‘Synthetic Performers’ Win Big in SAG-AFTRA Agreement With Studios

The Deal’s AI provisions should be applauded, but the risk to mere mortals is real

In the recent actors’ strike settlement, negotiators faced the unenviable task of finding ways to lock down smart answers to endless tech-transformed Hollywood questions. Nowhere was that task more difficult than to find smart and sensible solutions to very real issues and threats posed by artificial intelligence and its inevitable transformation of media and entertainment. 

For the most part, the contract’s AI protections are meaningful, setting critical guardrails on issues like replicating actor images, likenesses and voices without consent before the AI genie generates itself completely out of the bottle. 

But a gaping AI loophole exists in the settlement’s section about “Generative Artificial Intelligence” — a hole that is sure to be exploited by motion picture and television producers and, therefore, presents a real ongoing risk to the creative community, not to mention how we create art itself. 


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