8 Passengers and Cancel Culture: The War Over the Internet’s Most Controversial Family

Are they child abusers? Or cancel culture roadkill? The YouTube family — and their critics — talk to TheWrap about the fracas over the Frankes

RUBY FRANKE WAS at her Springville, Utah, home baking sourdough bread when Child Protective Services came knocking on her door. She and her family had just returned from a camping trip in the summer of 2020, and after cleaning up the gear and sending her husband off to work, she plunked her youngest daughter, Eve, at the kitchen table, gave her a puzzle and a granola bar, and started kneading dough. 

“I remember that morning very well,” Franke told TheWrap. “These officers — they were two ladies — said there had been several complaints about child abuse and child neglect. Could they come in and spend some time?”

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Antoinette Siu

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