Dailies | Lena Dunham Gets Naked – Again – for ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Video)

Lena Dunham Gets Naked – Again – for 'Saturday Night Live' (Video)

For the dozens of people who haven't already seen the “Girls” star in the buff, here's your chance

Lena Dunham, flaunting her unclothed body for the television-watching public's benefit? What, is it Saturday night again already?

Frequently naked “Girls” star Dunham once again stripped down on the small screen Saturday, this time for a skit that aired during the “Saturday Night Live” episode that featured her as a host.

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The skit, which spoofed the release of Biblical films “Noah” and “Son of God,” envisioned Dunham in a big-screen retelling of the Adam and Eve tale, with Dunham appearing in the buff (though blurred) for the re-creation.

The skit also lampooned the infamous eardrum scene from “Girls.” Original synergy. y'all!

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Watch Dunham get nekkid for the umpteenth time in the video below:

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  • Gertie

    It's hard to concentrate on the dialog on this show when you have to look at Hannah's disgusting nakedness. I didn't think I could get more traumatized after seeing her in that green bikini…but I was wrong. JUST STOP! Good for you for being comfortable with your body, but please stop blinding us with it.