Happy Festivus! Here’s the Story Behind Fake ‘Seinfeld’ Holiday (Video)

In case you find tinsel distracting

Last Updated: December 23, 2018 @ 5:44 AM

Frank Costanza had a lot of problems with you people, but that didn’t make him unwilling to share Festivus with the masses.

George’s dad on “Seinfeld” was so fed up with the commercialization of Christmas, he did the only thing a man could — the Queens native made up his own holiday, replacing the evergreen tree with a sturdy aluminum pole. And a “Festivus for the rest of us” was born, in the Jerry Stiller character’s words.

But don’t let us ruin the classic NBC sitcom’s backstory telling for you — watch the video above.

As for the actual origins of the faux holiday, “Seinfeld” scribe Dan O’Keefe has got you covered.

“It is a fake holiday my dad made up in the ’60s to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with my mother, and it was something that we celebrated as a family in a very peculiar way through the ’70s, and then I never spoke of it again,” he told Uproxx. “I had actually forgotten about it because I had blotted it out of my mind.”

Read more about how one family’s shame morphed into an iconic TV episode here.


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