Taylor Swift and AI ‘Deep Fakes’: The Threat to Artists is Real, What’s the Solution?

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George Carlin and President Biden are also hit by AI fakery as it transforms media

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift (Catherine Powell/Getty Images for MTV/Paramount Global)

Just a few days ago, disturbing Taylor Swift deep fakes flooded the social media feeds of her fans. “X” marked the spot for ground zero. Shocking, I know, because Elon Musk cares so much about “safety,” even as apologist-in-chief Linda Yaccarino tries to woo back advertisers.

A few days earlier, before the New Hampshire primary, fake President Joe Biden robocalls flooded the phones of voters, urging them not to vote. And now, a deep fake George Carlin “performs” a new comedy special on YouTube, although no one from his estate gave any consent.

The transformational power, promise and peril of generative AI is now sinking into a broad swath of the entertainment community.


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