Jesse Jackson Calls ‘Duck Dynasty’ Dad ‘More Offensive’ Than Rosa Parks’ Bus Driver

Jesse Jackson Calls 'Duck Dynasty' Dad 'More Offensive' Than Rosa Parks' Bus Driver

Jesse Jackson wants a response Thursday

Time is running out on the Rev. Jesse Jackson's demand for a meeting with A&E executives about “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson, a man he says has done something “more offensive” than the bus driver who ordered Rosa Parks to move to the back of his bus.

On Monday, Jackson, head of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, demanded a meeting within 72 hours over his claim in a GQ interview that African-Americans were perfectly happy before Civil Rights. Rosa Parks helped launch the movement when she refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on Dec. 1, 1955.

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“These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive than the bus driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago,” Jackson said in a statement. “At least the bus driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law. Robertson's statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was ‘white privilege.'”

A&E did not respond to a request for comment Thursday on whether it would meet with Jackson. Jackson also wants GLAAD and executives from Cracker Barrel to attend the meeting. The restaurant chain initially decided to pull “Duck Dynasty” merchandise, but reversed itself after “Duck Dynasty” fans rose to Robertson's defense.

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A&E has already suspended Robertson for the comments he made in the interview. His remarks on Civil Rights have been largely overshadowed by his remarks about homosexuality. In the interview he grouped gays with “drunks” and “terrorists” and said he didn't understand how anyone could prefer a “man's anus” to a vagina.

In his comments on race, the 67-year-old described his childhood in the backwoods of Louisiana.

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“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” he said. “Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I'm with the blacks, because we're white trash. We're going across the field…. They're singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people'–not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

  • BlackPegasus

    Jessie, we don't need you to get involve with this matter. The GOP is already making asses out of themselves by defending this clown. Let them have the media cycle. Their bigotry speaks for itself.

    • IbackPhil

      Hey, why don't you and Jesse sit down and shut the fuck up. No one cares what you think and no one wants to hear your black racists remarks. The black people were, in fact better off and treated better before the NAACP and their like showed up on the scene.

      • m3k

        Says the white guy. Do you think a black man or woman would complain to a white man about another white man? You are an idiot. People of color sang those songs to communicate with others and to keep their spirits up while they were being oppressed. You fools really need to put the book of fairy tales down and read some non-fiction. The reason you do not understand how wrong this duck guys opinion's are is because you are the definition of ignorant. Kinda of ironic actually. Google it fool.

        • Oaks5650

          OK I'll google it but can you tell me why with only 12% of the population that blacks commit well over 75% of all violent crimes in NYC. Why don't you google that.

          • billg43

            Is it racist to point that out even though its true ?

          • jbirdshome

            Jesse, Jesse,Jesse you dried up old has been. When are you going to find a genuinely worth while endevore/cause to throw what little money you have at? These folks are nothing more than hate mongering poor white trash, the kind of shit you've sided with your whole pathetic cling on life!

        • medbird1

          In another 10 to 20 years, white people will be the minority. It's happening already in some states. Get ready to learn Spanish all you racists. Dud dynasty has NO black people and that is how most white people like it. They try to live like the commercials tell them to, having no soul its hard for them to understand about caring for your fellow man. They can yell scream and B**** but soon they will have to stay inside to get away from all the non white people.

          • billg43

            Willies Son is black you Dumbass. He s on the show all the time

        • Daniel

          If I talked about my black co-workers and myself getting along, and having a good time at work… does that make me a racist too????

  • Guest

    Hope A&E does the right thing and meets with Jesse Jackson, GLAAD and Cracker Barrel. Hope A&E stands its ground against Robertson's truly offensive comments.

    • IbackPhil

      well, now you are in another minority. Congrats!!!

    • honky

      Who is this, Al or Jesse?

  • jhs39

    Do even black people care about what Jesse Jackson says anymore? He's proven himself to be nothing more than a publicity whore and con man who uses feigned outrage to enrich himself and his family. One famous example–he led a noisy protest against Budweiser for not hiring enough black people which resulted in his sons quietly receiving a lucrative distributorship for the beverage. If that wasn't bad enough when a local newspaper tried to get hiring figures to determine what percentage of minorities they were hiring they refused to release the numbers. That's Jesse Jackson and his family in a nutshell–he's never had a job other than being the head of a community group yet he and his family are all very wealthy. His son, who at one time was considered to be a better version of the father (he actually ran for public offices and won rather than making a career out of holding press conferences and blackmailing corporations who want to avoid bad publicity) is in jail for corruption and fraud. At this point I don't see how Jesse Jackson has any credibility left with anyone.

    • joe1cr

      Jessie is about to use his old scheme of pay me and mine or I will have the black's boycott your businesses and label them racist&homophobic .
      When will this charlatan be held accountable for his blackmailing of
      the whites who own and operate their businesses.
      Money has always been the solution to his problems as long as it's been paid to him, his family or Rainbow push. It certainly is not the solution for the blacks he used for his boycotts.
      Jackson is just as guilty of promoting discrimination and hatred as those he accuses of hatred. His spewing of accusatory words, labeling a group or individual people is hateful and irresponsible, when they are simply exercising their right to express their views/values. Civil rights do not come from censoring another civil right.
      Can brother Sharpton be far behind with his hands out for his donation also ?

      • DENNIS


      • jebat

        I doubt if Cracker Barrel really cares if blacks boycott their restaurant because Jesster Jackson told them to. Blacks are lousy tippers anyway.

        • shae

          to jebat all black people are not alike you do have some that tip very well learn not to judge all one color by one person that have did you wrong or not did something you like.

        • Lagretta Mason

          How do you know how much blacks tip

          • prelude17

            What kind of name is Lagretta?

        • Kenny B

          Where did you get that info from….

    • Robert

      Jackson needs to crawl back into the hole from whence he came, he is persona non grata as far as thinking Americans are concerned.

    • blackwood4est325

      Totally agree with you!!!!

    • DeAnne Isaacs

      I agree!

    • prd56

      I couldn't agree more. Jesse Jackson is nothing more than a powerless joke that is a legend, only in his own mind.

    • Kenny B

      I don't…………..I am black from Louisiana

    • R Hasty

      Who cares what Jesse Jackson thinks ! The only thing he wants is for the spot light to be on him. He is more racist than the people he yaks about !

  • John

    Who would prefer an anus over a vagina??? Sounds like a legit question!!! Sodomites will never stop until they eradicate anything that is sacred! When the world is completely gay and blacks run the world then the liberals will be happy! Good luck world time for Liberace and pink neckties and gay lisps…

  • not jesse

    From what I've read Phil was speaking about his own experience working in the fields, not what may have been happening across the entire U.S.

    • jon

      Charlie Sheen & Jesse Jackson are on the end of the same fishing line just cut the line

    • Ed Norton

      As a young man, Phil was the son of a poor sharecropper that picked cotton alongside other white and black people. Picking cotton is boring work so the pickers routinely sang to make the time go by a bit faster.

  • not jesse

    From what I've read, Charlie Sheen and some of his friends apparently.

  • No Chocalate

    Jackson is nothing but a racist negro.

    • marc

      In the most disparaging message that I have ever written, Jackson is nothing more than a hoax, and hustler to an extraordinary measure. I am amazed by his abilities to purvey his persona , get his nose in anyone's business and make money from it. He is one smart dude, no doubt. But , I still think that he is just one more dumb NIGER !!!!!! I use that term in the most derogatory manner that I can.

      • Fuzzy

        well then spell it right

        • cagoo

          haha , that's what's up.He must be a nigger too. one dumb one that can't spell. Sharpton and Jackson aren't the spokesmen for me or the thinking portion of black population. They race pimping and making money while causing racial tension.

        • SGT MOORE

          cant spell it right, the site sensors it

      • herey101

        i dont like him either but u shouldnt use that word loosly

        • disqus_ApdHvDcdNP

          You know I just read this, Dam! its people like you that makes this world so F_ up Keep your comments to yourself DICK_HEAD!!!!!!!

    • George Burch

      Negros are the good blacks and there are many… Jesse Jackson is a nigger, if you know what I mean!!

      • oldbatinOregon

        WOW… I have been reading a lot of the comments, and it seems NO ONE EVEN LIKES Jessie Jackson…. so why in God's green earth is he still talking to everyone… I Wish he would just crawl into the hole he came out of… I hate the word nigger, but unfortunately he is just what that word stands for. He himself is making this country racist… I have met many people of different ethnic backgrounds… and NEVER have I heard someone put people down so much as this Jessie Jackson. wow…

    • Jeanette Adams

      true this

  • free speech.

    its america, at one time we could say what we think, if you take that away we will not be a free country. if you dont like others opinions dont listen. jessie jackson spreads prejudism, shame on him.

  • DCGirl

    Jesse needs to take care of his own family! He is always butting in (sorry for the pun) where he has not been invited!

  • wks9370

    We have to learn to be tolerant of other peoples lifestyles. Phil cracks me up on the show, Duck Dynasty is a feel-god show. From where and when he was raised, that's not hate, that's just Phil being Phil. I'm sure you'll here similar views from elderly folks born and raised in the hood. It's just not being recorded or televised… let people be people… I like to celebrate our differences and come together in mutual agreement that we all have the right to live and voice our opinions. I'm Black and proud to be an American!

    • Mememe

      Feel good? You have to be kidding me!!! To say that that blacks were better off back in the fields, to say gays should be grouped with terrorists and stating women should be married at a young age before they form opinions of their own. I guess if you want to be a red neck bigot then Duck Dynasty is right up your alley.

  • Billy P

    You would think a minister would not miss the core of Phil's statement. He, Jackson, is trying to make a race issue of what Phil meant to be a Godly issue. Phil's point was BECAUSE they were Godly, they WERE happy. In spite of their circumstances! Pretty sure that is Biblical Mr. Jackson!

    • billg43

      you hit the nail on the head

    • nobadee

      Has nothing to do with religion. Jackson is a low life thug. He roams the streets looking for people to beat money out of; except instead of using some blunt object, he uses the media as his weapon of choice.

      • Frederick Millea

        All one has to do is read his unauthorized biography: “Shakedown”. Title says it all. This man is a large sludge of slime sliding across the matrix of NWO-controlled media land. They really truly don't come much more foul, slimy or despicable than Jessie Jackass.

  • en

    Jesse needs to “get a life”…he is the one who is racist!

  • billg43

    Will I offend any one if I say every child deserves a Mother and Father ?

    • Oaks5650

      Only the blacks, since they have the highest percent of children born out of wedlock and the highest percent without a father present in their children's lives. Other than that I don't think anyone will be offended.

  • Gary Dargitz

    Jesse , would deny duck the very same beliefs as in the bible. Very brave you to try and silence Gods word. Love the person hate the sin and leave the judging to God is how my Bible reads. Might want to check that out/

    • jake

      That's the most sound advise I have read so far.

    • Bo

      Gary how true you are, being a Baptist as I am, and read the Bible many times over Phil should keep his thoughts to himself, let God do the Judging and Phil stick to your Red Neck show which I dare not to watch such stuff, makes no sense. Its none of his business what people do with their lives. God will carry on and Judge Read your Bible Phil

  • bulldog64

    You mean the same Jesse Jackson who mooches his living from the black population. The same one who is not doing anything to organize black communities and families to combat the lack of father leadership, crime and drugs which is destroying black communities. I am friends with many God fearing, hard working black families. He is a minister. WHERE IS THE LOVE AND FORGIVENESS THAT IS SUPPOSED TO COME FROM HIS FAITH. How about a meeting between him and Roberstson? If Robertson refuses then we can judge his faith on our own without Rev. Jackson trying to destroy someone. If I was black, I would not let either one of these guys do my thinking for me. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. STAND TALL. .

    • kathye62

      I ‘m not sure Jesse Jackass (I like that one) ever worked as a minister. When he started his public blustering, it made him sound good. He sure hasn't bothered to speak out against black youth trying to knock out random people, killing innocent people who were just minding their own business. He could at least point out that such behavior only reinforces the views of the KKK and other racist groups. These kids’ behavior is about as socially acceptable as a pack of rabid dogs, and he can't be bothered to say a word. If the kids were white and their victims black, Jackson would have been screaming so much that he would have no voice left. Jackson isn't interested in equality or fairness, only in how he can profit from a given situation.

      • over it

        don't forget that would be a hate crime if the kids are white and the victims are black

  • HardTimes Hunt

    “Time is running out?” I sure hope Jesse holds his breath while he's waiting for A&E to respond to him. Why would they? Who in the he*l is Jesse Jackson to demand anything of anyone? He is the worst kind of bllodsucking leech who, for some obscure reason, seems to feel that he is important or that anyone cares about either him or his opinions. Reggie, go crawl back under that rock you share with the Reverend Al. You are a hate-mongering racist of the worst kind, reveling in and trying to profit from the misfortune of others. Shame on you for pretending to be a man of God. And shame on any organization that deals with him under the misguided opinion that he is an any way acting on behalf of or to beneifit anyone other than himself. And shame on the media that continues to feed the ego of this pompous little man.

  • Capt_Twang

    Jizzie Jacksome – When he's not busy hiding the out of wedlock children that he fathered, he keeps active by sticking his beak where it doesn't belong.

  • Mike Stephens

    Demands ?? j jack needs to have a coke and a smile and shut the f up !!! Who are you to demand anything ?? You know whats offensive ?? when Rosa Parks was mugged by one of her OWN in 94, where were you then jesse ??

  • Guest

    J/J is one of the most racist men in American, he divides people with his hate & venom. He uses fear and threats as his only products, he is truly a parasite

  • jack

    Seems to me Phil was talking about his personal experience…..not anything to do with anyone other than those he was in direct contact with…..and I would doubt jesse Jackson was anywhere near those cottonfields.

  • KimberLady

    Jesse is full of himself. Jesse is an insufferable, insignificant money leaching idiot. If Phil was a black man, Jesse would be running to be at his side for support. Jackson is a walking contradiction. No one wants to hear Jackson speak . . . he is a complete petulant, unintelligible fool! Go away Jackson! No one likes your stupidity!

  • Fire54

    Rev. Jesse needs to stop playing the race card spreading hate and sit down and study really study the teachings and letters of Dr. King especially his I Have A Dream speech (We Are All God's Children ) . And use some of that money that he has for helping the poor and homeless donate some time in a soup kitchen and a homeless shelter Just Saying

  • joe

    I see that Rev Jesse Jackson has a problem now with DD, What about the 4 black guys who killed the white guy at the mall in NJ for his Land Rover while is wife watched.

  • joe

    I see that Rev Jesse Jackson has a problem now with DD, What about the 4 black guys who killed the white guy at the mall in NJ for his Land Rover while is wife watched.

  • SouthernBelle

    My mom used to say “I don't want everyone to like me. I'd think less of myself if some people did”. Hmmmmmm…..Sounds like that could apply here. Mr. Jackson is NOT someone I would want to approve of and/or even LIKE me – HA.

    • kathye62

      I like your mom.

  • Pandemic

    This 2 second sound bite has turned in to reality show gold for A&E.. Just keep kick that dog.. sheep.

  • Oaks5650

    Hey lets boycott all of the businesses owned by blacks. Let's start a list of the businesses that they own. Can anybody help me out here?

    • Shon King


    • honky

      We need to boycott any media source that covers anything Jester Jachass has to say.

  • Robert Kluver, Sr

    Shut the f up Jesse Jackson. Nobody cares what you think!

  • randi

    Rember when Jackson called New York Hymie town and the Jews Hymies. Tell him to take a flying leap .

  • DukeJW

    I think the Quack Pack will leave A&E. They can afford to buyout their contract with A&E. Jesse is not picking on Walmart which sells tons of Duck Dynasty stuff, just Cracker Barrel. Why? A&E will cave in to Jesse and the gays. That is why I believe the DD folks will film their own show and put it on their own internet site. It will be paid for by conservative sponsers and hunting related companies. The new show will have lots of praying, Biblical quotes, gospel singing, discussions about being born again, and Jesus, along with the hyjinx of the crew in the warehouse.

  • No Kidding

    Why does everyone keep calling him Reverend? He's done more to spread hatred and racial division than anyone I know in my generation. His gospel isn't the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, but of current political expediency. He believed that abortion was murder back in the 70's, but backed down when it cost him political support. His anti-Semitic & pro-Palestinian remarks are public record. Bishop Jakes…. now there's a true man of God. Jackson just needs to slide back into the pit of irrelevancy before he divides our country any more.

  • AN

    Jesse Who??

  • Stunned

    Sorry to say the Rev. Jackson has over stayed his stay in the bright light. Please go back to your flock and protect THEM from the evils of the world. The rest of us will make do just fine without you. I'm actually surprised the media still hangs around you.

  • fishslayer

    Hey Jesse…. Even though you are an A$$… i don't think the gay community wants anything to do with you either.

    • Respector of mankind

      Jesse Jackson is the biggest racist in America. The public of all races should boycott him from public speaking.

  • GG

    I wish Jesse James would just shut the h*ll up. He is nothing but a crying whining black man who found a way to make money without working for it. Yes, that's what I said.. he's a Kardashian he just spells it different.. that's all

  • Huskerproud

    WOW…Maybe people have had enough!!!!!
    Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton do more to widen the racial divide than ever will to help it.

    What do they do for a living?
    They show up at every happening that they feel they can add their racial overtone to and attempt to cause a problem even if there isn't one.
    Jackson should go home to his wife,leave his mistress for a bit, and try to get is thug son in line. Oh, that's right he has a mental problem that caused him to steal the money but it's all good because he still gets paid by us while in jail.
    Jesse Jackson wants to tell us how offended he is….I”M OFFENDED TO!!
    and it's about phonies like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keith

    Jessie Jackson shows up when he thinks he can get attention…I refuse to call him a Reverend of any kind…I surprised he was not critical of Phil talking about adultery being a sin…because we all know Jessie has no issue with committing adultery or fathering kids out of wedlock….I wonder who is more tolerant Phil or Jessie…??? Phil states what the Bible says in that God will do the judging …But it looks like Jessie likes to be doing the judging, and then as always in his hypercritical way.

  • Rachel

    jackson is nothing more than a NIGGER WHORE …….

  • Rachel

    jackson, go join rosa parks on the back of that bus

    • honky

      Don't forget Al.

  • Rachel

    how long do we have to wait till you and Uncle Al are both dead

  • Gun toteing Bible reader

    Just wondering if the reverend (??) Jackson hires whites or straights.
    Looks like the silent majority finally spoke up. So did the 85 % of Christians in this country that are sick and tired of letting 15% tell them what they can and can't do.
    Lets keep up the good work.
    Were waking up people.

  • Craig

    I love it. Jesse “demands” a meeting within 72 hours, and A&E responds by reinstating Phil back on the show. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    Just goes to show you how seriously people take Jesse these days!

  • DeAnne Isaacs

    If in fact ,Jesse Jackson , you were a true preacher you would already know the Bible states same sex relationships are an abomination. It isn't something Phil Robertson made up.

  • Allen K. Smith

    I totally agree that Jesse Jackson is a leech depending upon causing hate and consternation upon ANY subject where he thinks he can cause trouble – he is a first class hate monger and serves no useful purpose in the American society…………….

  • Cassie

    While I do not agree with Jessie entirely – there is merit to what he is saying and I realize that Phil Robertson was reckless with his comments. Given the fact that so many people seem to like the DD show premise of family. It still should not excuse the fact that Phil was down right ignorant, offensive and intolerant with the words he chose to use. While I believe Deeply in free speech, I also believe that as Christians we are NOT suppose spread hate “that is not of God. A&E is sending the wrong message period unless Phil provides a full public apology for his offensive comments regarding gays, blacks and yes, inadvertently rednecks. #TheTruthistheTruth

  • Dee

    I'm a 47 year old black female. and I support Phil Robertson. My father who was born in 1906 in Rocky Mount, NC and my mother who was born in 1926 in Baltimore, MD. Also told me how much they loved living back in the day. things was so much easier meaning cost of living, bring up kids. they didn't have much money but they was always happy with everything they had. Living off the land, no running water no electricity. they always smiled when ever they talked about living back in the day as they called it. people are always looking for something to be negative about because they don't understand the next person. Because they didn't understand what Phil Robertson was saying the assume what he was thinking and you know what happens when you assume. you make a ass out of u and me. Wake up American people don't fall for the okeydoke

    • reading all these post

      I like your comment Dee. I'm afraid people who took that as an offensive statement didn't bring in context of geography. Phil didn't live in the city

  • Richard Williams

    Jesse Jackson is the most racial person that I have seen…along with Al Sharpton….these two spew more hate and disc
    ord than anyone I've ever seen

  • Miss Witch

    Jessie Jackson, quite living in the past. I don't agree with grouping people together and portraying them as being terrorists but all you are doing is jumping on the band wagon for your own financial interests. Do you even care about black people? If so, spread your wealth around to your black brothers and sisters. THAT WILL HAPPEN ON A COLD DAY IN HELL. As far as the gay remarks, “You're supposed to be a preacher and God's Word says it is a sin, unnatural, an abomination unto Him.. You cause unrest, dissent, chaos and confusion. You will reap what you sew, Mr. So-called Preacher Man.

  • Dajeno

    The US could do without both both Jesse Jackass and Al Sharptongue..

  • ,jaywalking1971

    Phil Robertson spoke his opinion. Nothing wrong with that. If you do not like his opinion, turn off the TV. Jesse Jackson is an example of the kind of bigotry this country can do without. Jesse received some of his funding by approaching companies about funding a study on racial equality. It was easier to for each company to pay the $200K to make him go away. By the way Jesse, are you still supporting the employee you knocked up?

  • Jerald

    What about all the offensive things that you say old boy. You need to grow up Jesse boy. We Americans, Whites, Blacks, Asians, Spanish, and Native Americans (which I am, and proud of) are tired of hear you belly aching about things people say.

  • Ray Tripp

    Dose anyone even care what rubber jaw jesse Jackson even has to say know I sure don't about anything

  • kelly lents

    and just think this “man” wanted to cut the nuts off the current president.

  • Jess McClure

    so what does MotherF**ker Jesse the Shakedown Artist want now? this is the biggest moocher on the freakin planet by far – Jesse is the reason we are a divided nation as whites know he is a fake and blacks cant stand him as he only does things for himself and his SON is living proof that Jesse is so corrupted that his son is now in Prison for acting like his dad the real asshole here – HEY JESSE YOU ARE A JOKE AND A LAIR AS BIG AS YOUR EGO – GO THE F**K AWAY DUDE WE DONT NEED YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE IN OUR LIVES ANYMORE WE NEED HONEST AMERICANS NOT JOKERS LIKE YOU -

  • Texas Born

    Hey “Reverend” Jesse, you fine upstanding piece of crap……you admitted spitting in the food of white people when you worked as a waiter. How offensive is that?! I call that a HATE CRIME. What do you call that “Reverend” Jackson?!

  • kathye62

    Jesse Jackson is a jerk. My daughter had the misfortune to meet him personally. He brought busloads of people into our small town to protest the differences in 2 local school systems. Had he bothered to check things out first, he would have seen that the school he was “protesting for” receives 3 times the State funding per student that the other school gets. And the school he favors has a lot more students. Apparently he wasn't going to let a little thing like the truth get in his way. I think Jesse Jackson indulged in a knee-jerk, instinctive reaction. He heard of a Civil Rights issue, and automatically sided against the white guy. My family is multiracial and includes gays/lesbians, and we are all very close. We all have each other's back. Our skin color matters only if we are buying makeup.

  • tucker

    I thought Jessie Jackson was supposed to be a minister…or did I miss that…why would he against a man who quoted the Bible…I think Jessie Jackson just opposes anyone for the attention..

  • OaktownCoug

    Tell Jessie to shut his mouth – people are on to his shake down for money scams. A&E and Cracker Barrel told Jessie to fly a kite.

    • Honky

      “Cracker” Barrel. Is that discriminatory?

  • texasoutlaw4

    Jesse Jackson is RACIST ass hole ,always playing the race card

  • jebat

    Jesse needs to concentrate on his own screwed up son (disgraced former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., the convicted thief) and family before he lectures and shakes down companies he has no business with. Clean up your own house before you try to clean someone else's, Jesster.

  • discusted

    jess jackson needs to disappear into the sunset nobody cares any more what he thinks or says.he is just a camera hog. try minding your own dam business. I watch what I consider a very clean show and so does my family think that. and I believe anyone has a right to speak there mind even if Jackson does not agree. who the hell made him king.

  • discusted

    by the way I find gay shows discusting and would never allow my family to watch that crap

    • Stephen K

      Do you know that discusting is actually spelled “disgusting”.

  • Unified world

    Jesse Jackson has never been anything but a user of situations, He is always trying to make a name for himself in other peoples comments and is part of the problem with a unified White/Black community. He is trying to keep racism alive, let it die Jesse your time has gone.

  • ric

    if duck dynasty goes away we no longer will watch a&e promise no one in my family will. that is a promise

  • Unified world

    I would love to see his reaction if a White Entertainment Televison channel came on the air

  • Ed Ryan

    jesse jacksoon has no room to talk he rasied a criminal, doing time in prison.

  • Da Wa

    Jesse is nothing more than a wife cheating (the seventh commandment), lying hater who makes his living off of discrimination and hate.

  • Cathay

    Actually, Jesse is more offensive than Rosa Park's bus driver. By the way, isn't he a Baptist? They believe exactly what Phil has said which so offended him, so does Jesse only fall back on his religion when it is convenient and profitable? And he a reverend too–tsk, tsk–What a hypocrite.

  • bhunter

    I am not certain but believe I just read where Phil's suspension has been lifted. should this be true it is the correct thing to do by A&E. There was also comment about A&E having a meeting with Jesse (give me some money and I will be ok) Jackson, as well as the GLAAD. If A&E paid these pigs anything then A&E is wrong in my book. Jesse needs to concentrate on how he will support his thieving son and daughter-in-law after their incarceration. And for a matter of fact should any other couple that feels the need to steal from the system, constituents, county, state, and or federal government, they should also get the treatment that was given to JJJR and his wife. You do your time and when you get out then she does hers. What a bunch of crap.

    • blackman

      I'm from Louisiana and just reading these comments makes me sick. All you sick stupid people commenting on Jesse .This is how I feel Dynasty Jesse and all you stupid fucks.that is praising Jesse he is making money on your comments so
      This what I see duck fuck.all you white trash lift your tongues and suck.jesse dick and kiss his ass.after he shits.and for me suck my cheap white fuckers.just think your stinking asses.yurn back to your original color Black that's why you mother fuckers bury those dead white ducks fucks.the next day don't want people to know . haha that mother fuckers.

  • ddobbz

    Jesse, you've been DUCKED!

  • Billy Weems

    Jackson was on a flight from Hymie-Town with his mistress and traveling to Illinois to visit his son in prison when he made these comments about Phil's offensive behavior.

  • Ronald

    yes he is but not half as offensive as jesse jackson

  • Donald Graham

    And guess what Jesse – they ignored your calls for a meeting – they knew it was another of your extortion ploys — Lovely to see you are no longer relevent

  • David Forristall

    Here's your response Jesse. Go back to the hole you crawled out of. Go visit your son in jail. You remember the one who tried to emulate your business practices but was not as talented a criminal as you are. Maybe go visit the child you had outside of your marriage. Or better yet just go away. The majority has spoken and they do not want to hear from you. Hey, how's Tawana, have you seen her lately?

  • john

    jesse jackson making racism so he can get money.

  • rob

    Jesse jacksons needs to go and sit down somewhere. Im Rican and did not see anything wrong with what phil said.

  • just another Joe

    Jesse, why don't you go home and fix your own kids artn't they in jail for corruption and fraud??????????

  • Julie

    Jackson is an embarrassment to all Evangelical pastors. One would think that a man who claims to preach the Word, would also seen how the actions that Mr. Robertson talked about was right and just in the eyes of God. He completely lost his credibility as a pastor. What a shame.

  • DMM

    Jackson is an INSULT to the black race

  • Darlene Rondeau

    Compared to Phil Robertson, Jesse Jackson is a hole in the ground that you fill up with dirt. Who cares what he thinks-he is a nobody!!!! He is just an old washed up has been. Get a life Jesse!!

  • DJZ

    Hey Jesse, remember YOUR Hymietown quote? Whenever you open your race baiting hole I wish James Earl Ray took a second shot

  • world

    jesse jackson you a idiot you are so untrustworthy look at your legal trouble it has dishonesty has no word for you Phil should allowed his first amendment right just as you do it ok for you sound off put as a people have right to you are a hypocrite in my world and again you are idiot.

  • No Chocalate

    Jesse Jackson and his negro thoughts should be kept to the devils list


    TIM MOLLOY: ‘You’ sir, are NO GENTLEMAN! you have no consideration to the rights of GAYS you damage their plight with your ZEALOT'S approach!
    Nor do you care for Black American rights, your pieces so far are full of ILL opinionated angry, and DISMAL SMUT, This story spills DISSENT and RABIES from your teeth and rotten mind, into the world you have spilled poison of the foulest kind: INFLAMMATORY PRO RACIAL AND BIGOTRY, HATE!

    Whilst you where writing, know that the PEOPLE! where not ignorant, those of us who took the time AND READ the whole article's interview TEXT! found that Mr Phil Robertson:
    (1) has worked in COTTON FIELDS along with all manner of people and color of skin, that he worked with them as comrades! which puts him in the race issue; as a ‘how to model’ for inter racial peer bonding of the HIGHEST FORM!
    (2) Deeply cares for the souls of people, so much that he risked RIDICULE AND PERSECUTION for his beliefs by voicing that he worries for “ALL SINNERS”, this makes him an incredibly DEVOUT CHRISTIAN, and a hopeless romantic for thinking the world was ready to embrace love to all, minding that he is a christian exercising HIS FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND 1RST amendment right to express it!

    And about GAYS, are you really saying that GAYS are above sin? mind you SIN means to offend GOD with your thought and action! to go against THE COVEN of God and MAN. when in in scripture we are all SINNERS and still loves us all, and “God”(of the christian belief) deemed that homosexual behavior is just that, a BEHAVIOR(a subculture) and further that it was a detestable act in his eyes! because he did not design HUMANS for such things.
    TAKE UNDER CONSIDERATION! God(the verb, the action, the word) did give humanity CHOICE AND FREE WILL! (which Obama is infringing on with his Obama-care's obligatory nature) but i digress.

    Mr Tim Molloy, i as a forgiving person, DO invite you to APOLOGIZE, for the manner in which you have SLANDERED Mr Robertson, lest you are willing to face criminal charges for DAMAGES to his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER, as Mr Roberton does have a case against you and Yahoo if he so wished it, due to the over abundance of evidence floating online with your signature, in direct action to damage his reputation and taking a direct attack against his INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Know that as a columnist for YAHOO and a reporter of sorts you have a RESPONSIBILITY to the truth, to be UNBIASED! and reserve your opinions to a place outside of the actual column, like the COMMENTS, the article's BODY is supposed to be FACTUAL AND TRUE! free from, DISSUADING SENSATIONALISM.
    The reasons why THE CRACKER BARREL RESTAURANTS, and A&E are reinstating the show and supporting the products is, simple, THERE WAS NO OFFENSE COMMITTED, GIVEN IN HIS STATEMENTS, during the interview, while he exercised, his GOD GIVEN and US CONSTITUTIONALLY protected rights to belief and OPINION to remind us that WE THE PEOPLE, who where created equal, and watch over by the same GOD!, need more FAITH! in our lives to become closer to divinity and love one another more properly! Find something to believe in, Mr Molloy, or you will fall for anything, making an incredibly irresponsible fool of yourself, since you are in the public access and opinion industry, ruining the good name of Yahoo and ruining not just YOUR credibility, but that of the company you represent.

  • Joe

    Jessie Jackson is more offensive than Kanyee West and Jamie Fox. I want a meeting.

  • Ed Norton

    I can think of few that are more offensive than Jessie except for perhaps Sharpton.

  • B.C. Trice

    I love when he invokes Montgomery, Alabama. This is 2013, Jesse! We have kinda moved on.

  • bibol

    The Rosa Parks refusal to give up seat. It was not the first black person to give up her seat. But the civil rights movement goes on high profile cases. If they do not look right they pass them up. Jesse Jackson a multi millionaire hate merchant Who used his civil rights group to pay off his lover and child..

  • Wade Austin

    I thought Jesse's title was The Reverend Jesse Jackson. Uh Jesse exactly which religion are you a reverend with? If you object to Phil's religious beliefs aren't they the same as your Christian beliefs? Or are you Muslim? I would think that as a Christian minister you would share the beliefs in Christ etc. Come on Jesse let's hear bout which religion you are a reverent of.

  • B.C. Trice

    Jesse be smoking crack.

  • Kenny B

    As a black male from the south FU*********** Jesse Jackson

  • Uncle Toms Condo 2013

    rosa parks wasn't the first to refuse to give up her seat. did they acknowledge the first lady? NO. they used rosa parks like some icon of virtue when rosa was a thief who stole the first ladies parade. She whored herself out for publicity rather than acknowledge another black lady refused to give up her seat before she did.

    jesse jackson is just like that. trying to throw himself into the spotlight. he had an adulterous affair that produced a bastard child. he should shut his mouth and get out of the limelight. he's nobody.

  • Iwasthere

    Jesse Jackson came to prominence at A&T university in Greensboro, N.C. where he incited black college students to gun down a couple of police men. Being the instigator that he was, he joined in with a truly great man, Martin Luther King, as he could see the profit. When Mr. King was gunned down by another mentally derainged person, Mr. Jackson took his new found fame on the road, where he has profited from spreading hate and discord while producing no physical labor to show for his life other than to show up where there has been a problem and spread his hate for his own profit. I respected Dr. King. Jesse Jackson wouldn't make a dirt clod on Dr. King's shoe!

  • John Schuetz

    Who really cares what Jesse Jackson thinks or says. He is always getting involved into something to get into the limelight. Get a life!

  • John

    What did Blacks have before welfare/so-called civil rights? IDK… Intact Families, God, not being killed in huge numbers by a eugenics program labeled as pro-choice, not being killed by other blacks (gang violence), not being locked up in prisons in record numbers. Phil didn't say he was better than blacks, he said since he was considered white trash, worked along side blacks, making the same money as blacks he was like them, he had more in common with blacks than say, liberal, well off, eugenics pushing white liberals.

  • mtn_doug


  • mtn_doug


  • lf65

    shut up Jesse. its called freedom. something that unless it fits your meaning your don't care about it so climb back into your hole

  • concerned

    some one please shut up jesse jackson,

  • Guest

    you guys sure has invested a lot of time on someone that you care less about. and Cagoo I refuse to believe that you are a black man, I would rather believe in this case you are a white man passing as a black man I would hate to think that a black man would be so ignorant as to join a host of white men to degrade his own race. you may not respect Jackson but he is a man and to call him a nigger is beneath the intellect of any morally upright human being, that is what the stupid racist call black people to try to suppress them they repeat it often hoping that it stick.

  • leftyclem

    I wanted to post – but after reading all the previous posts – no need to – everyone has finally disregarded Jesse Jackson as a race pimp and a non-factor in any issue.

  • Elmo

    Jesse , go to the back of the bus where you belong!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a twit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob White

    Jesse Senior. Cheating wiener. Trouble maker. Welfare taker. Chasing tail. Son in jail.

  • marty

    J.J's assertion that's blacks couldn't possibly be happy performing hard work to help take care of their families is the most offensive thing I have ever heard.
    Now, any man who asks a woman to stand so he can sit is an F'n p#$%sy and Rosa Parks is a strong proponent to civil rights, a very brave woman who stood up for her people. Unfortunately she was later mugged by a black man in New York.

  • tybet13

    I find your son Jessie Jr more offensive then all of them for STEALING taxpayers money and using it to live a nice life…. You sir are sicking.. I hope your son and his wife are enjoying their new home …the Jailhouse!!!

  • Patrick

    Jesse is a n—-r to the core, his son is a thief, Phil is real, Jesse never has been, I am sure MLK is looking down shaking his head at the actions of Jesse and Al, God Bless Cracker Barrel, and Under Armour for standing with the Majority, and not caving to the demands of people that preach Tolerance but don't practice it!!!

  • Lorina

    Jesse needs to mind his own business and take care of his own family. His family is obviously in trouble and they need someone to count on. So, Jesse, it's about time you stop causing trouble and take care of what's important, FAMILY! He is so off with his comments, how long ago was Rosa Parks???? Get with the times!

  • quinton

    Jesse Jackson need to go sit his as down somewhere, and i'm black and it wasn't nothing wrong phil said

  • Nicholas70

    Let's look at those people “behind the scenes” at A&E and those who own it.

    The Obama’s antipathy towards rural, Southern and Christian Americans has long been evidenced, including his comment about these peoples in April, 2008 when he stated, “…it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

    Obama’s wholesale abandonment of Christians, is not only against those in America, but also against the thousands of Christians being slaughtered in Syria by the Islamic rebels his regime supports and his left wing media apologists continue to ignore.

    The main supporter behind Obama’s “instigated plot” to destroy the Duck Dynasty programme, this report states, was Kevin Brockman, Executive Vice President of Global Communications for Disney/ABC Television Group, and who this past May (2013) was elected Chairman of the Board of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network.

    Though virtually unknown to the American people, Brockman is one of the most powerful left-wing media moguls in the US and has been described as Anne Sweeney’s “right-hand man.”

    Anne Sweeney, this report continues, is the most powerful women in US television history and as Co-Chair of Disney Media and President of the Disney–ABC Television Group donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama’s reelection campaign and jointly owns with the Hearst Corporation mass media group the A&E television network the Duck Dynasty programme appears on.

    This was a lynch job to silence the right wing. The Obama Regime fears that the people of America have had enough of his lies, his deceptions and back tracking on promises made to the people. This guy needs to be IMPEACHED along with Biden, Reid and Pelosi.

    What the Obama Regime fears is a revolution against his dictatorial policies. 2014 will be an interesting year for America.

    What has made the Duck Dynasty programme a target for the rabidly pro-homosexual Brockman and his anti-Christian agenda, were the rapidly rising numbers of Americans flocking to this basically wholesome Christian and family based television show that is currently averaging an incredible 14.6 million viewers (when including seven days of DVR playback) thus making it one of the top 6 TV programmes in all of the United States.

    To the exact faux social uproar instigated by Brockman against the Duck Dynasty programme, involves comments made by this television families patriarch, Phil Robertson, simply stating the Christian religious belief that homosexuality is a sin; a common view that is shared by nearly half of all Americans, including those of the Jewish and Islamic faiths too.

    As to how Brockman began his attack against the Duck Dynasty programme, was his approval to allow this interview of Phil Robertson to appear in a left-wing US publication, and which a close source to the family was quoted as saying about, “You have to ask yourself, why this interview happened and why it became public.”

    The question is “chillingly obvious” in that the Obama regime and its left-wing media allies, like Brockman, are following the script written by the Nazi German regime of last century on how to demonize and ostracize an entire religious belief system; which in the former culminated in the vile 1940 anti-Semitic film The Eternal Jew depicting those of Jewish belief as vermin, and in the latter depicting normal American Christians, like the Duck Dynasty family, as unwashed, uneducated, bigoted vile human beings only worthy of scorn and ridicule.

  • Indig”nation”

    So how much money is Jesse Jackson and his “organization” going to extort from A&E?. Why does the left only have the right to free speech? Jesse Jackson seems too profit very much from the indignation that “his people suffer”. Making money off other peoples suffering is the ultimate indignation. Goes for Big Al Sharpton.

  • themostforevereternity

    Jesse Jackson should be stripped of the word Reverend, because he is not for or of God. He sits in judgment as God. He publicly commits sin and then throws stones at a child of God. Woe to Jesse Jackson.

  • drbauder1

    It's remarkable to me tha “Christians” can spew such hatred and bile at Christmas, a season ostensibly celebrating Christ's hope and message of forgiveness, conciliation and atonement.
    The carpenter who fed the masses, advised forgiving seven time seventy and preached love and service bears little resemblance to these rich, vocal despisers of those He told us are our own brothers and sisters.

  • Joe Mosley

    Jesse Jackson is a walking ,talking ,Black asshole.along with Al Sharpton,and a few others.

  • Bendaredundat

    Jesse, go take care of your illegitimate kid and your thieving pseudo politician son
    and keep your racist mouth shut. Oh, and by the way, get a job!

  • jajajalololol

    nobody cares what either of these fools have to say

  • BigD

    that so called jesse Jackson always has something to say about the whites,because he is a racist,so all I can say he can kiss my freeken red ass because im native American an his vote has never counted for a lot of us anyway,he trys to be something that he isn't or never has been… me he nothing but a hood rat!!!! the sob.Maybe he needs more prayer in his life!!!

  • BigD

    And that silly ass Charlie sheen,he sure has the room to talk about any damn thing,i never have liked him or his show's or movies!!!!!..the druged out ass hole an whatever else he is…an he throwing stones(really) the real asshole!!!!

  • bpg1054

    He has to do something to justify his existents. He has lost most of his followers, so he needs the publicity.

  • Jeanette Adams

    Jacksons days are over we as Americans don't need his racist comments know one needs to meet with his over the hill ass..shut up and relax I can't
    think of any reason for anyone to listen to you ever again your a black panther wearing a preachers suit.. we all have mixed children in our families today so step aside and let the old man talk..who cares..

  • Worddog

    I would like future African Americans to say ” Jesse who?” That would be an appropriate ending to this media seeking glory hound. His existence in defending his race is fake. He is a modern day trouble maker who uses threats and financial loss to businesses his MO. Why in the hell are companies kissing his ass. I would take him on to save my company. American Companies have become soft. Let Phil say what he thinks. What happened to freedom of speech?

  • John Fox

    Not having watched Duck S much, I believe he was referring to the time before the civil rights laws as black were happier. In many ways he was right in the fact that during that time the black community, as oppressed as they were, had intact family relationships. The out of wedlock births were a small fraction of what they are now and thus families with men still in the home, were much happier. Most people do recognize that the family is not only a stabilizer to the stability of all of its members, but leads to much happier lives. That is what he say. Much few women trying to be both parents and trying to support a family.
    The sexual revolution and war on poverty destroyed the family and thus left people less happy. If you remember during the 60's thru the mid 90's, the the guys were forced out of the family so the mother could get welfare and thus destroyed the emotional security of the people involved, including the children.
    The sexual revolution did the same. Free sex with no consequences also created many fatherless families.
    No one would say the policies of oppression and discrimination from the 1870's thru the 1950's were good for blacks at all, and I would say to those, like Jesse Jackson, are simply race bating for their own benefit.
    Every black person I knew in the 1950-1960 era were happier because their families were more intact. We related as friends with similar likes and dislikes, and a very similar economic reality.
    I do have many black friends, and all are very happy, and in stable family relationships. They struggle as every other American family in this day and age.
    The racial oppression was evil, but family helps us all overcome emotional problems and generally increases happiness.

  • FedUp

    The Rearend Jesse Jackson is the biggest race baiter in America along with the Rearend Al Sharpton. What about the 4 blacks who murdered a white man for his Land Rover in front of his wife?

  • JB Andrews

    Jesse Jackson inserted himself into this issue and nobody paid any attention to his demands ! I guess this obnoxious pandering race-baiter is being seen as the nobody he has always been. Just we are not taking this crap form the Libtards anymore !

  • sal hersheim

    Jackson only comes out of mothballs when he believes (or hopes), people have forgotten about his lapses of judgement, but he still has a little (or a long), way to go!

  • Jesse Jackson

    I am so two faced. I personally referred to African Americans as “nlggers”, stated openly that our black president should be castrated, and have multiple children out of wedlock. Yet I am upset that a duck hunter didn't speak badly about jim crow. My son is also in prison making me a horrible father as well. I am THE most hypocritical person on the earth.

  • makessense

    whats funny is Jesse (as a reverend who allegedly abides by the bible) HAS to AGREE with Phil's stance on homosexuality.

  • karlmartell

    Will something please happen to this phenotype extortionist? This guy and Metastatic Al Sharptonoma have got to exit this reality posthaste before trillions of dollars of real estate are needlessly destroyed.

  • Jebus SUCKS

    Jessie Jackson? the FAKE pastor who only uses the Bible to gain recognition or make a profit? who smeared Jews with his racist HYMIE TOWN comments?
    WHY would anyone listen to that piece of trash! His own son has learned MUCH from his fathers example.. that's why Jackson Jr is in prison!
    Now, I don't watch DD BUT I read the guys comments. He quotes scripture
    { a passage which Homosexuals hate} and gave his own personal observances from as a kid on a farm working along side blacks in the cotton fields. He ever said he hated anyone. It backfired on GLADD who are some of the biggest hypocrites as to rights on the planet and rightfully so.

  • Larry Proudfoot

    Phil has proven to be a good father and family man vs. Jackson. Mr. Jackson : Did you visit your son in jail this month ?

  • Phil Crowe

    Jessee Jackson has gone the way of the Dodo bird. Who cares what he “demands”. Just look at his own offspring to get a feel for the value of that family…

  • sanchez

    Lil jesse is more OFFENSIVE then obama
    forget the bus driver ! ! !

  • wasias

    The majority of the posts are just what Phil Robertson spewed when he vilified Gays and misinterpreted Blacks conditions during one of the darkest times in history for
    Blacks, Jim Crow. What the Reverend was conveying was that Phil's speech
    depicted his bigotry as I perceived in the majority of these post regarding
    Phil Robertson and Reverend Jackson. Call him what you may, he is a Civil
    Rights Activist and is significant. There are some Blacks that support his
    efforts which continues to be significant. Racism is still alive and kicking,
    as displayed in the majority of these postings.

  • Independent Thinker

    For an ordained Christian minister, Jesse Jackson sure doesn't behave like one. But, then he hasn't been a minister for a number of years now….just another provocateur .

  • Steven Cool

    who cares what he has to say 99.9% is untrue just another wanting some political face time

  • Farmer

    Jesse Jackson is still trying to be a big shot at someone else's expense.
    When Phil Robertson spoke, he did so without the intent of being bias or racial.
    Take in the whole conversation. It's right there.

  • TW

    If Jesse Jackson was a real Reverend and not a hateful racist, he would have similar views as Phil Robertson.

    • Fred

      Yes your right. He probably doesn't have a clue what's going on, just figured he would get his face out there and look stupid as usual.

  • LeroyBrown

    Jerky Jackson has a 12 inch cock. It is up his ass and it belongs to Al Sharpie

  • Airman

    JJ, the true racist. Quiet when others are attacked or murdered or other. Continues to churn up hatred and divisiveness. Preys on the intellectually weak or less educated. Does not teach or mentor. You see, without creating racism and division, he and his kind cannot make a living or be in the lime light. JJ is nothing more than a common parasite of society. An opportunist with a single minded agenda.
    Maintain his status and income at whatever the cost. The world is on to you JJ.

  • Clearhead

    “REVEREND” Jesse Jackson??? REVEREND??? The only thing that I have ever known the “reverend” to revere is the “reverend Jesse Jackson !!

  • disqus_SBmUz6Rkcq

    Oh for crying out loud… what ever happened to “sticks and stones…”? People give words too much power. He was asked some questions and answered them honestly. Would everyone feel better if he just said what everyone wanted to hear? We are all entitled to our opinions whether they are politically correct or not. I don't think he is a hater, I think he was stating what he believes. Most people balk at that which they do not understand. The only difference is that his discussion was open to the public so is up for scrutiny.

  • Al Sharpton

    And, who gives a shiite what the Right Honorable Gracious Reverend Doctor Jesse Jackass thinks?