when it launched. Give it a year to see how things will pan out. :)

  • Nani

    Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!! So upset!

  • D.Greco

    This sucks I watch a lot of Style network shows and I just dropped Comcast and got Fios and they to do not have the style network!…this sucks bad!…maybe u should put Bill and Gulianna and Jerseylicious and here instead of reruns of sex and the city! pissed!

  • chrissy

    This Is ridiculous! I loved the style network! Where will all my favorite shows go?! Television is geared at men – this was the only network I could count on that I enjoyed. What a poor move. I miss my style network!

    • James

      2 shows are moving to E!, the rest are TBD at the moment.

  • disgusted

    Fuck Esquire I want style network back…….. so disappointed. …….

  • Reene

    Adam Stotsky is an IDIOT!!!!! Further, he is an obvious misogynist who has no respect for women. His mother must be so proud. NBC Universal…GET A CLUE!!! You have alienated millions of women who buy products for themselves and their families.. Oh yeah…attention advertisers…you just lost millions of dollars!!!

    • James

      It was not Adam Stotsky's decision to have Esquire transitioned from Style. His bosses, including NBC Universal president, Bonnie Hammer, made the eleventh hour decision regarding the format flip on another channel instead of G4. He was placed on the position of overseeing the new channel and nothing more that has to do with Style except getting help from Style's exiting chief programmer going through the transition.

  • Pissed off in pa

    A woman made this decision, which makes it that much worse! Bonnie something. I'm so pizzed off with this decision, too! I personally wanted big rich to come back soon. Esquire channel?! Epic fail! Especially to replace a femal centric channel with a snooty male dominated network that no guy I know would ever watch. You have to not have a pulse to enjoy that programming. To me, esquire looks like a chance for the ultra pampered rich to show off their fab lives to all us peons. No thanks, have already taken it out of my channel line up in my personal guide. Count this ‘little lady’ outta here. Typical, short sighted CEO who is out of touch with humanity. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Marisa LaTorre

      she's obviously got no idea of who actually makes up the cable viewership. the guys she's going after wouldn't be caught dead watching the crap they're putting on.

  • Ellisia Thomas

    Esquire Network sucks balls and I guarantee yeah, it will NOT last. It'll be a huge failure

  • BG

    Bonnie “hammer” maybe your boss should give you the “axe” for this idiotic move. You should always remember from business 101: the more elevated you are, the harder the fall. Simple physics really, you should have at the very LEAST taken a viewership poll, had an online discussion, or simply provided the loyal viewers with enough respect to be made aware of the situation. The reason this demographic is not going to work is because of the demographic you chose! These guys you are trying to tap into, are too busy in their own lives finishing up their degrees, planning partnerships, pulling overtime hours at their firms etc. they will not care to put their lives on hold to watch your programming. You have made a very serious mistake. The reason this demo has not been tapped into yet, is because they refuse to be tapped into. With that said, the young female demo……..who have much STYLE, were tapped into with the style network. It was a fun, carefree, vibrant channel that gave the viewers a chance to forget about the chaos in their own lives. Congrats, Hammer, you’ve managed to single handedly shatter these women’s faith in network television and set the woman’s movement back 20 years. You will now be forever known as the woman who turned on her own, for an opportunity to make more money. You will fail.

    • Marisa LaTorre

      well said BG

  • manning st john

    Bring back Style Network. This is so disappointing. I agree with D. Rutledge. Enough already.

  • Jackie Clonan

    Hey Stotsky who's butt are you kissing to have been promoted????? Taking Style off was a major mistake! Yet ANOTHER channel for men???? Now I read that you may axe the Hallmark channel as well…………time to cancel TWC!

  • Carilyn

    What an idiot!!! Natural and intuitive ??????? I want STYLE network back. Why do this when its time for all the fall shows to begin. I immediately changed the channel. Nothing for me here.

  • Carilyn

    James are you Adam Stotsky ?

    • James

      If you backread this thread, you'll know the answer. :)

      • DeAnn

        Esquire channel sucks!!!!!

  • JamieJ77

    Wow, what a complete ignorant decision… anyone knows, WOMEN are the main tv watchers and the advertisers biggest target because they do all the purchasing within a household!!!

    • James

      The behavior of demographic groups changes over the course of time and television has to reach out to all demos, that's why there's a lot of specialty channels catered to a specific need/want to its chosen demographic.

      That's why there are channels geared towards kids (Disney, CN, Nick, Disney XD), teens/millenials (Teen Nick, ABC Family, MTV), sports-oriented men (ESPN, Fox Soccer, etc), adults in general (Discovery, National Geographic, History, Biography, A&E, TNT, Showtime, FX, Syfy, etc), housewives (HGTV, Food Network, SoapNet, other female-centric lifestyle channels) and women in general (WeTV, OWN, Bravo, Lifetime), Hispanic and other multicultural households (KBS World, BET, TFC, Life TV, Telemundo, MTV Tres, Univision, MundoFox etc).

      There are income markets that can still be tapped into. Going after an already oversaturated market like the general female demographic aren't going to help a channel grow when you have all other channels with similar content competing against you.

      People say “it's another channel for men” but most cable nets that target men are sports-oriented which only captures a specific niche within the male demo. There's need to be other cable nets that also cater to other men's interests the same way that a dozen channels are geared on women's different tastes, needs, and preferences.

      • Marisa LaTorre

        right. so why not just toss aside the female viewers. Your argument I'm sure sounds great around the conference table, but the reality is, the actual human beings who make up the viewership actually make choices and distinctions between what they like and what they don't like. we don't just watch Sex and the City reruns because that's a “woman's” show. Tossing aside a network's viewership to go after a new viewership, is like a husband tossing aside his wife because a richer broad moved in next door. Well guess what maybe the rich broad (or rich gay man) won't even like you.

        • James

          It's all about behavioral patterns and how networks executives can monetize it, especially if going niche is their primary objective. Using Style's easy accessibility in the top cable markets in the US would allow Esquire to be accessible to more homes than what G4's can give at the time the latter was supposed to be the one to go.

          As far as viewership is concerned, it will grow over time, sometimes taking years. Style's competing channels will eventually absorb the rest of the channel's displaced viewers and that's going to make them grow.

          • Marisa LaTorre

            That is assuming that Style viewers will want to watch Esquire, which we won't. Kind of like assuming classic Coke drinkers will like switching to new Coke. Nice marketing strategy if you can get the consumers to follow. Probably not a great idea to diss them when you want something from them.

          • James

            Only time will tell.

  • Ana


  • Guest

    Bring back Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood with ATTACK OF THE SHOW. These NBC Universal guys are totally clueless. First you announce you are transforming a nerd channel into a metro channel then you change your minds.

  • conservativemama

    There are 3 women in my home. We loved Style. We're gone. No Esquire for us.


    Taking style network away infuriates me!!!! The new network president really thinks these shows are “new” on Esquire?! Has he not watched TV lately?! These “types” of shows are already being aired elsewhere on many other networks EVERYDAY!!!! Nothing “new” here! HELLO!!! Style was a very sucessful and highly rated network why would you drop it right before new seasons were about to start; Jerseylicious, Big Rich Texas, etc.?! Come on have some common sense! Parks and Recreation re-runs???? I mean really? Might as well play Queer eye for a straight guy re-runs and be done with it !!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly he wanted to appeal to his metrosexual audience; hey heres an idea if you like playing re-runs so much at least play Will & Grace! LOL! Seriously bring Style network back and all of the shows or ESQUIRE=EPIC FAIL !!!! This move definitely proves that this network does not care about their viewers or their opinions but guess what WE are the ones that made them sucessful by watching them in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marisa LaTorre

    everything said in this article proves how completely out of touch with the viewers this stuffed shirt Adam Stotsky really is. Natural and intuitive? uh NO. a brand acceptable to women? uh NO and NO. How about completely disregarding the viewership of an entire network PROVES ADAM STOTSKY has NO IDEA of what the brand of THAT network actually was. In my household, I'm the breadwinner, and guess what Adam – in more and more of households women are earning the money – and I decide what gets watched. And I want the Style Network NOT Esquire TV. I'm really not interested in Sex and the City reruns, but thanks a whole bunch. And last night – instead of the season premiere of Jerseylicious… wait for it… reruns of Parks and Recreation. ADAM – stop being so IMPRESSED with yourself. Your new network ESQUIRE TV is going to BOMB. The guys don't want that crap either. EPIC FAIL.

    • Marisa LaTorre

      and now that I know it was Bonnie Hammer's decision, that just shows what a short-sighted moron she is too.

  • Sara

    Giuliana and Bill/ Tia and Tamera will move to E! Channel :) don't know about any of the other shows:(


    Mr. Stotsky, will you even take the time to read ONE comment about this? Doubt it. Why must your viewers have to track down their programs, the very few that there are? I personally enjoyed Style because if I missed the primetime I could watch the rerun a couple of hours later (no dvr). I also enjoyed the occasional all day marathons of one show. WAKEUP AND SMELL YOUR CCAPPUCCINO NON FAT LATTE GRANDE and realize you just pissed off more then half the population and even a greater percentage of viewers. Please let me share a word of advice, bring STYLE NETWORK back. And put your Esquire channel on a new channel number all its own. Then you just might be able to sleep at night.

  • mlk84

    Brew Dogs? Knife Fight over Tia and Timara and Guliana and Bill? Please. No Style No viewing Esquire. You lost me at “transition”.

  • Upset Woman Viewer

    I want the Style network with previously loved programming back!

  • F@$k Esquire

    I'm so upset about this decision! I watched it everyday, all the shows that I watched, you want me to pay to see them now! This is total BS!! If I could get them on Demand and not have to pay to keep up with my favorite shows, I wouldn't be so pi$$ed off, cause I could keep up and watch them!!! Like other's I will cancel Verizon as my business, all cell's from my company, my home cable network and my family cell's too! This CRAZY!! I can bet that more people watched Style network over your new man Chanel!

  • Dawn Melody

    Style Network was the only reason I was staying with the elevated channel guide I have. Just like most people, I am looking at what I can cut back on my expenses. Thank you for helping me save more money.

  • T. Snap

    Mr. Snotski! You look as boring as the new Esquire Channel. I am definitely cancelling Direct tv STAT! Just as the government is making stupid decisions so are tv networks.

  • DonnaCabel0

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    • Kevin

      Fuck you, whore

  • Stormy

    Why couldn't you just have added this and not take away anything!? Style network has many many shows that I will no longer get to see. We already have spike and as much as I love Jimmy Fallon since when did talks shows get syndicated on other networks!? And before this there was talks of G4 going away? I watch that channel daily! (can't get enough of Heroes) Shouldn't you consult the people who actually watch these channels BEFORE you decide to take them away? This is just stupid…

  • Charlotte

    Do these idiots really think that REAL mean need to cut up dead animals and subject the rest of us to their disgusting promos????
    They should be arrested – not praised . These people are truly horrible judges of what is a good idea !!!
    Even if I want to watch a show they blindside us with their offensive promos !!!! Do they really want to go with depraved??? That is their viewership ???? DISGUSTING !!!

  • janetar .

    First Dish Network dumps Cloo channel. .. No more Psych episodes… now Esq. comes along restoring our favorite show. I sympathize with all that lost their favorite channel Style. The real villians are these network types that keep screwing their customers…
    If Esq. or Dish screw with us again- goodbye and hello Netflix! Episodes with out commercials. Now that's the future…

  • Blvri

    Thinking of Canceling CABLE where is Tia and Tamera? What about Bill and Gilliana? Will they still be on here?

  • Kathy Racanelli Filippi

    I'm really annoyed that a male station is replacing a predominately female station. What happened to all my shows? They just disappeared. I'd like them to have a sports channel disappear and be replaced by a women's shoe and pocketbook channel. They would never do that. Why wouldn't you just take over a male channel and present your shows. Channel 160 on FIOS is not pressed on my remote anymore.This was not a very well thought out idea.

  • Kevin

    Style sucked, but not as much as the homos in charge of Esquire.
    Sex in the City? Male oriented?

  • D Brown


    I am a guy that is totally comfortable with his sexuality as a straight man, but I actually did enjoy some of the shows on the style network. such shows like Tia and Tamera and empire girls ( considering that I grew up watching them ) even though Empire girls doesn't come on anymore, you could still watch the reruns, but now that's impossible because those shows are gone. I can watch any masculine show by myself on any channel because they are everywhere, but the style network is how me and my wife would connect, after we came back from work. But the “esquire” network took that away.

  • Fan

    I totally agree!!!, WE CAN NOAT ALLOW networks walk all over us , we have every right to request for our favorite programs back, so please don't give up & lets make sure our complains are heard.

  • John

    Esquire is a joke of a network. I don't know anyone who would watch it intentionally. Major failure on this networks behalf.

  • Marisa LaTorre

    Fans are still waiting and wondering whether they will ever get a chance to see season 6 of Jerseylicious which was all set to premiere on October 6. Do you think someone could please remember Style's former viewers and grant us the courtesy of a response?

  • ann

    What the helll is this dude thinking..1st off there are otherchannels that men can watch …hbo showtime startz ESPN n all them other sports channels since thats what they watch . ADAM STOTSKY your an idiot..what majes u think people are gonna watch whats on now…your whack and ur new station equire is whack …im surprise its still on but mark my words when ratings continue to drop ..ur network will be drop as well …if u want rates to go up bring back ria n tamra ..bring back jerseylicious ..n bring back all the styling programs …im just saying

  • Check meowt

    Ok fine change it to Esquire. But couldn't you have integrated the new programs and keep the more popular ones! Such as Jerseylicious and Big Rich Texas. I hope Andy Cohen picks up both of these shows on Bravo! All I have to say is Esquire is BORING! And therefore I will not be watching it.

  • everyone in america


  • arturo rivas

    I like Esquire, catch it whenever something goods on, but dammit stop showing Sex in the City. It's strange..

    Me: Oooh new channel, hey Esquire, I like their mags
    My GF: Oooh Sex in the City! Scoot over.
    Me: :-/ Church and State, Esquire

    What's next, wrestling on Lifetime?

  • AngryWelshman

    Im a guy and i like jerseylicious and now i have no way to watch it. Monday nights was jerseylicious night. you suck dude

  • Teisha Davis

    why not just create another channel

  • jennifer

    I personally think this is so stupid I loved style my favorite shows were on here and of course a pig headed man would want another male channel smh this is so stupid I hope you lose your money on this dumb idea of yours

  • Natalie

    Just like everyone else below, I am very, very upset with this move. I will not be watching this channel, nor will I upgrade my cable for it. Women dominate TV and their ratings. Men have plenty of channels to watch. And if your way of catching ladies attention is by playing Sex and the City reruns, well good luck with your ratings. What is going to happen to Jerseylicious?!?!?!? Does anyone know??

  • M. Carson

    This channel is absolutely horrible! Bring back style and get rid of this in the eleventh hour!!!

  • channing179

    If shows like Resale Royalty aren't coming back then neither will I. Esquire and NBC had better learn not to piss off female viewers.

  • mickey

    Really this is so stupid the whole world is already male dominated enough why replace a good female network with this smh guess lifetime should be the only female dominated network and we should be happy with.
    FYI Tia and Tamara reruns come on the oxygen channel but idk if there airing new seasons or not

  • POPtarte


  • anna

    I want Jerseylicious back!!!!

  • M. Williams

    This is bullshit. My boyfriend would take one look at your programming and immediately flip back to whatever UFC fight is playing on Fox Sports One or a documentary on the Smithsonian Channel, and I think something similar could be said for most of the audience you're trying in vain to gain the attention of. You had so many viewers of the old channel's shows! I haven't tuned into DirecTV channel 235 since it I found this mistake had replaced it. If we cared, we'd read the damn magazine. Terrific move, Stotsky.