‘Intelligence’ Doesn't Rip Off ‘Chuck,’ Because Its Producers Haven't Seen ‘Chuck’

'Intelligence' Doesn't Rip Off 'Chuck,' Because Its Producers Haven't Seen 'Chuck'

TCA 2014: But they do hope “Chuck” fans will tune in

The executive producers of CBS's new “Intelligence” say they've heard the comparisons to “Chuck,” but weren't influenced by the NBC comedy-drama — because they haven't seen it.

Both shows are about government agents with computer-enhanced brains that give them special abilities. Executive producer Michael Seitzman said that since he's heard the comparisons, he's deliberately avoided “Chuck” to make sure he doesn't subconsciously borrow from it.

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“You don't want to steal anyone's ideas so the further away we stay from it the better it is,” he said. Still, he joked, he'd welcome the passionate fanbase of “Chuck.”

“Those are the best fans I've ever seen,” he said.

Star Josh Holloway said he has seen the now defunct NBC show.

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“I've seen ‘Chuck’ and I liked ‘Chuck,'” he said. But he said Chuck was more powerful than his character, Gabriel: “Chuck could download things and do things. I can't do that.”

Seitzman and Holloway spoke Wednesday at a Television Critics Association panel for the show, where they also announced that Peter Coyote will appear as the father of Marg Helgenberger‘s character. She plays the head of the intelligence agency built around Gabriel.

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One thing the show says it isn't drawing from: stories about government surveillance. The producers said the show is more influenced by Google Glass, which is kind of a less-advanced version of the kind of tech Gabriel has implanted in his head.

Seitzman noted that Gabriel uses his powers for “surveilling everyone around him, and he doesn't have a warrant.” But he said the show isn't casting judgments.

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“We don't really think of it as our responsibility to argue about the morality of these things,” he said.

Holloway, however, said he hoped the show would take a closer look at tough questions about the role technology plays in our lives.

“For me that's one of the reasons I took this project,” he said. “I really liked the questions it posed about technology and our own humanity.”

  • Randy Clark

    So we're expected to watch a genre show produced by someone who isn't even familiar with the genre.

  • David Perkins

    Have the producers seen their ratings drop by half since the premiere, or are they subconsciously avoiding that as well?

  • Ughnotagain

    The show is so gawd awful, getting through the first episode was torture. The actress is so unbelievable that instead of seeing her as a bad ass, all I saw was someone in need of an eating disorder clinic, as it didn't look like she had a decent meal for some time, and she seemed all right with that. All I could think was if she looked that scrawny on television, she must be horrifying in real life. And that was only the beginning in this spectacular sadness. I really hope this gets cancelled quickly.

  • Mr T's Commandments

    I've recorded all of the episodes but I'm waiting to watch them because I'm not sure it will get renewed. And yes Chuck was one of my all time favorite shows. Chuck + Sawyer should have been great. But ……. alas.

  • emor

    Doesn't anyone remember Jake 2.0 cause they BOTH stole from that show!!

    • Hugh and Doug

      Doesn't anyone remember Search/Probe because they all stole from that show.

  • Hugh and Doug

    Stole from Chuck?? What about Probe and Search??!!