Jay Leno Mocks Dems More Than GOP, New Study Finds

Jay Leno Mocks Dems More Than GOP, New Study Finds

Former president Bill Clinton was Leno's biggest political target on “Tonight Show” run

Here's something that might come as a surprise to some people — Jay Leno is no tool of the big, bad liberal media. At least, not according to a new study release by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University.

The center conducted a study of the jokes told by Leno on his 20-plus year run on “The Tonight Show” — which comes to an end this week — and found that, when Leno joked about public affairs and public figures, he poked fun at Democrats more often than Republicans.

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According to the study, which looked at more than 43,000 jokes about public affairs and public figures that Leno has told since taking the “Tonight Show” reins in 1992, Leno told 10,885 jokes about Democrats — 15 percent more than he told at the expense of Republicans.

Moreover, the study found that former president Bill Clinton was the biggest target of Leno's jokes, with 4,607 jabs tossed in his direction.

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Hey, who can resist a cheap, easy dig about a stained blue dress?

Somehow, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was relatively unscathed by Leno's wit, absorbing a mere 300 jabs from the late-night host.

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Read the Top 20 list of Leno's public affairs-related joke targets below.

1. Bill Clinton  4607

2. George W. Bush 3239

3. Al Gore 1026

4. Barack Obama 1011

5. Hillary Clinton 939

6. Dick Cheney 673

7. Monica Lewinsky 454

8. Bob Dole 452

9. John McCain 426

10. Mitt Romney 361

11. John Kerry 357

12. George H.W. Bush 343

13. Newt Gingrich 328

14. Sarah Palin 300

15. Ross Perot 288

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger 288

17. Joe Biden 274

18. Dan Quayle 260

19 John Edwards 229

20. Osama Bin Laden 216

  • omegaman22

    Who gives a F$&@?! Go put your head in a blender, Timmy.

  • filmjeff

    43,000 jokes. About 7 of them were funny.

  • Long_Time_MB

    It is somewhat important because the media is accused of being very liberal. My sense, though, is that the Demos were more in the news during this time and someone like Jay is going to comment on what is in the news.

  • One-time reader

    I think this is more representative of Leno's sense of humor (like filmjeff, I never found him to be funny). Clinton's jog to McDonalds and the Lewinsky scandal was a gold mine for Leno's style.

    Bush was also a gold mine for many comedians, but it was far heavier material. Educational policy. Then terrorism, when politicians were given a pass for awhile. Then war, and again many mainstream comedians were avoiding politics during the run-up and first months of the war. The network guys deal with fluff. Dark comedy is reserved for cable.

    I'm surprised Schwarzenegger wasn't much higher on the list. Since Leno is in L.A., the Governator should have been hit 1,000 times at least.