Justin Bieber's ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Script Was Totally Phony After All

Justin Bieber's 'Batman vs. Superman' Script Was Totally Phony After All

See? What'd we tell you?

The Justin Bieber “Batman vs. Superman” “script” was, indeed, a big fat fake, TheWrap has learned.

(Now if only there were a word to express that we indicated as much already!)

A person with knowledge of the real script assured TheWrap that the photo Bieber Instagrammed over the weekend is not authentic — and is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.

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So that settles that: Bieber will not be playing Robin in Warner Bros.’ 2015 supermashup, he doesn't have a copy of the script, has never read it, it probably doesn't even fully exist yet, and if it did, Warner Bros. isn't showing it to anyone.

All stuff we said before, but now it's, you know … official. So for those of you who gave this one the benefit of the doubt, please un-give it.

Oh and just to be sure, Ben Affleck is still playing Batman. That one was real.

  • Moe Lester

    Article is bullcrap. Until an ACTUAL source, not some random guy who “claims” to know the real script, Im going to believe Bieber photo is legit!

    • TJW


    • CC

      Bieber said on his Twitter that it was for a Funny or Die sketch…


    • CrimsonShadow

      This was obviously fake from the beginning. People are dumb.

  • K emme

    Um…the ‘Wrap'…you've not settled ANYTHING! Justin Bieber can buy and sell your website TOMORROW…and he also has more pull in the industry. Sooo…ISSUE STILL OPEN…

    PS: I too believe it's a funny Or Die sketch, but I'd still believe Biebs over your trashy tabloid gossip site…

    • Juan

      Your sick

    • Blake

      Justin Bieber is a complete homosexual. Stop pretending you know him because your a fangirl. Justin Bieber is a complete douche to our society. I hate you fan girls that have orgasms when you look a poster of him, grow up and get a real job and stop living in the fantasy world.

  • Haddry

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  • Jim

    Awwwww, it was a phony????? Let's beat the caca outta him!!!!!

  • John

    How did this end up being a rumor at all? Oh my god, people are so dumb! How are people this dumb! It's astonishing.

    • John

      Why can't people use their heads for at least a second. I saw the picture and just moved on lol.

  • m

    Whoever believed that crap needs their head examined..

  • Poop

    Man, Justin Bieber is totally phony after all. He's just a teeny bopper fembot designed for Dr. Evil's “Mini Me” but he and his twin, Miley Cyrus, went rogue.