Dailies | ‘Walking Dead’ Building Up to ‘Something That's Huge’ (Exclusive Video)

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Prepare for “some really good walker kills” on the AMC zombie drama

The fourth season of AMC's “The Walking Dead” is “crazy,” says series star Norman Reedus. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd says this is “the best season yet.”

And production designer Grace Walker has this teaser: “We're building it up to something that's huge.”

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In an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the fourth season, the show's stars and creators provide TheWrap readers with plenty of promises about what's to come, including more elements from executive producer Robert Kirkman's “Walking Dead” comics, a prison set created with stunts and special effects in mind, and “some really good walker kills.”

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“I think there's gonna be some really cool new elements thrown in that will shock you,” Kirkman says.

The three-minute video has plenty of them, as well as insights into the lighting, makeup and camerawork behind television's top-scripted series. There's even a close-up of Hershel's new leg.

Watch the video above.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

  • thetnrebel

    I like the show as do most of the people I know.. but the main problem is the split season 8 shows then you have to wait till next year for the next 8.. AMC just make 16 shows and show them in a roll

    • tomdel

      I'd like to see them stop with the “mid-season finale” too, but not even Walking Dead can compete with the NFL playoffs and Superbowl. That's why they do the mid-season break. Other Sunday night shows do the same, they just don't call attention to it. Most of them show repeats during those weeks.

      • chrisssss

        This isn't entirely accurate. Most television shows these days have mid-season breaks to stretch out their viewing period,

        • dk504

          And to give the actors a month off at Christmas….They have a grueling schedule. As most show go, don’t know their particular shooting schedule.

  • Impressive Girl

    This is just whets my appetite even more for season 4

  • Frank

    “Television's top-scripted series”. LMAO that must be a joke.

  • F_K_U

    Always the same “$”·% thank you !

  • CoachD

    What's with all the actors from HBO's “The Wire” showing up in “The Walking Dead”… Keep the cast original and fresh… It's like a crossover is coming about with actors from other hit shows… Next thing we'll see is Walter White make an appearance as a walker or something.

  • Shanana

    I watch this show, and must say they do have some interesting highlights every now and then, but come on, no one will really come out and say “we're building up to something really sucky” and “biy, this season will be the absolute worse yet.” The viewers will be the judge of that. My fear is they will build this up and build this up (like that “war” that never really happened in season 3) and let everyone down again. If that happens, not even Daryl Dixon and his numerous lady fans can save this. Anyway it's only S4 Ep2 coming up so there is hope yet.

  • Kassandra Sanhueza

    qe es buena esta serie soy fanita de THE WALKING DEAD

  • dk504

    The ouster of Carole was the worst thing I’ve seen so far on the show. I have to question the producers and writers talent at this point to throw away a chance at a pitched battle between the Prison Gang and with the problems of the Gov. still wonder around.

    They only have a few shows left to impress me, hope they don’t get carried away with their own press and hubris on this. No Carole, no me. I could give a crap about those two women and the kid. I was SO bored with the Gov. arch last night. He is a B story line and the producers are forgetting that. He causes Type AAA problems, but that is due to the humanistic poor judgement on the main characters acts.