Justin Bieber Isn't Fooling Anyone With the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Instagram

Justin Bieber Isn't Fooling Anyone With the 'Batman vs. Superman' Instagram

Certainly not us — and his tweet pretty much seals it

Don't belieb it for a second.

The celebrity viral prank trend jumped the shark Friday night when Justin Bieber Instagrammed this photo of himself with an elaborately mocked-up “script” for Warner Bros.’ 2015 supermashup Batman vs. Superman that was watermarked “Bieber” (full screenshot below).

Folks, come ON.

From Edgar Wright's little Ant-Man stunt at Marvel to Jimmy Kimmel's twerk fail video (we didn't buy that one either, by the way) and J.J. Abrams’ “trailer” for a book he didn't even write, poking a stick at the internet sure has become a real famous-person pastime lately.

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So what's really going on here?

After Kimmel came clean, he admitted he had three teams of writers working on viral ideas — and he certainly has the resources to gin up a pretty convincing script title page. But it would be unseemly for a show from the Disney/ABC family to punk (and thereby promote) a Warners/DC Comics IP.

Oh, and then there's this, which came hours before the Bieber image that launched a thousand blog posts:

Holy not very subtle use of ellipses there, uh … “#Robin.”

If it is indeed Funny or Die behind this, we've got to hand it to ‘em: They did their homework. The title page says it's written by David Goyer and Zack Snyder — check, check — and the address and phone number are at least generally accurate for the Burbank studio. Nothing you couldn't find on IMDb, though.

One thing you won't find on IMDb: Justin Bieber in the Batman vs. Superman flick.

Warner Bros. would NEVER let that script (which we're pretty sure is far from done) leave a locked office, let alone go flying around in Calabasas at 100 m.p.h. with a reckless child. (We did check with the studio; they haven't gotten back to us, and we're not holding our breath.)

Have your fun while it lasts, Internet. Ben Affleck still has what's left of his dignity.


  • JustinJames43

    It's 1 thing for WB to hire an actor that they have faith in, but incurs the wrath of the fanboy community to play an iconic character. It's something entirely different to even entertain the notion that WB would hire a “talentless” non-actor to play a slightly less iconic character. Make no mistake, WB, Snyder & Affleck all know what's at stake here: if they screw this up, if Affleck drops the ball, etc, then the larger, combined WB/DC cinematic universe is dead for at least 5 years & will need a major reboot. Meanwhile, we'll get a standalone flick or 2, like the Dark Knight Trilogy, & we'll be back to the same old debates that have been happening since the announcement at Comic Con. Please God don't let that happen.

  • Mrs Ari

    Publicity stunt to make the choice of Ben Affleck as Batman less awful? Now people will go “it could have been worse, we could have had Bieber as Robin”

    • TJW



    oh my god…….DC kill yourself, i would love that nobody went to cinema to watch this crap….

  • Stephen Hero

    Gawd – He's always such a little girl!

  • Superman

    If he were in that movie I wouldn't wanna see it unless it was him dying instantly after being hit by a train

  • Jim

    Well I'm not going to see this movie if Justin Garbage Face is in it and that's the truth.

    And forget about BUYING the DVD. I just finish watching Star Trek: Into Darkness, just a moment ago. After seeing that movie, I thought Chris Pine was going to direct the next Star Trek movie, if you all were aware on the 1982 “version” with a change in this version.

    • peter Quinn

      Um, but Nicholas Meyer directed the 1982 Star Trek film (Wrath of Khan), and Leonard Nimoy did the third one. Shatner directed the utterly dire 1989 film, Star Trek V: the Final Frontier.
      Just sayin'.

  • fairportfan

    Off to do something funny or…die :)

    It wasn't funny.


    • Oscar Adrian Gomez

      you won the internet for that comment

  • duckie

    Justin is a pretentious no talent little pr-ck. Get a life we would really want to read about.

  • icy4959

    Considering that Robin tends to be Batmans’ little b*tch, this casting might make sense. Also who doesn't want to see Superman or Batman smack the crap out of Bieber?

  • erty

    Maybe he could play a prepubescent catwoman..?

  • Pik

    Is real ? I don understand

  • Mr. 9

    Bieber = tool deluxe
    And hey, what happened to his douche-stache?

  • jp

    Everyone seems to miss the fact that in the Frank Miller Dark Knight story where Batman and Superman fight is that Robin is Carrie Kelley…a girl.

    • amd

      Samuel L Jackson played Nick Fury

  • Mark Buccolo

    It's sad lengths that celebrities go to keep in the spotlight.

  • jake

    Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are the same chick.

  • http://techren.com Ed. Floden

    Bieber should have a cameo in the next ‘Star Trek’ movie, as a redshirt who joins an away team, then dies ten seconds later in a transporter accident.