J.J. Abrams Says ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Script Done, Confirms Jesse Plemons Talks

J.J. Abrams Says 'Star Wars Episode VII' Script Done, Confirms Jesse Plemons Talks

TCA 2014: Abrams talks rampant “Star Wars” rumors, status report: “We're in deep prep”

J.J. Abrams says the script for “Star Wars Episode VII” is complete, and confirms that he's talked with “Breaking Bad” actor Jesse Plemons about a role.

“We're working really hard and we've got our script and we're in deep prep,” Abrams told TheWrap. “Full steam ahead, y'know.”

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Abrams spoke Sunday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where he's promoting his new NBC series, “Believe.” He confirmed that Plemons is among the actors he's speaking with, and expressed surprise about the reports of his talks with the actor.

“He is one of the actors that we've talked to, yeah,” Abrams said. “But, you know. It's not often that I read about actors that I'm going to be meeting … that I get to read articles about actors who are going to come in. And so I get to see someone and say, ‘Oh, I read that I'm going to see you.’ … It's usually agents talking to people about what's happening. It's a lot of noise.”

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(TheWrap reported earlier this month that Plemons was up for an “Episode VII” role, but the actor later downplayed the possibility as rumor.)

He was also asked about whether he'd like to shoot the new films in IMAX, and said he plans to shoot “Episode VII” on film.

“In the right situation I would,” like to shoot in IMAX, he said. “The problem with IMAX is it's a very loud camera. It's a very unreliable camera. Only so much film can be in the camera. You can't really do intimate scenes with it. It's slow. They break down often. Having said that, they're working on digital versions of these and so there may be a version one day. But we're going to be shooting this next movie on film.”

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TheWrap asked Abrams him about the craziest “Episode VII” rumors he's heard.

“There've been so many of them,” he said. “It's amazing to see how many there are. … But it's sweet because it shows that there's an interest in this movie that we all obviously know is there. But it is an incredible thing to see how many crazy things get thrown out that people often then write commentaries about. How happy they are, how disappointed they are about something that is completely false. It's a lot of noise, frankly.”

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Not to add to the rumors, but Abrams is working on “Believe” with “Gravity” director Alfonso Cuaron. We asked if Abrams plans to direct the next “Star Wars” trilogy entirely on his own, or if he might bring in another director — Cuaron, for example.

He dodged the question as ably as the Millenium Falcon might swerve out of an asteroid's path.

“I'm just focusing on ‘Episode VII’ right now,” he said.

  • Batman

    I guess nobody told Abrams Michael Bay used the new smaller 3D Imax cameras?

  • Boba Fett Fan Club

    Nice update on the script. The IMAX/film answer is consistent with that has been known, however, since August 2013 via DP Dan Mindel at the ASC Clubhouse, first reported here: http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/film-tv/exclusive-star-wars-episode-7-to-be-shot-on-film-by-dan-mindel/

  • Ivan

    Just don't drag out too many old characters. I don't want to see Admiral Ackbar in this film. Create some new guys… ok

    • Michael Benton

      That's a bad idea. How are they going to know it's a trap?

      • abby normal

        Jar-Jar can tell them

        • Ben

          Oh god, don't even joke about that.

    • https://twitter.com/dnwilliams dnwilliams

      ” I don't want to see Admiral Ackbar in this film.”

      Don't lie to yourself.

      • Ben

        Don't you lie to yourself. You want to see Jar Jar back. Don't you.

    • AreaMan66

      It will be a Pre-quel…..

      Ensign Ackbar

  • joe97

    Hopefully — hopefully — because he's already a fan, Abrams treats STAR WARS with respect, unlike what he did with STAR TREK.

    • Thommy

      Yeah, JJ actually made Star Trek enjoyable.

      • Cake

        Errrr…..No… Into Darkness?

        • The Lab

          Enjoyed it.

    • DavidisALLright

      To be fair, I love his first Star Trek. And ‘Into Darkness’ while misguided, never went to the depths of ‘Generations’ or ‘The Final Frontier'.

    • DashRendar

      Abrams said that he was NEVER a fan of Star Trek that he was raised on Star Wars. I hated Star Trek until he did them. I too was raised on SW. I have a lot of faith in his work.
      …lets just hope he takes at least a handful of notes from the Thrawn Trilogy.

  • NKR

    Loved that he confirmed that he's talked to Jesse Plemons the day after Plemons said that was a rumor.

  • Jason Case

    So did they finally let Patton Oswalt have a say in this script? They should, because his was badass.

  • http://www.starwarschile.com/ Wampa Chile

    JJ is a starwars Geek Chile Hope better for S.W.

  • T F

    Has it not come out yet. They're not making a sequel to Star Wars. They're remaking Star Wars. They're remaking the original Star Wars.

    • Daisy

      Actually it is a sequel to the original trilogy. I just wanna know when in the timeline post ROTJ they're going to take place in.

    • Ben

      Um, no. They are making a separate trilogy taking place after the events of ROTJ.

    • DavidisALLright

      Thanks for pulling that out of your buttocks.

  • dylan

    wuts the name of the new movie star wars

  • Tom Jones

    Forget writing Episode VII, rewrite Episode VI, then fix the prequels!

    • Casey

      Ah come on. Episode VI is a great movie. The Ewoks are the only thing I can find wrong with it.

    • Drew

      I'm in firm agreement on the remaking of the prequels. I've been espousing that everywhere. Don't know how to feel about a sequel. Might it take away from the climactic feel of the originals? I was just reading The Keepers Trilogy by Rick Friar. It's one of the few trilogies that I felt was made to be a trilogy from the beginning- concise beginning, middle, end. World War Three flows into Tribulation and is cleanly concluded in Armistice. All the character arcs are precisely developed, along with the intro of new technology throughout that intermingles with the evolving theme. a pristine work. That's what I want. I loved Jedi personally. Thought it was perfect. The ending felt like the end. Making another might take away from that. But, we're not gonna stop it so lets hope its done right

      • Braelon Oliver

        Dude Nobody wants to see a remake of the prequels.Granted the prequels were a bitter pill to swallow but we gotta move on and progress the franchise forwards not backwards

  • MrKamikaze

    Just don't have faith in J.J. keeping the original feel of the Star Wars franchise he must resist the urg to make them over like he did Star Trek; good movies but just not very star trek.

  • McParadigm

    Complete rewrite of the script in 3 months, eh?

    This is how you end up with a movie that leaves people going “Why didn't he just go to the authorities after
    Khan used his blood to save his daughter, and not murder people once
    his incentive to cooperate was gone? What kind of idiot deal maker is
    this Khan guy, that he just cured the girl before getting anything from
    the dad? That seems like a really unnecessary risk for him to take. Actually, why did he
    need the dude to do this for him anyway? He literally couldn't think
    of a better and less risky way to blow up that building? Wait…why
    is Spock going into the volcano? They don't have remote controls? Or
    TIMERS? Cold fusion? Cold fusion to calm a volcano? Did you just use
    that term because it has the word ‘cold’ in it?! Are you really that
    stupid, or do you just think that I am? Don't answer that. And now that
    I'm on it, what about the underlying pressures that cause eruptions? Did
    you just freeze the pressures, too? Why is-”

    It pretty much
    never ends. Classic Abrams “we don't have to give a crap about the story
    as long as it gets us to our various set pieces and we give each character one
    or two little emotion scenes somewhere in the middle third.”

    • Jonathan Myers

      You realize Abrams mentor, Mr. Spielberg made a career out of , ‘ we don't have to give a crap about the story as long as it gets us to our various set pieces and we give each character one or two little emotion scenes somewhere in the middle third.’
      Example: Emotional moment: Little 30 second scene in Jaws between Brody and his son, Sean. Tells us about his guilt over the Kintner boy's death, the grief he feels for the victim's parents and their inability to have another child as they had him late in life. Sean is similar in age to Alex Kintner and moves Brody to the role of hero. He is no longer an apathetic bystander but a proactive foil for the shark. Much can be done with great acting in 30 seconds. Then there is the old oxygen tank ‘plot device’ that blows up the shark in Jaws like an oil refinery. It may not be ‘realistic’ but it carries the adventurous theme of the moment through to a climax that the audience can cheer for.
      This is the trick of this type of storytelling trade. -keep the film moving, so they don't have time to analyze it. (The Indiana Jones saga excelled on this concept.) I think Abrams does well with this storytelling approach. It may not be your cup of tea, but for many it works. Just saying. . .

  • chudley645

    Just no more lens flares.. They are annoying and are getting really old..

    • Kyle

      Yeah I was taught in my Animation and Motion Graphics Classes it’s not the 1980’s anymore and they’re cheesy. Proper lens flares yes, but unlike the HISHE episode, you can’t turn them off.

  • dark herbals

    No Plemons please. I cant stand that guy… he looks like he was beat with the ugly stick.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    Gee, I can't wait for JJ to ruin this franchise, too. Make it a two-fer.
    Don't forget the lens flares.

  • Michael Schramm

    No comments… Just like it…

  • http://google.com/ Paul Ramos

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  • Buttas

    jesse, from the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “You are one ugly motherfucker.”