Dailies | Jon Stewart Slams Vladimir Putin’s NYT Op-Ed: ‘The Larry David of Diplomacy’ (Video)

jon stewart

“Daily Show” host takes Russian leader to task for his bad timing

“The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart tore into Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s op-ed column in the New York Times on Thursday night, calling Putin “the Larry David of international diplomacy” because of his timing.

Stewart ripped into Putin for the column, which pled for caution when it comes to intervention in Syria — and followed President Obama’s announcement that he would work with Russia to find a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis.

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“Why are you s—ing on us in the New York Times just moments after we saluted your statesmanship?” Stewart pondered. “You had to say one more thing. You’re like the Larry David of international diplomacy.”

The late-night host also took exception to Putin’s assertion in the column that “God created us equal,” citing Russia’s controversial anti-gay laws.

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“When did Vladimir Putin start watching Oprah?” Stewart asked. “And by the way, Vladimir, I don’t think you’re the best guy to play the equality card. We are all together, beautiful colors in a rainbow. As long as you don’t wave that rainbow as a flag.”

Watch Stewart tear into Putin in the video:

  • Ivan

    There was nothing to laugh about there.

    • RWB

      Says the Russian named America hater…

  • Fuggly

    Screw Putin..He’s just trying to make himself relevent..

  • gocoo

    Glad to see Jon back at the helm! For Putin, or should I say Puking, to write what he did about the US and his spiel about equality ,(his take, anyway), took the balls of a brass monkey. His comments and pathetic thoughts come across as being two-faced, which tells me he can’t be trusted.