Jon Stewart: Fox News Lives ‘In a World of Pure Fear and Despair’

Jon Stewart: Fox News Lives 'In a World of Pure Fear and Despair'

…especially around the holidays

Jon Stewart wondered on the “Daily Show” Tuesday what it's like for Fox News to inhabit a “world of pure fear and despair” — especially around the holidays.

Stewart noted several recent Fox News stories, including one about a YMCA hosting a special swim class for Muslim girls, and another about people being robbed on the street.

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“What is it like to inhabit a world of pure fear and despair where every inconsequential change in what was becomes a harbinger of a dystopian, post-America apocalypse where only Muslims can swim, and the sidewalk game where decent law-abiding white folk are randomly knocked out has replaced baseball as our national pastime?”

He says the network's “sense of persecution” is always at its worst around the holidays — when it flags constant evidence of the “war on Christmas.” One story noted that a school isn't allowing faith-based Christmas music.

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“How can I enjoy my Christmas,” Stewart asked, “when I know that somewhere a little Jewish boy isn't being forced to sing ‘Oh Little Town of Bethlehem'?”

He also made the case that the Pope — with his recent remarks against unchecked capitalism — may be waging the most aggressive war on Christmas.

Watch the video:

  • Gary

    I am just wondering what it is like for Jon Stewart to have a Third Rate comedy show on a Second Rate television station–just ruminating!!

    • John Beardsley

      He wouldn't know. What's it like to get so elegantly skewered by him over and over? must be annoying.

  • tezzy_bear

    What a moronic, cheap shot thing to say. Stewart used to be funny before he thought we cared about his views on more serious matters. Stick to satire, Stewart, so you can shine a light on the hypocritical, stupid, and weird things from the Right and Left in a FUNNY way. You're boring when you try to act as some kind of pundit.

    • John Beardsley

      must really bug you that he not only parodies the right wing, but that does it so well.

      • tezzy_bear

        You're right. It does really bug me when he isn't funny. I don't give a crap which side he parodies.

  • Sam

    Stewart's job is to get higher ratings, nothing more nothing less except Liberals actually BELIEVE what he says is actual news!

    • John Beardsley

      Stewart makes no bones about being a comic parody of a news show, and STILL has more news integrity than FOX or Rush or Beck or……….. bummer for you. ;-)

    • stevesmith1234

      Its a better source of News than FOX!

  • cooper2000,

    Once again Jon nailed the stupidity of the right and their make-believe war on Christmas!

  • stevesmith1234

    Right wingers can't take humor because it sheds light on the truth!